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October 07 [Mon], 2013, 10:51
SINA sports-4-2 in a game of ups and downs, evergrande [Twitter] Summit in Jinan, Luneng [Twitter] did not withstand the constant pace of progress. In this game, Shandong Luneng player fined for referee repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with, in particular, Keith Lowe [Twitter] and Wang [Twitter] knocked suspected that penalty is not convicted, the Shandong Luneng player's wrath. Also, Keith Lowe times was violations Hou fell referee does not timely penalty, let Brazil people rage against the referee, so led has yellow card, Japan referee songweiyi of penalty raised controversy related reading-Anthich: this is China football of victory referee two times penalty is adverse Shandong commentary batch Luneng and made has stores referee not sentenced penalty is right this is in the Super of King mountain of war, Football Association delegate foreign referee law enforcement is weren't, pine tail a of law enforcement in first half on has caused constant big of under, part 20 minutes, Massena broke, The evergrande members complaint Massena handball foul the ball first, Matsuo kept their own interpretations, Luneng tie it. After the game, Matsuo has a suspect penalty imposed on two occasions led to Luneng player discontent. On 49 minutes, Keith Lowe beat Zeng Cheng touched the ball before the attack inside the closed area, take advantage of laying down, Keith Lowe, referees at this time was not a penalty, but to the corner, Keith Lowe was very pissed off about this. Worthy of note is that sports commentary, Shandong Dong Ping [microblogging] respect the referee correctly, Beijing sports commentary with respect, this should be a shootout. Game for to last moments, Wang restricted within extraordinary Hou fell, at this time Japan referee and no penalty penalty, from slow lens see, Wang fell does was has constant big players of interference, see referee so of penalty, Ann Tower, and Keith Lowe quickly of run to referee, express with himself of under, Keith Lowe more is kept of refers to with himself of eyes, tips referee see clearly, can also no change referee of penalty. What's interesting is, Shandong sports commentary once again assume that the ball should not have penalty kicks, Beijing sports commentary with respect, the shootout. In addition to the controversy over two penalties imposed, Matsuo at the time of 55 minutes, Keith Lowe breakthrough by Zheng Zhi pushing, showing Zheng Zhi drove Keith Lowe to face slowing, is larger, Matsuo whistle down for the first time and did not, but hesitated for a moment then refereed a foul, Keith Lowe natural to express their dissatisfaction, the result was a yellow card. In this regard, sports commentary also blunt in Beijing, Zheng also received a yellow card. Objectively speaking, evergrande has a bigger Luneng, winning at all. Game Japan unconvincing on the referee fined from Massena to two controversial penalty kicks to score was not sentenced, Matsuo sentences attracted controversy. For Shandong Luneng, of course, these are all needed to adapt, after all, the AFC referee of the year will be more demanding, only overcome that hurdle, good results can be achieved, evergrande has eaten a referee, but they learn, Luneng should learn that.

SINA sports news Beijing time on October 6, the Shandong Luneng [Twitter] in the 2013 season Sup asics gel noosa tri 7 uk er League 27th round matches at home 2-4 no match for Guangzhou evergrande [Twitter], see evergrande 3 rounds in advance to achieve the Triple Crown. Luneng strikes home is this war is more properly reflects the current strength is still exposed to a comparative lack of evergrande's and look forward to next season, rival evergrande and prospects for the AFC, Luneng required improved link was very striking. Video Gallery-Gao Lin Ronghao broke the constant beat Shandong 3 wheel ahead defending media sources: SINA sports independent of the campaign champion suspense, in fact "effect of evergrande wins" are not actually make sense--for Luneng really meaningful, is testing its own dedicated cases in contrast to constant power, runner-up only through confrontation champion can test the real shortage. Luneng player is clearly fight, opening soon Tongan Zheng Zheng Taal collided each other wounded, the team behind Keith Lowe [Twitter] is clearly trying to struggle for, playing he joined Super to put up a fight. But scores of final 2-4 defeated, Luneng content gap in the competition were brutally embodies. "The Walker"-Luneng embarrassing maladies Luneng exploits Li Xiaopeng has pointed out: when both sides make it faster, evergrande has the timing to be much better than Luneng and evergrande is has been mixed, Luneng when slowing down it is difficult to pick up speed. Comment a burst of blood. Luneng clearly should not be realized until this game – Luneng "Walker" mocked this rather inappropriate references, is heated by fan opinion has for a long time. Constant-speed could continue to attack, is not only a fast break when player runs to tie in positional warfare often made fast by passing effect, Luneng unable to speed to be fast, in fact, in-depth exposure to traditional problems of the team. Luneng King won three army, particularly in the 2006 season, when the most overbearing, prominent is not speed, on the contrary, highlighted by Shandong Luneng when the mighty grip, rhythm is often suppressed, is based on the overall cooperation is not shortcut with osmosis transfer find offensive opportunities. First and not said such of situation has led to has Luneng a to Asia Crown events, and opponents rhythm accelerated Shi on hard again effective control, from development of angle see--year of Luneng can suppressed rhythm uses control force established advantage, and now constant big of game rhythm is relative more near Yu world football of development clues, its control of is relative fast of more of rhythm, such to in the Super invincible to Asia Crown strong; Luneng in rhythm Shang cannot fundamental upgrade, and constant big contrast natural on will exposed insufficient.

SINA sports-away victory over Shandong Luneng 4-2 [Twitter], Guangzhou evergrande [Twitter] in the super super old overlords home locked himself in the Triple Crown, and perhaps there's own Providence, new and old dynasty's formal handover was scheduled for this. But that match is still fraught with some weird color, evergrande has the usual score dependent on foreign aid to win today by four domestic players to break settled the domestic player opposite, Shandong Luneng dominated today by two foreign players score goals. Said the reliance on alternative modes match point, Luneng as out of the ordinary way. Today the focus vs StarCraft Guangzhou evergrande if Shandong Luneng at home without defeat would be three rounds of this year's League title in advance, thereby creating an unprecedented act in the King Albert Triple Crown. The old Overlord Luneng nature will not let this rising star in my own doorstep very rude. Luneng occupy advantage after the game began, and connect to the hinterland of evergrande matter, but evergrande at steady counterattack, also show signs of road. Match moving in a weird direction ... ... An opening just 3 minutes, evergrande right cross closed areas, where competition for Gao Lin in the restricted area [Twitter], it makes two senior generals Zheng Zheng Shandong Luneng and Taal plowed straight together, two people are bleeding in the head, after emergency treatment of team doctor, two heads continue to battle with bandages. Evergrande is used as play resumes after the home team at the lizuweiwen, evergrande's quick free kick, aierkesen [Twitter] chest a ball inside the closed area, Zhao xuri [Twitter] by chance to form single pole tuishe break, evergrande has asics gel noosa tri 8 uk made a dream start. But Luneng downfield quickly made a sharp counterattack, Keith Lowe [Twitter], Lv Zheng [Twitter] right cross, Massena tuishe stormed in front. Evergrande's first record after Zhao Xuri and strange injuries, Feng Junyan [Twitter] replaced. Two large open Dahe, hang at the end of the first half stage from Murach [Twitter] and aierkesen assists Rong Hao and Gao Lin broke support. Zheng Zhi and Taal each into a ball in the second half, final score frozen in 4-2, evergrande has made at least three rounds of League champions Shandong Luneng at home, on the Super League winning number has tied Shandong Luneng group.
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