we do all four cards

May 16 [Thu], 2013, 12:42
> Hua Ting sister, bring www qUanBen com "Liu Cuiyun see the photo of the bedroom to catch a horse Township to support education, smiled and asked, Wang Huating get the hands of the Mosuo, and looked, and then into luggage, and side pack up side said: "I really want that place, beautiful mountains, people are simple, we teach students how to?" "how? there enrollment rate does not The painted duck the first time. "the Liu Cuiyun laughed. Also might not blessing ah, now an ordinary family let alone for study in ordinary universities afford to pay. "Wang Huating Road, pull up the zipper, these words seem to and single Yong often talk about the right path, Liu Cuiyun to ask , Wang Huating mother came in, carrying a string bag to eat, hard to bag stuffed the frontier arrangements the turn sign must pay attention to losing things, do not; prepared to place some small change, not to the time running around in circles, especially the United States that place, I heard that chaotic than we Luzhou order, just can buy a gun. Wang Huating smiled, a helpless posture to Liu Cuiyun do, the world when the mother is the same prison 00 plus worry about, say nothing expect change, talking and looking secretary sent a car to send, but unexpectedly Wang Huating moment true impatient, pointing out the window and said: "Mom, my classmates to send, and then trouble can catch the plane." That ... that brisk walking ... "When the reminder of the mother, three mentioned four packages, go and see is single Yong bike Wuling business, car, though not loud noise, space is large enough, Wang Huating back on the bus, that when the mother is pretty determined to the left space dedicated to the group of young people, their own called the car followed. The car can be a lively addition to the squad leader to support education, almost Ape Township team, the car had left, Secretary Mo Yin Lei Ta-peng focus sè do not know what to do strange, Secretary Mu Yin push several to LEI Da-peng before shyly put a stitched heart-shaped purse handed to fingers cross. Really embarrassed look. "Wow, incense ...... Dapeng, what to do?" Wang Huating smell the smell, this is a really good hand. Luzhou Road sachet, she smiled. "I find my godmother, ward off evil spirits for security and peace." LEI Da-peng smiles. Secretary Mu Yin Coushang the to smile feeding said: "secretary, that there can be sewn into my brother heart, do not give lost." Wang Huating instant uproar, carefully into his pocket inside. LEI Da-peng do not think embarrassing, but there is a feeling of happiness, the rare arms company Mu Yin praise: "Xiandi, you really talking today put the most moving." This was shamelessly, prompting Liu Cuiyun laughed, looked rebuke her husband to look at it, it seems that in the blame should not take LEI Da-peng make fun of. But strange, Wang Huating now feel this admiration is not so embarrassing, Tan Ran-ran by. Then not only the calm, the single car Yong calm, smiled and said: "Second Ray, I did not send it, you grab in front of me? You are married, told me to grab a bachelor." also sent Wang Huating gift, a Montblanc pen, Wang Huating strange under the pretext of a feel for how much to send a small gift, returned from abroad. This booing, all received in return, she know what's what, know that the most precious gift SHAN Yong smiled to get his hand and said: "yo, rich." Cut party flower girl despise you send. LEI Da-peng Chibi, smiled and said: "is still Mirs send good civil servants will work stronger than Erdaofanzi? right, Dapeng Wang Huating.", too, and how we are also countries cadres, right. "LEI Da-peng authentic pride. This sentence like a great irony and humor, often silly Ray spray will be angered everyone laugh, really did not rule, do not lack in the residential home lot, into the cause of the preparation, but openly When the national cadres, but also one of the best of several, LEI Da-peng absolutely hold the event. Said with a smile said to their knowledge, the most memorable student, especially that part to support education experience everyone Xinggao color Lie said, wait until the summer back together hand in hand to catch the horse rural look, you no longer brilliant phoenix what the full real treat, Speaking of eating, and teaching to Rego's naturally the most embarrassing stories to tell, prompting a car laughter. The short words long way, not much will go to the airport, single-Yong and LEI Da-peng carrying something, do consignment helped Wang Huating have two size help, even Wang Huating mother was overjoyed, Wang Huating left hand holding Cuiyun and, right hand holding Division Mu Yin, to go, like a thousand words, and sometimes do not know where to export, smiled stroking, Liu Cuiyun Road: "the next time you come back, is not there should be a small baby to meet me to." Liu Cuiyun embarrassed, Secretary Mo Yin place of serious nodded: "must necessarily live up to the leadership of expectations." Wang Huating smile, prompting Liu Cuiyun screwed her husband a, this the lovers Qinmi was, see Wang Huating smile surplus course, the students developed to couple, do not know the kind of transition will not be difficult, but at the front of the pair, it seems not difficult, and the result is quite good. Smile, LEI Da-peng and single Yong back, my mom Flights called to Wang Huating, Wang Huating Zhang arm welcome to embrace, LEI Da-peng eyes light up, and sat SHAN Yong pouting over side, suddenly rushed to a solidly embrace, holding Wang Huating that intoxicated happiness to the bone, Wang Huating LEI Da-peng a handful of ugly head with a smile, laugh spit: "grow a silly Lei, eat tofu! woman? "you could not bear to take it." LEI Da-peng was Joseph, put a little embarrassed. Wang Huating smiled and said: "I know do not know, you have touched me. Allowed so sad ah." This right may really do not adulterated, Next, Wang Huating is doing a very unexpected action, light lightly touch a kiss on the forehead of the LEI Da-peng, perhaps, has been admiration she has not changed, LEI Da-peng count as one. Let go, happy Rego dizziness, staggering pace, made two turns round to get lost. Single Yong Wang Huating Ce Toukan with a smile, he moved quickly SHAN Yong arms outstretched, holding tightly to the same holding his cheek, heavily kissed on the lips. Heavy, very in-depth, the wild xìng a kiss, SHAN Yong little caught off guard, however, did not last long, Wang Huating active release, and ineffectively, smiled and said: "Do not forget me, unless I forget You. "Oh ... That, of course, there are good reasons not forget." single-Yong is a tone with a spoiled taste, then laugh, sip a Minzui, stroking Wang Huating forehead, gently Wang Huating forehead and kissed. An appreciative look Road. Straight hand to send Wang Huating through security, step back like, What to see the Liu Cuiyun old feel romantic to the bone, back nudged her husband asked: "did not see. Fact, we the secretary also like the boss. I always feel that they should be the most happy couple did not answer, she looked back and saw the Secretary Mu Yin eyes light up, ineffectively, all of a sudden she understood, severely pinched an exclusion: "Hey, you do not rush up and secretary kiss? "" Do you think I do not want to? too favoritism. put me to pull down. "Secretary Mu Yin Road, half-jokingly. Angered Liu Cuiyun, but also hands-on. SHAN Yong return over his face Xingxi and Luo Ji, waving said, let's go, and bid farewell to one, this year is over ... Hey, Dapeng? The Liu Cuiyun less personal, three left to find the right look for. Rather abruptly to find silly sitting on the ground next to the seat LEI Da-peng, this cargo is still stroking the forehead party flower kissed look comfortable. Happy straight moan. "Yo? Brother, stick to the point of saliva, so happy?" Si Mu Yin asked with a smile. SHAN Yong is a direct kick kick snapped: "Get up, many people place a fool of myself, Look kiss how much? Excited you so, as it?" Quack, I am willing. "LEI Da-peng Paipaipigu, staggered up, was Joseph authentic: "what was it, party flower girl my heart." "Is not it her kiss the boss, how do you say?" the Liu Cuiyun smile. "Boss join in the fun soiled cheap that than me?" LEI Da-peng not convinced authentic. "Bite your tongue happy brother, foreign kiss is a courtesy, and shake hands and say hello asked to eat it, is a reason. Too common, ah, work too hard, do not want to be possessed by the devil." Secretary Mu Yin coaxed. Three people with a smile before the trip, LEI Da-peng backward step, look at the airport crowd throw into confusion Hee clutch each other affectionate kiss Think Secretary Mu Yin said, he bitterly authentic with: "No wonder abroad, brother day Boo abroad foreign girl to go ......... heard very open foreign girl ah. "and pretty soon, would like to gratefully out from the hall, to be on the train when he was in his seat YY own entertainment. .............................................................................. Sent LEI Da-peng, this guy class are very good, go directly to the hotel went to work, will afford the year after the unit dinner and eat for free. Sent Secretary Mu Yin pair had years ago and has been busy Professor Song things, the year did not have a good, single-Yong boss apologies, but this couple is fairly intimate, not only some comments, but also to the grief everywhere, really help a lot. While supplies two single Yong long sigh of relief, of all things, and finally settled this year, are also considered passed, he drove wandering around in the city, many sections are playing lantern, traffic jams blocking badly, almost turtle speed driving, saw a few donkey sauce shop, Wang, Wang's Day, too busy to shop with the effort to speak pumping out, historians village is flourishing, the ability is beyond doubt , poured a the Xiyuan tiger, down donkey Hong, the Sauce shops in the city has run, has overshadowed all brands, sometimes try to hang Outlaws Walled fake brand, will always be unclear home lift the table smashed shop Over time, this fist rights dimensional effect into almost all the village historian clear a sè of business. "Column tert." Single Yong Jin earliest Jiangrou shop, smiling, shouting history of old column, this old man instantly grin, Merchants begin: "Come on, do not see you back, just baby, cut several kilograms of good ass meat, to give you a single brother to take home. "" Oh yo, you kind have, I am sorry, we can not white home to eat it? "single-Yong embarrassed authentic, the old column does not matter, straight saying: "decent thing, we also take it. ye blanket, what are you ..." Drop in to see Father okay? "" good enough this year to build a few donkey farm , village is pick one. "" This is something I know, my crazy t-okay, years ago, the Trustee message after the New Year, did not care to see. "" good, very good, big New Year drilled in the donkey circles flies, ha ha ...... "old column with a smile, to put the Veterinary History knife, embarrassing stories to tell of this old guy can put live a radish basket, but there are so outside her use the service, people in the village are very cost-effective, and talk for a while, and then out of the hands of a large sauce donkey, single Yong seated on the train,Air Jordan UK, breaking block tasted, expression, no surprise. This the hot drum boil and mechanically pressed in texture and taste, to be compared with the hand of the rival, but the time that the goods sold on the street. A big business. Goods inside adulteration. Flow in this cliche? SHAN Yong think here, they want to laugh, this dilemma, even the most conservative preservation of history ultimately choose to lower quality, increase production, do not know if this is the blessing of traditional craft, or calamity. And not far away. To the small cover operating water station, this guy years ago too busy and Yinshu Rong chirp me I throw, business hired a small manager busy before Yanshu Rong genius walking, driving the Zheng Jinchan car back to the provincial capital, see have a look flushers look,Nike Jordan After Game Shoes, SHAN Yong estimated that the Office of the things that are asked to small cap. Really is the rapid development of two days, going to see the woman's parents to go. The change is everywhere. In Looking back on their own happiness to SHAN Yong drove to the water station but did not go in and think they are a little dull, saying the pursuit of too high, people tend to lonely, single Yong counting down the number, it seems that their own no higher pursuit, can not think why will so often feel lonely. For example, at this time, and my heart empty, not real. Everyone busy, but would like to find it is difficult to speak. Go home and do not want to go back to, but also can not stand three meals a day Mom nagging. But in addition to the home there is no place to go, he was driving to the the Outlaws Village Yamashita, telephone, a look at Old wood. He suddenly smiled, and with him a bachelor, pick up the phone to the geese off the floor to meet single Yong know something, turn around, maneuvering came to the water purification plant here. To the geese off the floor, but did not enter the factory, opened the bike Poussin Chaizhan Shan on the road, he abandoned the vehicle and sat directly SHAN Yong car, like frozen for a long time like on the outside, the car straight hand-wringing, air conditioning, pointing to the front: "going forward." "how,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, Old wood, you made such a mystery." SHAN Yong asked before driving. To know. "Chaizhan Shan Road, his eyebrows, single-Yong heart flutter flutter, tension and eagerly asked:" signs. "" You go to see and I think pretty close "Chaizhan Shan smiled. Will break, said this is Chaizhan Shan left from goose down floor 17 km stone town road tenders are not stupid, usually in time before the road is open, place of residence, electricity , living area, and supply of materials put forward a similar, if the road and other open planning these probably too late, not to mention the engineering army a cause immediately surrounding soaring prices, much time to spend several times the price does not necessarily . Signs in those tenders, the initial check-town construction workers. From the past year, Chaizhan Shan Wang Zheer release, take a look from time to time to finally keep. Heard here SHAN Yong laughed, a smile straight Shudamuzhi said: "Old wood, you engage in underground work or a set of ah. Confirm it?" Can not go wrong, look over there ... "Chaizhan Shan pointing, four large machinery in place, flat piece of land, such as ready to build temporary accommodation, single-Yong said: "this season brick certainly supply on temporary housing should be built like this, there are a few?" not more than two or three are not linked to the cards, just temporary land to the village, the price is very low, but soon pulled up. "Chaizhan Shan Road, not far away, encountered two carrying large machinery and heavy-duty truck, single-Yong is wonder and said: "Why has there been no official news? almost started a total can not brag about it." I consulted the line ah, like this large-scale projects pre-confidential work very strict, less than tender completed, the project will not be published; especially the road to a class of their release time and construction put in place is consistent, and why? afraid you place a price hike, after all, place zhèngfǔ almost all live by selling to it, which are able to prevent, wanted to when the road to thousands of people, with this line daily necessities consumption is an astronomical figure. "Chaizhan Shan Road . SHAN Yong is laugh without answer, but they regarded as the heart music blossomed, to the town, the fruit, such as Chaizhan Shan said, the town has several at the rental admitted to the advance team, a Look at the kind grow all over the world, speaking far apart sound, not the road is impossible, not to mention, Chaizhan Shan Lu Po, this rental housing registration, he sent out from the police station to touch the end of the contract the party, not the "Eleventh standard" is "supervision" words. Seen a few of the delight of the two is even more, such as defensive line to a few months finally coming to a network to the rabbit, what can network to the little rabbit has not yet dared to draw a conclusion, the way out, Chaizhan Shan burglary hi looking at single-Yong, he suspected, this guy mind long root crooked rib, but vinegar lady acquisition of the water field, he was stunned to think of so far, although too early to say at this time, but as long as the road is open, money is a foregone conclusion. SHAN Yong, I am a bit strange. "Chaizhan Shan suddenly asked. "Wondering what? Single Yong tract. "I wonder, Professor Song ethical teacher, thinks you're infected point? Head just finished noble, back and contemplating digging corner, Mei Xin profit Oh, I used to so you angle sè ; conversion, not a psychological burden? "Chaizhan Shan not without making fun of authentic, perhaps he a little bit worried, after all, see a single Yong a little depressed. And he always felt SHAN Yong honest, do not know illusion. SHAN Yong smiled, bared to laugh, smiled and said: "This does not conflict Well, how much money, then a symbol to Project Hope xìng friends, women and children cause you to donate less point, it is not on psychological balance? successful people are so dry ......... Besides, this business is you do not rob, not quasi cheap that corrupt elements. "It seems Professor Song is not the infection into the student and his noble the Chaizhan Shan smiled, relieved, hum tilted his legs, contemplating proudly: "You say, SHAN Yong, we start from somewhere? single exactly earn much, I really look forward to ah." Man proposes, God disposes, that depends on God, after all, we can not touch the upper for gymnastics Otherwise, put forward a project out subcontracting turned a profit, they make money on a good father, let's make money, only by the fist. "single-Yong laughed. Predict the future, the bottom, is nothing more than rushing to the supply of raw materials, which is the most direct and original way to make money, of course, the most intuitive, Mian Bude, grab the right to supply to overwhelm people. This matter, they are not an outsider, sure, Chaizhan Shan just asked excitedly: "Let's 2 acres of land, in fact, do not have to move, take sand Dickite, it can be turned into money." Oh, there is a way to make money, you did not notice. single brave Road. "What?" Chaizhan Shan Road. "You go back to the control boundaries of our ranch, the seven pasture, from north to south on the map can not draw a straight line turning through the stone town." Single Yong smiles. "Oh, that is to say, to build roads, must levy Let ranch." "Yes, so there is compensation so there you dry chips of other things." "That is likely to become this way the largest suppliers of raw materials? "is not possible, is a must, I draw the seven pastures, can be done directly on the dredging, quarrying site, we do all four cards, and other behind brainer he may not be able to do under the permit; under permit, he may not be able to find the right place; find the right place, it may not be able to find a lot of labor ... even if it was and we are standing on the same starting line , we have pasture land acquisition opportunities, in which case, if you do not, then let Baihun. "SHAN Yong laughed. Chaizhan Shan try to figure out a long time, seemingly messy layout, look, was meticulous and methodical, first to the development of aquaculture in the name of land acquisition to the city, all the way to the green light from the town to the county; while another hand in Office quarrying sand mining permit opposite sides, it touches first resource is the first in the hand of the incompetent, the point compensation enough of this. He figured out that one of the joints, evaluated Yong sentence said: "Oh, you jiān in a long while. Want material money, not only would like people that compensation payments." Illegal things you do much, reasonable and lawful What dare to think? "Yong laughed, put it really frankly. Approaching goose down flat, single-Yong telephone rang, but is the number rì Contact Zheng Jinchan, also gave him a confirmation message: Lu too high tender completed, will be the foundation. <
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