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April 29 [Tue], 2008, 16:44
moshimoshi :D
ok, after several thinking.
and only one voting.
i have decided to move to livejournal instead ;D
pls relink me :D
do not put 'www.' infront,
cause i don't know why but it just can't move on if there is the www.
so (:
relink me as.


April 28 [Mon], 2008, 19:50
moshimoshi :D
before i start saying things about today :D
can do me a favour?
go to my new blog,
haven't confirm.
and vote (:
thanks :D

today start wasn't a good one.
i woke up late -.-
i was suppose to wake up at 6a.m
but instead i woke up at 7 -.-
how stupid is this?
while preparing to go to sch,
i tied my hair and everything is a mess, in a rush.
then went to bus stop.
darn the bus can?
waited for like 5mins for the bus?
i mean more than that la.
and hell, on the way, the bus was moving hell slowly.
i don't understand why laa.
but i was quite calm during the trip
told myself no point panicking.
since already late.
what's the point panicking?
still will get some punishment right?
then reached sch.
didn't read any Adrian Mole :(
i think when the time it dues i wouldn't have finished it.
then ran 10 rounds arnd the parade ground
saw it?
10 rounds.
so stop coming around and ask how many stupid rounds i ran in sch for punishment.
10 rounds!
open your darn BIG EYEs to see clearly for yourself.
what's the big deal for being late?
so many people came asking.
stupid -.-
so interested in knowing go late for yourself and experience.
you will know all by yourself then.
didn't actually got any scoldings.
just say my fringe is too long,
next time he see me like that he's gonna conduct a full spot check on me.
ok, that's about all for my late episode.
so, for fellows that is so hell interested in knowing what happen,
that's the routine for the latecomers.
ok? -.-

then went around searching for my class.
saw kitchen from downstairs.
thought nobody might be inside.
so i went around computer lab etc.
to search for them -.-
and in the end they were in the kitchen.
LOL, wasted my effort.
darn -.-
nvm, blame it on my stupidness.
then did some fnN worksheet.
lol -.-
talked all the way laa.
was feeling quite hyper today.
so had a lot of fun:D
mdm khairiani let us off early 10mins to allow us go to the toilet and tidy our hair.
so good la she.
thanks teacher! ^^
then went toilet and stuff.
finally, went to take class photos.
poor wife.
style till so xin ku and was destroyed just by a touch.
mine mine.
how sad that could actually be.
then took the photos :D
i think i smiled stuidly :(
hope it doesn't.
then went back class for english.
then recess.
okok, sian -.-
music~ bla.
behind part is all boring.
nothing worth mentioning.
cause is simply boring, almost fell asleep.
but told myself not, MYE is coming to town~
then geography.
before geography had fun with Roey.
haha :D
then went library.
went humanities room.
had 'fun' with my wife.
then went to band.
hell boring.
people not coming to band.
ya whatever.
i am not going to go persuade, whatever laa.
they have their reasons.
let the band die during Istana performance then.
reached home.
watch tv.(:

nowadays the class is in the mess.
everyone quarelling.
duno why.
the Earth is in a mess too.
maybe because of that everyone emotions become easily spoilt.
that can't be controlled
but don't stir anymore things up anymore.
let everything end peacefully.
not having anymore new thing coming up.
so i 'll will bloody hell treasure my friendship.
is important.
the most beautiful relationship on Earth(:
let's treasure it! ^^
and ya,
i am so hell looking forward for MYE to end.
new things will happen.
haha :D
hope by then it will all be pleasant.
i know this a freaking long post -.-
thanks for reading it till now.
remember to go help me poll! :D


April 26 [Sat], 2008, 12:31
moshimoshi (:
ok, didn't post because i am purely lazy.
not going to post abt sch stuff.
is so boring la -.-
nowadays i don't understand why,
but is just that is like the whole world is having problems.
fine, not whole world, but majority of people i knew, have problems.
don't care what ever problems it is, whether izit friendship, or some other problems,
there bound to be problem that could affect your mood that exist.
i have to say this.
i don't understand why people like to spread rumors.
not actually spreading rumors,
but people just like to say stuff behind people's back.
i seriously, have think about this topic for quite a while.
i seriously think that saying things behind people's back, especially when you let it spread, and allow the people you're saying,
knows about it.
is the most black hearted person on Earth.
ok, maybe not most.
but surely it is a black hearted job.
maybe that person only irks on you for a tiny miny thing,
and you go around maybe telling people how eekish that person is.
and somehow some big mouth you told,
let the thing land into the victim's ear,
it will really spoil the day.
the whole full day.
no matter how cheerful that person might be,
upon hearing that,
they sure will be down on mood.
so what's the point doing all this crap?
even if you like to do it so much,
tell some friends that you can fully trust right?
just don't let it go around spreading and end up in the victim's ear.
that's really black hearted thing la.
so well.
rumors spreader, get a life.
do more meaningful stuff.
not those that will irks people's life la.

ya, upon hearing all the friendship problems people is having now.
i seriously thinks that managing a friend relationship is difficult.
you might just lose the whole thing when you suddenly can't control what you are doing.
so really have to treasure this relationship well more than any other things.
something you do might irks your friend.
but if they are kind enough, or, understand you well enough.
they will forgive you(:
be a forgiving person and forgive whatever that has gone wrong (:
i am not saying about anything here.
is purely friends problems.
not mentioning about any specific thing.
because many friendship problems is cause by this right? (:
so well well,

words for my beloved friends :
i may seriously, be a sucky friend.
but, i am seriously sorry.
ya, sometimes you might be just trying to tell me my dis merits of being a friend,
but don't say it so straight forward.
is hurting.
and i get angry over things you said purely because sometimes is not true (:
so well,
maybe we just don't understand each other well.
that cause all the craps.
i wish you can forgive and forget.
and start afresh (:
ya, to my 4 dearies (:
sorry for being a bad friend.
but, i will improve (:
no matter what, i'll still love you guys :D

people, don't get misunderstood,
we are not having any friends problems over here.
just think that somethings have to be said (:
sayonnara! :D


April 22 [Tue], 2008, 15:11
my god, is been ages since i blogged.
though is not really ages, but it seems to me, it is.
today is Earth day.
be sure to wear green when you go out.
haa (:
this few days is sick.
down with flu.
feeling darn bad.
everything i eat is tasteless.
it sucks.
well well.
i don't know what to blog about now.
this few days keep rush home right after sch :D
cos need to so called 'study'.
then ermm..
i don't know what to blog anymore.
i want to watch tv (:

anyways, happy Earth day!
recycle everything if you can(:
ask RongJun for more information.
haah :D
sayonnara then.

PS: i want.................. :D

speech day. 

April 18 [Fri], 2008, 21:22
just came back from speech day not long ago.
ok, let's start from begining.
called kelly.
then blablaaaa.
reached, arnd 2.20?
then was told time change to 2.45.
saw jason.
he was all flour and cake all over -.-
disgusting can
then fooled around until 2.45(:
went to bandroom.
say need to be in full uniform already.
changed the stockings.
eeeeek can?
then changed shoes.
haha, was quite fun wearing it (:
shift to the classroom.
went walking around.
stayed in classroom.
idle around until 6.30 -.-
congratulations kelly for your stopped shaking finger!
but i can't hear myself play laa -.-
the trumpet darn loud.
so maybe i played rubbish? :D
but i scared the Istana perform one.
got 3 songs solo.
especially postcard.
i am darn afraid.
then went back bandroom.
sian sian.
went home.
talk talk with kenneth :D
saw chengyeeeeee.
then on bus :(
kenneth dropped my phone!
well, :(
is kind of xin tong?
but kenneth, forget it.
don't be guilty anymore laa (:
i didn't blame you.
then here i am blogging.
sorry didn't typed much.
listening to song (:
can't concentrate typing.
haha :D

PS: i am going to play game! don't care, today shall relax:D

bad day. 

April 18 [Fri], 2008, 12:05
moshimoshi (:
woah, my god can?
today was a darn super bad day laa,
hope later wouldn't be so.
at night thunder too loud, keep waking up.
then first thing i heard in the morning was :
" wake up, late already, the alarm spoilt!'
i was like darn shock.
i wonder how late it was.
heng, wasn't too late, is only by 15mins.
then rush everything, anyhow brush teeth tie hair everything.
flew to the bus stop.
bus came.
was so packed.
then suddenly remembered, i forgot to bring history workbook -.-
i was like how?!!!
then prepared to copy chapter of textbooks -.-
saw norsilah, then i ask her whether she bring or not,
she said she did not.
then i suddenly remembered mr choong said can hand in after sch
yay! :D
saw elora, chengyee, suhailah, alex.
was like going to late lo.
5 more mins to the bell ring, we reached the sch.
went back to class.
then mdm hua came ask me go empty dustbin.
goodness, shouldn't it be today's leader who did it?
and okok, Jason my beautiful, cute, GENTLE, wife.
thanks for helping me to empty the dustbin yesterday (:
i love you can? :D
haha, keep repeating -.-
ok whatever.
then remember got chinese test.
studied -.-
then read Adrian mole.
very nice (:
finishing soon.
going to borrow Adrian Mole cappuccino years soon.
don't know whether shld i borrow growing pains laa.
see how it goes?
MPE period.
no teacher besides patrolling ones.
darn, no MPE.
i want to run can?!
i shall do it tmr? MAYBE? haha.
then mt test.
wow, was darn difficult can?!
i kept staring at the multiple choice questions -.-
comprehension was better.
don't expect high marks this time round (:
then sci lesson came.
no teacher.
don't know where mrs kwey/kuey went to. (i will go find out the correct one soon)
so we was left a lone.
did some count down.
all flew out of the class,
went to toilet with chengyee.
then went home,
sorry guys, didn't wait for you all, i scared i can't make it on time.
i want to blog =x
if i blog both speech day and this together i don't know when will it ends.
then waited so long -.-
no bus,
elora and chengyee came out.
don't know where's Roey.
saw kenneth.
so bad laa him.
don't want let me see him wear specs :(
then chengyee took the same bus with me(:
went home.
ate curry puff ( kelly, jealous? haha)
drank soymilk.
going to bath soon.
later i will be looking like a clown plus waitress walking arnd the streets.
wish myself all the best for the performance.
and to KELLY ALSO!
hope your finger wouldn't go shake shake (:
threaten your finger that you will chopped them off if they don't listen to u.
going bath soon (:

lalalaa, happy day, happy night :D 

April 17 [Thu], 2008, 19:02
moshimoshi :D
today morning went to sch.
lol, which day doesn't right?
ermm.. reached sch.
chit chatted
haha, mood was fine
read newspaper.
same old stupid news.
nothing much nicer.
then eng.
was alright also (:
had the presentation thing -.-
my, jason&mine presentation was a awful one.
haha, only have one short pathetic paragraph
how sad?
then had some workbook exercises.
then went back for sci.
went to take a look at the pond.
so time was quite easy to pass by:D
our class is still as cute trying to annoy mrs kuey.
as in "annoy"
then recess.
forgot abt what had happened.
then maths (:
wow, i understand that pathetic topic already laa (:
so was quite ok.
wishing to have more sums to do -.-
for the first time, i wanted maths lesson to be a bit longer,
but sadly to say,
is only one period
had poetry slam.
got 6.8 over 10 for my poetry.
look, how potential i am to be a poet.
wrote one more (:
got a add on marks.
is good :D
then mt (:
mdm hua just left some work for us.
then first period inspector chong came in to relieve.
2nd, some sec 1 say ask we all go foyer find mr seah.
go library.
had some 'fun' with my wife.
ermm.. maybe ppl will come saying me for leaving them alone, nvm.
shall say it later
and let me introduce to everyone my new pet dog!
jojo tan! :D haha, -kee yan.
was a nice one (:
an big head dog.
special breed (:
not many ppl can owned it.
went to jp with kelly, jason, elora, jiajun, junjie.
after decades,
i bought my court shoes.
it cost me a bomb of $29.95
my god.
well, don't care lerr
have to do with it.
then had long john.
it also created a hole on my pocket.
my lunch cost me 6.90
big expenses.
my goodness.
though is not my money.
but it does hurts.
then had lots of fun (:
junjie left before everything started.
and yaa, kelly is sending me my pathetic face she took.
my goodness.
duno whether i want to post it up for display.
but is sort of too ugly.
don't have the guts to post? :X
then lalaa.
fun day i had in jp.
and i did managed to come home and catch my yu le bai fen bai :D
saw my pri sch friend as well.
grrrr. awful comment.
:) i accept.
then went home :D

nowadays is like the whole world is having friendship problems.
looks like i am not the only one (:
so well,
i don't think i want to make anymore comment on it laa.
am too exhausted from clearing misunderstandings.
may cause my days to be like super awful after clearing.
don't wish to spoil my good mood until speech day.
want to have a nice performance and all the craps things later (:
maybe people don't think is misunderstandings la.
but i shall say, nvm, forget it.
the mouth, the brain is all yours.
say all you want.
i don't blame you.
i can't control your life like i always say.
so go curse me, use swear words on me, hate me, whatever.
go ahead.
i can't stop you.
so well, nvm, though it might sometimes hurts?
but what can i do right? (:
yaa, maybe i am not fated to be a good friend.
whatever i do piss people off.
so maybe next time i shall just shut my fucking mouth up,
do whatever people like,
and forget about myself.
be a hypocrite maybe? as in a 'good' people.
maybe that's what everyone likes.
so rest assure,
i will shut up next time.
no matter how untrue your words are,
how you swore on me,
i am not going to care (:
just smile smile and forgets everything.
maybe this post might even pissed people off.
i shall have to make my stand clear first right?
sacrifices are needed.

well well (:
i have to buy somethings!
and watch some movie too (:
1. i seriously need a handphone accessories for my phone, it look dull without any accessories, but as for the blings blings, i have decided to paste only after my phone has been used for a year, so i wouldn't get bored with it.
2. i want to watch the movie 'run papa run' i duno if i got the english name right,
but in chinese is called 'yi ge hao papa' (:
3.i need a bag, seriously, mine is breaking till like rotting?
4. i need a new watch, mine is sort of colour dropping?
5. exercise as much as i can, i must reach my 40kg ASAP.
6. study well (: get edusave, buy myself a camerca (:
7. i need a shoes for going out, or at least a new pair of slippers? -.-
that's abt all.
don't wanna think more.
is never ending (:
ok, shall go bath, (dinner foget it, still full) try on full band uniform see how ridiculous i look, study, read adrian mole abit,sleep (:
that's my life.

PS: wow! such a long post :D

happy international friendship day :D 

April 16 [Wed], 2008, 18:34
moshimoshi :D
long time didn't update.
yaa, 'long time'.
haha, is a long period of time laa, in my opinion.
didn't have the time to do it.
cos have been busy rehearsal for speech day.
stupid laa,
for one time darn performance then have to practice like mad.
yaa, that's hard work before performance right?
then went home is either too late,
or too tired
or need to have some time to study.
MYE is coming.
my god.
i haven't started.
beside one chapter for sci.
fine, i am dumb -.-
but shall study already laa.
and work hard.
must faster blog.
time is precious.
and yesssss,
thanks kelly!
for going to accompany me tmr to buy the court shoes.
many of them rejected (:
so, i love you kelly!
haha :D
anyways, ppl.
nowadays so many crap already can?
don't add on crap to my life.
there isn't a need to also.
so, yaa.
be considerate.
aiyaa, no time lerr.
got to go.

PS: must go for exercising lerrrrrr! eeeee.
PPS: have to work doubly harddddd~

wet day. 

April 11 [Fri], 2008, 20:43
moshimoshi :D
today morning went to sch reading adrian mole.
my new borrowed book.
then didn't even noticed suhaila was in the bus -.-
then she came sat beside me.
anyways, i continue to read that adrian mole.
he is 24 year old smth in that bk.
and he is still as pervertic can?
everyday got write about parts he ogle at women's leg -.-
then reached sch.
the rain was freakin' big.
i wonder what's suhaila scared abt -.-
she shouted on the way we ran to sch gate.
then our shoes all wet la.
then went toilet lalala.
read books for almost one hr -.-
and feel so uneasy with the wet legs and everything.
took off shoes -.-
jason was so over
he took out socks -.-
and persuaded us to follow
funny wife.
then we took off lo.
feel much better la.
then mt over.
malay students came back.
many followed also.
the whole class is like majority have no socks on.
then mrs kwey was shock by this scene.
shld have brought my hp and took down the scene man.
so historical.
amsyar treated us some chocolates :D:D
yay yay!
thanks amsyar! ^.^
then went to recess without socks -.-
but with shoes la.
the feeling was like #$%^&*@#$%^&*
then had geo.
fine, i did some laughing again :(
sorry mr low.
suhaila and syafiq keep adding nonsense
so hilarious la.
that part was darn funny man.
his hair look fake anyway.
went for band.
with that darn wet socks.
had rehearsal.
super hot.
heng was only one rehearsal.
and yay,
i changed reed.
it rocks.
sound much nicer.
then went home :(
kenneth ignore me.
darn him.
but later got talk.
good :D
i'll forgive u for that.
that's abt all :D

PS: yay hooray :D

f u. 

April 10 [Thu], 2008, 19:16
today woke up with pain butt and legs and abit hand.
then went to sch.
on the way did xi zi.
and ya (:
i forgot my workbk.
reached sch
waited at the circle we always sat, nobody came.
well, whatever (:
went up hall.
read newspaper, i read for the whole half an hr.
that's a miracle.
what's more i have not read finish.
that's shows that the new paper is much more interesting.
then went back class.
well well.
eng was quite alright.
nice lesson (:
then went for fnN.
teacher didn't came to let us do brownies/cookies.
then mr danny koh came and had a bloody test.
and i was like so exited for that darn making of brownies/cookie matter
for like duno how long? -.-
then to my disappointment.
nvm, think mdm khairiani has some problems.
so, shaln't blame her yea? (:
so went back class for sci.
was alright.
actually it wasn't as interesting as chapter 6.
then recess.
well, heart broke.
hope what i thought was wrong.
eeekish la.
but suhailah was funny.
then had poetry slam.
had death note all the way -.-
ms chan wrote some jap words in my 'deathnote'.
so (:
then had some performance stuff.
then mt.
wrote zuo wen.
after sch (:
thanks chengyee for accompanying me to the library.
yay! :D
borrowed adrian mole duno what years.
can't find growing pains.
so borrowed (:
finally can change book after so long -.-
then went to see soccer.
match between express and na.
duno who win in the end, didn't stay for 2nd half.
and yes, the field toilet was fun.
tmr have mr low lesson.
duno if i can still laugh.
no mood to.

PS: can't the problems just go away? darn.
shldn't went onlineeeeee.
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