9:21pm and pissed off

August 18 [Tue], 2009, 21:01
Well actually, it was yesterday...

My payday was yesterday, so I was like yay, time for parfait.
I searched where my bank is in kyoto while I was working.
I was shocked. Literaly. It seemed I had to walk 30 min to get there.
Fuck you kyoto, you can never be Osaka or Tokyo, I thought.
Anyway, I walked down to my bank, and by the time I get there, I was pissed off.
The distance and slow people pissed me off.
And then, this happend.
I shoved my bank card into the ATM that seemed to be inviting me.
Then, the machine said, I'm sorry. I can't read your card.
I was like I know it's monday, but that's the only reason why you exist. Shut up and read. I tried nearly ten times.
Me: puts my card in
Machine: Beep beep. I'm sorry... ejects my card
Me: puts my card in
Machine: Beep beep. I'm sorry... ejects my card
Times 5
I gave up.

I walked back to my station with my empty wallet.

So I went talk to a "non-automatic" teller machine AKA a stony human.
She told me the ic chip on my card is malfunctioning...
She will have my card fixed with no charge.

Absolutely no charge! Call 1800-xxx-xxxx.

...Anyway, the ic chip on my credit card is also malfunctioning though the magnet part works perfectly.
So apparently something in my wallet or the way I handle my wallet do something bad to ic chips.
Why do people invent something easily broken? A new invention has to make my life easier. I want my good old magnetic bank card back!
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