Scarlett went through the motions of presiding

July 29 [Mon], 2013, 15:52

THAT NIGHT AT SUPPER, Scarlett went through the motions of presiding over the table in hermother’s absence, but her mind was in a ferment over the dreadful news she had heard aboutAshley and Melanie. Desperately she longed for her mother’s return from the Slatterys’, for,without her, she felt lost and alone. What right had the Slatterys and their everlasting sickness totake Ellen away from home just at this Air Jordan 4 time when she, Scarlett, needed her so much?

  Throughout the dismal meal, Gerald’s booming voice battered against her ears until she thoughtshe could endure it no longer. He had forgotten completely about his conversation with her thatafternoon and was carrying on a monologue about the latest news from Fort Sumter, which hepunctuated by hammering his fist on the table and waving his arms in the air. Gerald made a habitof dominating the conversation at mealtimes, and usually Scarlett, occupied with her ownthoughts, scarcely heard him; but tonight she could not shut out his voice, no matter how much shestrained to listen for the sound of carriage wheels that would herald Ellen’s return.

  Of course, she did not intend to tell her mother what was so heavy on her heart, for Ellen wouldbe shocked and grieved to know that a daughter of hers wanted a man who was engaged to anothergirl. But, in the depths of the first tragedy she had ever known, she wanted the very comfort of hermother’s presence. She always felt secure when Ellen was by her, for there was nothing so bad thatEllen could not better it, simply by being there.

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