We are afraid of losing love

July 24 [Sun], 2011, 22:54

A lot of things, experience will understand later.

Experienced childhood, to understand that wholesale jerseys from china childhood is a blank, in the above picture on a few casual, but make their own memory of a lifetime.

Childhood sky is blue, and occasionally drifting across several flower, epoch, people daydream Lianpian; childhood river is always clear, playing naked with impunity inside the fish prowling around; childhood friend of children his face was innocent, naive, mischievous smile on his face hanging, has not forgotten. Savor, or more than the story of his childhood, really, the United States.

Experienced young people to understand that young people are jade, pure as jade.

At that time love to vigorous and clear likes and dislikes, his eyes hard only put a grain of sand, love to dream, colorful, Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys flower-like flowers, love to work, full of daring, leisurely, love to make friends, Liangleichadao , rhetoric. Years later, still found time to make their own eyebrows, and still is the most beautiful, most true. Years later, something that in mind, the original primitive accumulation is then. Years later, only to find truly common language, mutual friends who know each other, turned out to be himself in elementary, middle and high school classmate, even if it was never familiar.

Experienced the love, to understand that love is the spring garden, fascinating; love is a stone tablet, the total energy are profound.

People in love, always full of energy, tireless, said a lot of sweet sweet if not already done a lot of impressive things, but also to cover their many shortcomings. In the season of love, often feels fresh flowers and new, misty clouds, leaves the spirit, the sky blue tile, colorful leaves. Experienced the love, learn to care about you and care about each other's word, a movement, a look, a tone, in fact, you will gradually find that you do not care about each other, but ourselves. You can clearly remember the first time you meet strangers, the first one was touched by the way, for the first time and love the people you hugged want to kiss, first sexual favors.

Experienced a marriage, to understand that family is the touchstone of your work and life at home can not speak truth, love authentic nfl jerseys
and warmth is knowledgeable.

After marriage, you realize, the original marriage and love are two different things.Snowy night to take the wind love the romantic, marriage to the mundane reality of love to the Aura, marriage is not to the temper, gentle love to the handsome, marriage is understood to be warm. Experienced a marriage, to understand the house is a pot, only the careful care, polishing, can make delicious meals. You may be will work, career skyrocket, thriving business can be complete if you do not have a happy home, perhaps in the back of a large number of praise, only you know your heart desolation, you should not be considered a real will to do things people. You may know how to get a lot of big deal at home, they will all fail, please do not talk about truth, love and warmth is the family of Knowing.

Experienced a death, to understand that in this world, there is no thing more precious than life.

Except in a nation, a major state, Daren righteousness before the individual's life so small, there is something worth to sacrifice our precious lives? Official position is not important, it is important to have a normal ordinary people's heart. Money is not important to be important is a proper way, used a degree, doctor of medicine money can buy, but nfl jerseys wholesale can not buy real life. Experienced a death, to understand that in this world, there is nothing more than the healthy life of people happy. A person, even a lifetime nothing, as long as he (or she) can live long lives, it should be the most successful life.
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