Improper sunscreen use carefully the carcinogenic

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:30
Recent studies have found that the common ingredient in sunscreen, zinc oxide, in the sunlight, the release of harmful particulate radicals, increasing the risk of human skin cancer.

As we all know, in the sun for a long time exposure would seriously increase the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, in the summer, many people go out will rub on a layer of sunscreen to reduce the stimulus of sunlight on the skin, and would like to take the prevention of skin cancer. But the latest research indicates that sunscreen itself with unsafe ingredients that can cause skin cancer.

The study found that: what happens to the various components of the observation of sunscreen in the sun. The auspices of the Department of Chemistry, Professor Dr. Ma Yinfa (Dr. Yinfa Ma) found in common sunscreen ingredients zinc oxide, under a bright light will release harmful particles called "free radicals". Too much "free radicals" harmful to human cells and cells within the DNA strand to produce damaging effects, resulting in the increased risk of skin cancer.

Professor Ma lung cells in the experiment will be soaked in a solution of zinc oxide, and then use a variety of light irradiation solution. He found that the lung cell death in the irradiation of UV light the fastest. But even in ordinary visible light irradiation, the speed of deterioration of lung cells is not optimistic.

In addition, the longer light exposure, the greater the harm of free radicals. Ultraviolet radiation three hours after the solution of zinc oxide, half of the lung cell death. After 12 hours of irradiation, dead cells increased to 90%.

The research papers will be published in the academic journal "Toxicology and applied pharmacology. Professor Ma pointed out that lung cells instead of skin cell experiments, only the initial phase of zinc oxide research. He cautioned, do not rush any sunscreen safety of the conclusions drawn from the above experimental results, the more in-depth experiments need to continue.

That sunscreen what can not be used? Professor Ma said, "I suggest that you continue to use sunscreen, after all, sunscreen is better than no prevention is better.

Although you can continue to use sunscreen, but the best to control the amount of sunscreen, the past, many human pursuit of better results and desperately sunscreen is obviously inappropriate. In addition, reducing the time exposed to sunlight is also very important.