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Just hear public's question, Haitian surprised asked: how did you know me into the room with spirit? Oh, this is not simple? By brattain and bei have met all of their side Stan is top grade artifact, so naturally we know you choose is certainly is the spirit. TangTianHao urged asked, quick say, you exactly success yet? Oh? That they haven't been successful? The Haitian is not try so hard to answer, but curious asked. Of course they fail, if it weren't for to run of quick, I'm afraid all died in here! QinFeng cold snorted. Hum! Our opponents can be all 3 kinds of god, have skill you to beast try it? Hear QinFeng sarcasm, bratton roar out immediately. God? No wonder they expanded beast will fail. The Haitian surprised, if it weren't for him and rule bet it, I'm afraid and they end bratton almost. Oh, Haitian brothers, you exactly quick say ah, what the spirit didn't get? WuMeng who see the Haitian repeatedly change the subject, the in the mind suddenly had a bad feeling, is you failed? Bratton cold hum a way: that is of course, but I heard, his opponent is four product beast,moncler outlet with god his strength, not may be successful. Oh? That you see, what is it? Say, Haitian will store content in the ring as a thing like a spirit is to take out. (!) Have the latest chapter in time update Chapter five hundred and forty-three LiMeng message They see the Haitian the hands of the present porcelain doll, a blurred, not to say that the spirit to find? Why will this trick is to get out? This is also not blame them. After all, they had never seen a spirit is, even by brattain and bei have their Stan. Dead abnormal condition, what is it? TangTianHao asked out the aspirations of all. The Haitian whispered a smile: how? It can't recognize? This is the device spirit! ? This is the device spirit? All present at this immediately cracked, say so your success? TangTianHao who cheered immediately, instead by brattain and bei be Stan face is the more ugly. The Haitian should challenge a success, how could it be? Even their opponents have expanded the beast is god, the god of the guardian spirit beast will only become more severe, how may be the Haitian to beat? I'm afraid even if bratton and the have Stan want to break a brain, can't think how on earth day out of defeat.

Just now to the Haitian hand the spirit, they do? Rob? Sure rob but. Do not say first Haitian can beat four product god is spirit beast get, only by the strength of the light now is enough to and they tied, plus a WuMeng, they will fall to the underdog. Steal? This method let alone, the Haitian directly on the storage ring, and how to steal? Change? Unless the Haitian is fool, otherwise may not change. But the spirit of top grade artifact of key mainly through artifact, their hands is the most precious but is top grade artifact, and two government or the Lord gave them, the more impossible ....... Want to want to go, they never think of a good solution. 8. N looked at happy Haitian, bratton and the have Stan difficult looked at each other one eye, bowed, turned and walked away. Their departures, Haitian immediately noticed, he just gonna go after, but god is the ninja team nine called out to him: the Haitian, you don't go after! Don't go after? Why? They three transgressions of the two wanted to kill me, that I may not for revenge? The Haitian don't understand. [nine the ninja team god ha ha say with smile: though your strength holds the upper hand, they are not your opponent, but they wanted to run it, you think you really have moncler men jackets to chase the??? Don't forget in my soul, how cold and cheerless sword continent run away. Are you saying...... The nine the ninja team god so a reminder, the Haitian suddenly want to rise, in my soul sword continent of fourth Olympic flame make, cold and cheerless is to use a also artifact suddenly run away. Since it is the artifact, so also must be coming from, they will have also not bratton strange. The elder, that you say, what should we do? Can't helplessly looking at them to leave? The Haitian rather depressed, so let them bratton, it is too expensive. 9 the ninja team god smiled: do you think they would really have gae up? Did not get the spirit is, they won't be freewill. I'm afraid they will also be looking for you after the trouble? In trouble? Hum, I was afraid that they didn't come through. If they were to come, I just put a new old rivalries between with them out! Haitian slightly to narrow the Eyes a fist. To this, the ninja team is not god nine any comment, smoothing his mustache smiled to get up.

At this time of YangYun this just behind the Haitian comes up, the excited looked at nine the ninja team god call way: teacher! Finally again see you old people! See YangYun station come out, nine the ninja team god ha ha a smile: good, have to senior time god, and it was not live up to your expectations, and I hope that in the future I can also see you in. Said also, Haitian heart movement, the nine the ninja team is not going to go to god also? How can you still here? The Haitian immediately question to ask heart to come out. 9 god by clicking the ninja team a listless say with smile: good, my body was indeed rise to also, here's the only is my doppelganger just. Doppelganger? The Haitian surprised, member of arts and he had once studied, just didn't learn a few days just gave up. [WZDFF stick hand play group] after all the strength of his ascension to come up, is to spend a lot of time and energy. 9 the ninja team god grant will a member to practice to can such 2 to taste the man of god bratton play between at the palm, this is also too much? That's right, be a member and I's member is in here has been waiting for all of you. 9 the ninja team god up gradually convergence face smile, very serious, said the Haitian, you have all the things I know, including your of uniting the I nine days moncler baby divinesword tactic thing. Forehead? Elder... The Haitian consternation at nine the ninja team god. But he just want to excuse, nine the ninja team is god shook his head.I'm not to blame you, and I know that the particularity of you, but now you go have is not my way, this is the nine days divinesword tactic of the lower half, you take it, and hope to be able to gain some of you. Looked at nine the ninja team god handed nine days divinesword tactic lower half, Haitian heart glad unceasingly, although he has not practice nine days divinesword tactic, but no doubt in his time in the early years of the nine days divinesword tactic gives him a big help, especially in the sword skill. Now this second, even in the ascension of uniting the no, but as long as can learn TianJie sword skill will be enough. Now what he TianJie sword skill only the fourth piece on the Olympic flame make own anger cut, but also just TianJie primary sword skills.

Thank you for elder. The Haitian force toward a nine the ninja team god nodded his head. 9 the ninja team god ha ha a smile: these are you deserve it, don't thank me. Well, I'll be going back to the also, what's the problem quickly ask. Problem? The Haitian heart to have too many questions, but that in a hurry he was between doesn't know how to ask is better. Hesitated for a moment, the Haitian openings ask a way: elder, why did you will appear here? According to the time, soaring predecessors you in the strength of the also should not too high? Is the spirit and top grade artifact so precious thing how you have? About this a few problems, I can only tell you, and I am entrusted by the other problem. I have no comment, can rely on you to search. 9 the ninja team god Answer with a smile. His search? To which go to search? Now the things the more as a strange, Haitian heart a complete check ideas. But he understand his own strength is too low, want to look at this is impossible. The elder, that this is how to use spirit? I mean this how will a top grade artifact is primarily artifact? The Haitian heart thought of the fate of the mirror, mirror is the fate of once artifact, now his hand and the spirit is, naturally want to restore the fate of mirror give priority to artifact. Hear the Haitian's question, nine the ninja team god light shook his head: I know what you mean, but I urge you'd better use this device temporarily don't spirit. Why? The Haitian don't understand. For now you don't need to know, you know, for as long as the spirit has big role,moncler striped will be absolutely will bring you great help. As for the fate of all of the functions of mirror recovery, you will have to look for is the spirit. I can only say to you so much. 9 the ninja team look god the solemn replied, I can see that he has to explain to come out. It is true, then the elder, I listen to you, keep the device first spirit. The Haitian by clicking the head. 9 the ninja team god slightly say with smile: good, can listen to the words of others, is each successful people have quality. The Haitian, you have become a man of success but potential! A winner? Death pervert he now already is not? TangTianHao puzzled out. 9 the ninja team god shook his head. no, he is not, at most be a winner The strong, but also just lower the strong.

The strength of the like him, also is numberless as the sand. Remember my word, winners must be stronger, and the strong but not necessarily is a winner. If later met with difficulties, I think more of this sentence. Thank predecessors....... Although the Haitian or a little don't understand the meaning, but he still is nodded silently down, perhaps as nine the ninja team he has said, the future will be useful. See the Haitian down, nine the ninja team god gratified nodded his head: since it is so, so I also the....... Oh yes, respectively, I almost forget an important matter. In nine the ninja team just ready to turn away from god, when suddenly he turned back again. But he let the Haitian can't help but the word a deceived: the important things? And me about? Yes, and you about. There is a person let I brought you words! 9 the ninja team god said, he says, before you didn't break into before god, had better not go, even if, and also to keep a low profile while also act, avoid by all means go! Who said that? The Haitian quickly asked, can say such words absolutely not simple, his memory in his didn't seem in also friends? 9 the ninja team god ha ha a smile: the man's name LiMeng! The words sound just fell and nine the ninja team will leave the god directly. Just the whole people is in the Haitian into there, LiMeng? Such a long time past, he almost will this name to behind. He came to remember the spirit of the continent's sword when they have carefully for the LiMeng, just LiMeng but copy Buddha evaporation like disappear. Then the Haitian have after looking for, still LiMeng news. In the Haitian moncler fitted puffer gradually will forget him, the name again incredibly jumped out! LiMeng is very like to make friends with true, but he is not only the samsung sword god? Even if this years there have been improved by leaps and bounds, and could not make friends go directly to also? Why he would let god and spoke to his nine the ninja team? Also, what does it really mean in this? Like very afraid to go now also like. Originally thought, they see the ninja team after nine god, in the heart of trying to unlock all should be....... But now he's found that not only didn't have the slightest doubt decreases, it is more and more. The Haitian can't help punch to the long give a sigh, LiMeng, what is really going on?