and dragon days to prepare for battle

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Hell purgatory of continental Chapter 1178th the war !The 1178th chapter of the war !Dragon Song riding a gluttonous small sea sky ,flew directly to dragon ,dragon song must be in the city around to find a raised resting place, so that it is not because of travel and fee a supernatural power, the slightest bit to save !At a distance of two thousand mile long song ,find a huge mountain range ,and in which a mountains central dug a house ,then and gluttonous ,directly into the office practice up inside .
Three days later ,I will and dragon master dragon Tianzhan ,this is and the superior God handsome peak master ,ready to Wang level ,I must go to all lengths ,win, for I conquered the planet stepped solid one pace, lost ,I conquer the planet path twists and turns a lot ! Dragon song in mind ,then closed his eyes ,began calmly practices .
At his side, gluttonous ,seriously practicing together ,in the song of dragon and Mobubai battle, gluttonous ,and no volatile number combat effectiveness ,and the song of dragon and dragon day of fighting ,requires the gluttonous ,all fighting to borrow to dragon song ,this song of dragon to win the grasp ,therefore ,gluttonous ,seriously practicing ,for their state to adjust to the peak !At the same time ,song of Dragon Challenge planet ten master of a long day news spread throughout the world like the water planet ,all out of dragon song the stranger ,also want to have a look of dragon song how strong ,anyone interested in not only include those that are ready to see the noisy intermediate God leads a level below master ,also includes ninety-nine other large cities of the master ,the ninety-nine large city is ranking God handsome peak master ,if can defeat the dragon day dragon song ,that song of dragon also has to overcome their strength ,because dragon day is one of ten big master star ball !Therefore ,in ninety-nine large cities have sent a superior God handsome level side castellan to match ,and took the crystal communications ,and hope that through the crystal communications see song of dragon and dragon day war situation, so as to have a look of dragon song what trick !The other ninety-nine cities ,each of the city sent a superior God handsome level Deputy master came to the city ,while the dragon day avoid meeting ,he strong preparation and dragon song battle ,who came from the city superior God handsome level master by Longcheng two vice reception ,and song of dragon fighting Mobubai due to injuries in the body, also can retreat !In addition to the ninety-nine ranking God handsome level master ,there are attracted to prepare from the superior God handsome level master ,the number has reached thousands of people to do so ,God handsome level master ,Longcheng two vice city also let them come to watch ,as long as no interference to the city inside the normal life of the residents will be !Therefore ,in practice martial arts field around several hotel ,completely full.
To view the handsome level master level master God ,so many handsome ,but also the most ever for a time ,even the sky dragon million years of birthday ,also won God handsome level master ,now ,cheap karen millen dresses,all the people waiting for the day dragon day and a war song of dragon !For these things, dragon song already count of dragon song ,for three days ,is the planet all eyes focused bucket to the city ,this uniform progress quickly, if the light is with dragon ,dragon song only need one day ,and the sky dragon duel to decide the ownership of dragon song !Dragon song will draw all eyes to the dragon ,and the dragon song will in all large cities main attention defeat the dragon day ,then established him the planet first master position ,and he will use a threatening attitude requires unity ,each planet is the heart of the city ,only one hundred large city, city of the heart, the dragon song that really put the planet series !Of course ,many intelligence does not teach the wise master also think of dragon song heart ,but they do not believe that the dragon song can defeat the dragon day ,don the other city master will yield ,so ,although they know dragon song attempt ,but also hold a wait-and-see attitude only, and their attitudes regarding depends on the dragon song and dragon day a battle !Distance of two thousand a in the mountains ,the mountains suddenly bursting apart ,a swift shadow fly directly to the sky, at his side, and a forming body gluttonous beast ! Three days ,three days when preparing to !The sea ,let us fly to the city ! The swift figure said ,this man was awesomely song of dragon ,dragon song in God today gold top grade silver armor ,was mantle ,cloak in the wind fluttering sound ,at the same time ,dragon song ares Sabre was resting on the back ,as long as the song reaches dragon dragon song can get the war god sword the song itself ,because the dragon has superior magic later strength ,therefore ,these items have to start with ,or beginning ,dragon song will be defeated ! ~ ~ ~ ~ gluttonous ,shouted ,and then let the song of dragon riding on his back ,today gluttonous ,also covered with god gold top grade animal armor ,and level nine grade air Dan on the item set ,ready to use, entering a state of war ,see song of dragon to ride on his back ,he was screaming sound ,directly toward the city direction !City ,already raise a Babel of criticism of ,hundreds of millions of residents can not directly see the battle ,because the battle more than even sweep they point they will be ashes to ashes ,Sale UGG Boots Women,but they can be passed in the city of hundreds of giant crystal screens.
This was a war .Like them ,in the other ninety-nine large cities ,nine hundred and ninety medium-sized cities ,nine thousand nine hundred small towns ,there are enough crystal screen ,ready to broadcast the first war !At this time, Longcheng martial arts field has focused on thousands of God handsome level master ,of which one hundred and one have higher levels of God handsome master master ,enclosing them in LianWu market around, getting ready to watch the upcoming battle .
Originally, hundreds of miles from the martial arts field after transformation, direct the formation of a huge arena ,this arena is hundreds of miles ,can let the song of dragon and dragon day above and fighting, and the ring around, have set method, as long as the song of dragon and dragon day to begin the battle around ,watching thousands of God put you handsome level master input method ,forming a giant you cover ,the fight song of dragon and dragon day surrounded ,if not the song of dragon and dragon day estimated impact this vindictive vindictive hood ,the hood would not be broken !Everything is ready, just as the two men came to the battle !Wait to watch the battle did not point no resistance ,because they had the day is very boring ,they can quietly practicing for one thousand years ,ten thousand years ,of course, can also wait for this little bit of time ,but their hearts are dynamic ,hope can see strong fighting !In all patient waiting time, a figure does not know when it appeared in the arena .
This figure wearing golden armor ,wearing yellow mantle ,cloak fluttering in the wind ,which was engraved with the true to life likeness of the dragon !Originally there is no one can show his ,however ,he was taking it out of the strong momentum moment let all people feel depressed ,defense of a mountain is in front of them, let them export seems stuck in a huge stone ! Long days ! The following are discussed on the level of master have god .
Yes. This powerful momentum only the superior God handsome peak master may take that ,and he was not intentionally released momentum ,if he intentionally released in our style ,we even have trouble speaking ! Another superior God Shuai said .
Indeed ,castellan, light to see the momentum ,that is one of the ten big master planet ! Handsome a God said . Well !Dragon day castellan was so strong ,do not know to challenge his dragon song how much? Handsome B asked god .
A look at the battle will know, I am afraid that dragon song see dragon day master so strong momentum ,would be too scared to ! Handsome a God laughs .As they spoke, a roar came from far away !A streamer fly over to Xun arena ,then roar with over, this description to had been a lot of sound !The streamer in the ring over the stop ,and then to emerge out of a ride on the Beast Master figure above ,this person is impressively long song ! Song to the dragon ! God said he was a handsome ,dare to challenge ! Of course ,since already threw down the gauntlet ,he certainly come back ,or else dared provoke dragon day ,if he dared not come ,he also goes in the city ! God said handsome B .
The following are the God master eristic sound ,dragon song don of dragon song ,only by divine power swept the LianWu market ,he is the one hundred and one ranking God handsome level master ,see so many superior God handsome level master ,dragon song I have laughed ,he know a divine star in one hundred large cities are sent from the master to the next day ,he and the dragon fight will through the superior God handsome level master ,image transfer to the entire world city ,so ,the war song of dragon can not be defeated !Not only cannot defeat, but must win !Dragon Song focused on opposite the long day ,eyes with thick fighting ,fighting as if lightning to the opposite side of the day !Dragon day also look to the long song ,look like substance in general, from strong attack ! ~ ~ ~ gaze attack, directly to the air to produce strong gas explosion ,so look at directly below ,let God handsome level master loudly shout satisfies a craving ,also have only such peak master ,can turn invisible look into essence ! Dragon city dragon day ? Dragon Song asked .
Well !The song of dragon ? Dragon day asked . Well ! Song of Dragon nodded ,and then began to observe a sky dragon ,dragon song is long day was a familiar atmosphere, the atmosphere he once in Chris Lonsdale body feel ,but Chris Lonsdale smell is very light, and the sky dragon smell is very strong ,in a moment that dragon song dragon day is divine dragon children ,but for some reason came to this planet !Dragon day also carefully observed dragon song ,only to each other to observe more carefully ,can be at the back of the battle to grasp the opportunity !Dragon day watching the Dragon Song body under the animal mounts ,the mount is superior to God level ,for such mounts ,he would also like to have one, however ,has no chance,Sale UGG Boots For Women, and then he saw the Dragon Song body armor ,he is dragon song body armor scattered out of the atmosphere than him on the armor scattered out of the atmosphere is much more powerful ,his armor is god gold heavy armour ,then the song of dragon body armor is surely god gold products more armor ! of gold products more armor ,no wonder Mobubai be defeated !But his weapon more powerful ! Dragon day in mind ,then turned to the Dragon singers on ares swords ,at this moment ,he is now the sword seems to where !But for a moment he cannot think of ,this war sword is each dragon children will see ,but dragon day has left the dragon for almost five million years ,so he has to remember !Watch dragon singers on the ancient swords ,see song of Dragon Sabre forward in the white beads, dragon day seems to be reminded of what .
However ,the Dragon Song see dragon day like this ,is not allowed to continue down the sky dragon ,Dragon Song said with a smile : dragon day ,today I challenge you, win I become Longcheng City ,lost ,you can kill me ! Good ! Dragon day nodded ,pulled out his sword ,a god of gold heavy sabre, knife a broken day ,god gold objects ,weight twenty thousand kg ! Dragon Song clenched hands of swords ,but to his body armor said : Guardian god gold armor ,grade, weight one hundred thousand kg ! Dragon day and did not care much about the song of dragon does not say the sabre name ,if at this time dwelling on one thing ,then the battle will be distracted ,a distraction will be ,therefore ,he does not care ,but for the song of dragon body god gold top grade armor ,is to look at several .
Good !Just let me have a look you how strong ! Dragon day laughs ,then general was the violent anger, with violent vindictive cast ,dragon day the whole people into gold !Just like a golden sun !Rabid you directly into the Quartet ,the God who put you into master level large array ,up to a hundred miles radius of giant mump cover ,the violent fights in !In the hopper cover inside the dragon song also roared, general cast violent anger, in a flash, song of dragon body shines with dazzling white light ,like the song of dragon is a white sun ,violent anger overflow ,and long days overflow fury mump beat together, out of the violent explosion ! boom boom ~ ~ ~ ~ three tremendous explosion was sounded at the same time ,and then ,the dragon day and song have fights and power adjustment to the peak, preparing them to a war !Light is a vindictive release had such strong power ,the ninety-nine superior God handsome respectively, these images with crystal communications delivered to the entire planet all the fortresses ,in various cities ,those people through large crystal screen to watch the song of dragon and dragon days to prepare for battle ,of course ,the other ninety-nine a large city city also saw this ready to fight scene ,maybe they are in ourselves ,they came to you all time ,have such a strong momentum? Look at the momentum and his grudge song of dragon ,dragon day said with a smile : dragon song ,very good,Karen Millen Dress 2012 Sale, you are worthy opponent ,the front on either free, direct display of our most powerful moves ,perhaps only the most powerful moves, can decide what who wins ! Dragon day ever seen dragon song and Mobubai battle ,so ,he has the confidence to defeat the Dragon Song ares blade type seventh / anger .
Good !Let us fight the most powerful moves ! Song of Dragon nodded ,and then put the sword is placed in the front ,white you are beginning to coalesce around the body around .Now dragon
song have used god gold top grade armor ,inlaid with God handsome level transfer Lingzhu ares swords ,and dragon song ,also taking a class nine grade air dan !The song of dragon
at trick can be seconds later Mobubai are superior to God ,however ,face opposite the superior God handsome peak sky dragon ,dragon song did not hold ,the superior God handsome peak,
have half a foot in Wang level ,once enter Wang level ,you can freely control the power of space ,time the nine grade air Dan will be void ,god gold top grade equipment is invalid
!But the dragon day is superior God handsome peak only, dragon song and battle force ! Take that !Dragon song ! Dragon day raised his hand sabre, then directly play out his strongest
in the knife in one million ! I saw heaven sword and dragon ,and the unity of heaven and earth ,directly changed into the million gold and knife ,then million gold battle knife
synthesis a giant gold and knife ,then the gold sword with devastating force directly to the detonation of dragon song !See dragon angel out the blade section six ,dragon song
heart was shocked a little ,but it is not he thinking about it ,he must now deal ,Karen Millen 2012 Dress, hum !But ares is a six only, I created the Ares blade type seventh is not worse than you ? Think
of here ,with the song of dragon blade type seventh / anger ,see song of dragon knife unity ,and unity of heaven and earth ,directly into a huge white dragon ,and the white dragon
screaming ,with devastating force ,directly toward the opposite giant gold war sword !At this moment ,turn in the gold war sword inside the Dragon startled day actually present dragon
song moves seems better than he advanced a little ,but he is more than five million years of practice ,these external things simply shake his heart ,therefore ,he directs the golden
giant swords fiercely struck to the white dragon ! shaking heaven and earth explosion produces a white dragon ,instant and gold giant Sabre installed together ,produced a shaking heaven
and earth explosion ,in the white dragon and leading the gold giant swords hidden in the sector, leading inside the Dragon songs of swords to long days of sabre, suddenly ,two severe
shock front after a rushed to the Quartet Quartet ,striking you cover ,a bubbling sound, at the same time ,a huge mushroom cloud the sky ,directly into the arena fights over cover
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