killed him on the line Zhao

September 01 [Sat], 2012, 16:10
In the evening ,Zhao woke up ,this time it had some dark ,Merlin they are back ,in order to save materials ,Merlin at night they are generally not out ,even if it is not magic stone to lighting ,light is to use a torch or oil lamp ,it is need for oil ,now they have to save every bit of material that Zhao Haixing came ,it was too dark Amberlee UGG Boots, the slaves had already eaten ,remaining until the evening before going to sleep for a long time ,they can be free in the castle activities ,but also need not worry about their escape ,let them relax it now the slave was sitting in the castle yard chatting ,compared to other places ,where they had almost heaven the same day, every day can eat rice, do not too heavy work ,every day for the rest of the time is enough ,they too like this again was here, they still have some desperate black moor ,here is what the condition ,although they are slaves but also heard here ,what is not long ,only a barren hill ,also next to the carrion swamp ,so Where there is a life, they always think oneself to the place ,the future will be starved to death but they did not think ,although they have just arrived here for two days ,but can see clearly ,my master is really has the ability, can use magic to those who cannot things black land well ,into a fertile field, later will not have to worry about starving these people are slaves ,where they met with the magic ,in their memory, the sorcerer is be equal to anything ,magic is a fantastic better living conditions ,treat them as civilians on the same attitude ,can be detached from the slave status temptation ,plus magical magic ,these things together ,enough to let these slaves to Zhao Haizhong heart has ,in the invisible, formed a strong cohesion, now these slaves are not passive work ,but wanted to work for ,a little earlier from slave the identity of Zhao Hai stood quietly in the castle where to look at the slave ,he is trying to chat with these slaves ,but he also knew that ,now is not the time ,this Some slaves have been oppressed ,they see the nobles of the time, very nervous, do not say to chat with them ,even when they are kneeling, head to not raise to change the identity of a person easily ,but want to change their ideas is difficult, it is a long-term process ,can let their thoughts one point one point shift ,so Zhao Hai now and no contact with those of slaves ,is not the time to do anything to be a gradual process ,too radical ,that will do ,it is a success ,also may cause unstable foundations of doubt ,land improvement and escaping slavery hope ,let the slave life is full of hope ,are not just as the Zhao Haihen love lose one to see those slaves that performance, only hopeful talent can be creative ,to maximize their ability at this moment ,a knock at the door rang, Zhao sea return to God ,sink a track : come in the door was open ,she stood in front of the door ,see Zhao hydrographic : master ,dinner is ready To dine ,the wood and stone still stand at the door ,for the Zhao Hai guards the door .
Zhao Hai nodded ,he also knows about the dinner ,but Zhao Hai is really a bit guilty ,this two day Merlin they should not only busy managing the slaves ,but also to cook for him ,is really too tired, but although Zhao Hai can cook ,but dare not do ,do not forget his identity ,but he is a eat a ready-cooked meal ,clothing to hand dude UGG Bailey Button Triplet Boots,that will do what he has rice ,spatial abilities that make sense ,after all, here is a magic and vindictive coexist in the mainland ,what kind of strange men there ,his ability is not particularly conspicuous, but if he suddenly will be cooking ,it will cause Merlin and MEG herself several people fell restaurant ,discover Merlin they have the meal was placed ,or bread and some vegetables ,plus a piece of meat and soup to tell the truth ,a native Chinese ,really not used to eating it ,but no way ,leaf sea even want this food ,and no one will do ,only he himself will do ,but dare not do ah depressing eating a few things Zhao ,said: the Merlin grandma ,I think today do too forward ,tomorrow we still not here improved land for good Merlin is stupefied ,puzzled to see Zhao seaway : what Sir? Why do you say that ?Is it right? Can improved land ?If I can improved land then what do we do ? Zhao Hai understand her meaning ,he immediately said: Merlin grandma ,I think you misunderstood, I can not land improvement ,but not in the nearby castle has improved, you know, we now is still too weak ,if those guys found we can turn it into a piece of farm land then ,they ?By the time we finished Merlin is also seen the big storms ,today she is being improved land joy to punch head ,so a sudden and have not thought of these, now once reminded Zhao Hai, Merlin immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai ,said Zhao Hai was right, if we let God the old aristocracy find that they can improve the land, will be to deal with them ,and they finished the although Buda family has signed an agreement with the Empire ,but it is also in Buda family heirs in the background, a noble family property without heirs ,the family of noble titles will the king recovered the fief ,what also naturally to be retracted wealth can cause disasters.
It is the truth ,Merlin laid down his knife and fork, nodded his head and said: the master said is reasonable ,we owe it to consider, light is bent on improving life ,forget the old aristocracy may not be so let us the young master ,you mean ? Merlin now has to pay more and more attention to the views of Zhao Hai ,because the past few days, Zhao Hai is doing a lot of things ,but everything the rhythmical ,coupled with his unusual ability ,imperceptibly ,Merlin has put Zhao Hai as their backbone Zhao Hai down the tableware UGG Adirondack Tall Boots,with the napkin gently wiped his mouth ,this before: improvement of land is still to be carried out ,but not in the surrounding the castle has improved, that are too prominent, as long as a man came in one can see the eye ,be easy to find ,I want to look ,have a look around there is no place ,very subtle ,also can be improved ,also do not have much place ,as long as there are more than 1000 acres around almost can meet our needs of people ,it is not easy to be found Merlin nodded his head and said: the master said very right ,that tomorrow I will let the people go ,have a look around there where appropriate, the young master ,we have not a blue rabbit and scaleless fish ? Zhao Haichen channel : ,must raise fish without scales ,but also very good raise, who also won ,blue rabbit must have ,they will think we are dying ,not too concerned about the Merlin nodded his head and said: well ,but this water is a problem ,I found our moat as there is no fish ,even the cave that lake has no fish ,it seems wrong ? Zhao Hai was surprised, he was also the first to think of the problem ,he used to be a indoorsman ,was not a professional fisherman ,so most did not notice this ,instead, to Mei Lin the water magician noted Zhao Hai puzzled ,arguably, moats and that the lake should be there are a lot of fishes in the water ,does not have a problem ,which he has been analysed in space ,does not have a fish ?Zhao Hai did not understand the Merlin Merlin : grandma ,do you know why? The water is not a problem ,I analyzed ,is a very good source ,entirely suitable for the survival of the fishes ,but now can not see the fish ,which some unreasonable ? Merlin frowned ,good for a while before: general water without fish ,only two possibilities, one is that the water is poisonous, not suitable for fish survival ,two is the water there was water beast ,the fish are eaten ,if you really like the master said, that water is not poisonous .
,then only second possibilities ,the water has a ferocious water beast Zhao Hai thought carefully, also feel that Merlin said is reasonable ,he remembered before on the earth, he read a news ,a fisherman in the pound into two very powerful fresh meat fish ,the results put him on a pond fish are eaten ,it may also be that the devil beast ,it is really so, that is a trouble thing Merlin at Zhao Hai frowning Mens Puma Ferrari,you know what Zhao Hai was thinking ,Merlin consoled him : Sir ,this is not difficult to solve ,if is the water is poisonous, we is not well solved ,if the water is a world of Warcraft .
Words ,that as long as we find the magic bestial ,killed him on the line Zhao Hai is a wry smile, his idea was in contrast to Merlin ,if the water poisonous words ,he used the space
Water can easily solve the poison, but if the water has the devil beast to words ,it is really troublesome Mei Lin watched Zhao Hai still bend the brows look ,could not help but smile:
young master do not worry ,if the water is really magic bestial words ,I must find it killed ,does not affect the young fish for Zhao Hai listens so that Mei Lin could not help but
one, and then he got here ,this is not the earth ,on the earth, if you want to go down to the sea to kill a deep-sea monster it is not so easy ,but it is ark continent ,here are very
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