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> Seeing a car to leave, Lu Wenzhi looked back at his father and asked: "Dad, you know who this person is it?" Lu the Father look back, walked to the inside, his mouth very softly, like casual said loudly: "If they really willing to shot, day peak should not be a problem, Wen-chi, you do not need to worry about. www QUAnBEn, com moment Miss Father is confused, he could not understand, Lu Tianfeng the grandson how to catch the strong soldiers relations, evidently waiting for him to come back to ask. Car to go more than an hour, after a few military areas marked sentry, and then stopped in front of a classical old building, very quiet here, addition to several gunmen Xunshao the soldiers walked up and down, seems to be a the silence of the world, but Lu Tianfeng the car, felt the impact of an invisible force, although it is a kind of momentum, but it feels very powerful indeed. The body slightly Lu Tianfeng an impulse, and instantly a war in the heart of the financial liters. Chu captain, now you tell me, what is the place! "Chu River under the car,Coach(R) Sunglasses Outlet, went to the front of Lu Tianfeng, with a solemn and respectful look on his face, cold voice said: strong soldiers Headquarters! "Lu Tianfeng surprised a moment, a strong military headquarters the Chu River took him to a strong military headquarters to doing? What kind of person you want to see him? Chu River Having no such as Lu Tianfeng ask Strode into some dark, ancient architecture, at the moment there is no movement, Lu Tianfeng did not expect, not the end, on the second floor, Chu River Open a door, exposed in front of a very long channel. Chu river walk, Lu Tianfeng left, ten minutes later, eyes suddenly light up, they have appeared in a col of the slope, looked up, here is a small concentrated barracks, barracks edge training set measures, everything, even some even Lu Tianfeng also not seen edge training equipment, all sorts of strange things. Or this is really strong soldiers resident, Lu Tianfeng approached, immediately saw an acquaintance, Han sector wearing a blade practice clothes, sweaty meet up, watching the river Chu said: "Come back water old practice room at the first edge, since you then go on it. "Chu River nodded toward Lu Tianfeng said:" The day peak, let's go! "But when Lu Tianfeng wrong body, Han sector is whisper said: Lu Tianfeng opportunity rematch, the date of the First World War, I also improved. "Lu Tianfeng smiled and replied:" Well! "Han sector can be considered a master, it is worth a war , but Lu Tianfeng have a feeling faint, so far he called, I believe that not just let him come to visit the strong military barracks so simple, maybe waiting for the next war. Calm of the past few months, Lu Tianfeng really hoping to find is a war opponent, for example, Chu River and Han sector, or the day level strong soldiers war of the Star and the Big Dipper, or to the creation of a strong troops, three to ah, since the back of the m country, his spirit really fresh after breaking through the power of the king class stalled fight. Past and did not reach this life, the Lutian Feng hope that the power of the spirit can reach the the imperial level after the king class, enjoy the taste of the spirit forces pinnacle. Large room edge training course, and now she is more than a dozen people in the blade practice, there are a few people also recognized that Lu Tianfeng, for example, Jiang White, Wind & Fire, it seems that last went to New York to perform tasks two groups of people. The side of the training ground, stood a leather chairs, leather chairs sitting on an old man, it is the day to Lu Jia Lu Tianfeng transactions trip water old man, of course, but also at the same table water Ruoruo the Father . Water old man gray hair dye all over, but at the moment it is full of energy, a cup of tea in hand, slowly drink taste, a very enjoy it. Chu River brisk walk up very respectful line of a ceremony, the report said: "water, Lu Tianfeng." The old man raising his hand, Baile Bai, standing behind the old man, Lu Tianfeng side of the edge Beidou step forward, snapped shouted: "stop edge training, all the ** immediately, more than a dozen strong soldiers players walked **, into two rows in front of the Big Dipper station, Jiang White Wind & Fire , at the moment only to see strong weapon training base even more a figure ... a While recognizing, but definitely does not belong to the people ...... "Lu Tianfeng strong soldiers. The old man did not see these players, just sweep the Lu Tianfeng a his mouth, a smile on her lips, beckoned said: "peak days, come, your kid is really restless, ah, even stir up so much trouble, the four do not often have an old man, if join forces to, for fear that you lujia can not stop! "Chu River flash to the side of the elderly, write his hands behind his back, Lu Tianfeng random came up and said:" I never expected this water old know, it really is a good thing not to go out, bad news travels ah, you'd talk about, I meritorious, a quick read to see my good lesson a few offal, but confused people cry, this is still some justice in it? "water Father laughed and said:" God, of course, no justice, justice rely on strength to fight, kid, you want justice, you have to look not capable of something to my old man your help, so be prepared to help you, as long as you win the Beidou, four family, I can help you settle two, how? "Lu Tianfeng said:" Father was too kind, since you do good, why not in the end, I settle the Big Dipper, you help me to settle the old man of the four families, how? "water Father glared at him and said:" I can help you settle old man two, has been very good, when your kid four families of clay, the requirements are so high, I tell you, Bao home, I have no friendship, say the words, you can go to find Qin old man, I heard you sent two bottles of Qin old man wine, but also want to marry people granddaughter, at the moment, why do you go to condom relationship? "Lu Tianfeng dumbfounding, these elderly are all smart people, where is the clash, clearly is trying to pull allies Well, he did not say, but also from cable. "Well, settle settle two remaining two to settle, it is not, I'll kill him upside down, I do not believe, Bao and home, dare to life fight with me. "water old man cried:" Well, have the guts, my old man really look at the good, your kid somewhat, Compass, go all out, do not give me face. "Beidou has long been eager to However the day to go home land, he had the impulse of this war, at the moment the old man called, he had stood up with the Lutian Feng to face, a powerful war Chi, in the heart surging, Teng on his face also instantly become frosty, very solemn. Water these words the old man was said to Beidou, this kid want to the Beidou teach edge, not lawlessness, from time to time of the sudden, something to this world a lot of experts, strong more strength in the hand, but did not think Lu Tianfeng is connected, then : "Since water commanded, of course, comply with all day peak, I certainly do not give you face, never left hand." water old man is a smile, it seems that the mood was very happy, a place the hands of tea to the side of the small table , "bang", he shouted: "War!" Beidou like a lion, at the moment received the attack order momentum Yang, arms show, such as Jianban punch over, the kind of momentum, absolutely extraordinary, the gesture of the Chu River, these dozen strong soldiers players, a spread, in a circle. "I heard you beat Han sector, come on, Lu Tianfeng, I will not be kind to you." Lu Tianfeng gently smiled and said: "Compass, which is I would like to say to you." The water old man, a good human he happens to be only half of Lu Tianfeng was a little unhappy, just use the Big Dipper to vent,Nike Air Jordan 3 Shoes, and now she is certainly not polite. "Flap" Compass boxing wind, legs type such as ponley the, so to speak, the day level and prefecture-level difference really is not a little bit, at least in front of the Big Dipper in the momentum rapid than the Han community, or this each person's personality differences, but the Big Dipper, the absolute master. It is worth war. Watching the two battle, water, old man gently asked Chu River, said: "Chu River, do you think they Who can win?" Chu River was silent for a moment, said: "Lu Tianfeng." Water the old man surprised a moment, asked: Why? "Beidou very strong, which I admit, but I know exactly how strong an extent, just give me time,nike air jordan, I was able to catch up, but Lu Tianfeng, I know nothing about, just know that he beat the Han community, but do not know his strong, to how the point! "unknown is the most frightening, happy to note that of the Chu River, Lu Tianfeng not his enemy, or he would have absolutely no confidence can beat him. The old man nodded his head, he admitted, the Chu River, then it makes sense, but when it comes to the Big Dipper would be defeated, he is not very much believe that the Beidou him a lot of effort, almost already have the power of his seven in the urban world, absolutely difficult opponent, even if it is in the world of ancient arms, he can be considered a first-class players. If the Big Dipper is not his opponent, even if it is not only national, even the hidden world of the family, will fully win over him. This is now the power of young people, whether it comes from, why his information, there is not even a trace of the record, is like Pingkong emerge as really just the year of the dragon special blade camp, you can tuning so expert, this is impossible! Shook his head, the heart of the water the old man was very strange, even to Lu Jia to visit, he did not see multiple Lu Tianfeng, just Lu Tianfeng coincides with the will, at Tsinghua College nothing, because the defeated Han sector in their eyes not particularly surprising, Han sector acquired efforts, but the deficiencies, the power of ancient weapons, and understand very little, but in front of the Big Dipper, but it is not the same, he is indeed very strong. <
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