In the more distant loud blame

September 04 [Tue], 2012, 10:42
The gale abyss inside rock road called the death ring ,a bit too much ,in fact some skull thought it is a road of no return ,enter only in a round of crisis to death ,there is no chance of survival ,and the skull are considered in the death ring road further ,the more chance for chance ,even have black ancestry .
Before entering the ring road in the early ,those who walk slowly skull would be lifted off the cliff ,because they block the later road, and later if they are not opened ,will be faced with by the later later overturned the risk .
Get in the way of skull was eliminated after all the clean ,the advancing speed tends to be the same ,a brief peace will appear for a while ,but not persistent ,because a new round of elimination begins .
Second wave is eliminated by some with a strong strength of the skull is initiated, the strength is perhaps their combat effectiveness ,perhaps can employ powerful escort financial ,with these two forces in a ,and if the skull is also a urgent nature ,think only of to the lower depths of direct depth worship ,then eliminated began .
Ah ah continuous came two screaming ,Lv Yan from the arcuate loop back to the left rear ,saw several wolf and bone are fast attack ring road of the pilgrims ,and behind them a wrapped in colored silk cat shape and bone are come swaggeringly walk .
Ah ,is a veteran of the pilgrims ,and how could we be so bad ! Mohinder also turned large long neck bone saw behind continuous approximation of wolf and bone ,face immediately lifted up the look of desperation ,several of his companions was kneeling on the ground after all stand up .
Lv Yan Bryant asked: into the abyss is not to pursue the death gale ?You afraid of? Stupid person dregs ,you know what ,want to live through the lower depths and then leave alive ,this is the meaning of pilgrimage ,conquer death ! Mohinder almost screamed that the last four words, but the rear increasingly clear scream let his trace determination rapidly disappear in smoke : Oh ,I have been very selective in gale abyss of time ,how will be the only want to lower the abyss of the senior pilgrims come up .
.. ... You ... ... You to stop them . Lv Yan smiled and said : this desperately things ,you have to add bone card . Mohinder tooth desperate bite on a worn bag ,thrown in front of Lv Yan : ,greedy, here is our whole bone card ,all give you .
Lv Yan did not move ,Ruisienle that bag up number money, said after a pause : there is a total of two hundred and thirty bone card ,Mo Hudson adults does not appear to be too rich ! Nonsense ,we would have is card Hui refugees from the town ,in order to choose a suitable opportunity into the abyss ,I spent three thousand bone lodged in on the edge of town to buy a place ,the rest of the money of course not much ! Mohinder complained .
Are you card Hui city out ? Lv Yan surprised again looked carefully to Hudson ,saw Mohinder had several collapse bone wound ,looks like it was polluted by corrosion of SAP .He is by road : not heard card Hui city inside the skull are resistant tree to killed it ,how can you still alive ,so hard to get into gale abyss ? Stupid person dregs ,resistant tree can killed many skull ,it is untrue ,really kill card Hui city residents are those resistant tree sap ,we have been polluted, survive for months ,so I want to die before entering the lower depths ,it is said that if can live from leaving the abyss ,the body of any disease can be cured ! Mohinder almost gnash the teeth in anger say these words ,because the wolf form and bone has arrived behind them .
Alarm for a long time, the original Mohinder into the abyss and even their winds are the same purpose, Lv Yan can can ,Risn beside is a look of surprise . The wolf has come, you still laugh what ,not go .
.. ... Mohinder shouted at ,but his screams soon cease abruptly ,because he saw him at unbelievable scene .The end of a broken shield, face stiff humanoid battle bone has been firmly standing on rock road between ,all the wolf form and bone are shut out ,the occasional individual attempts to breakthrough ,beside him slender Tauren fight bone will gently waved ,will run through it is easy to dial into the the abyss .
In Budokai Tenkaichi short conflict Felicity UGG Boots,crazy wolf form and bone group instant loss of more than half ,seven wolf and bone from rock rolling road fell out, screaming into the abyss, and to accomplish the feat in two and bone ,are a pair of indifferent expression seems to be too cold ,just now by killing and they do not have any relations .
Hudson ,you have to pay the remuneration ,please continue your pilgrimage trip . Lv Yan smiled ,turned and walked on .Mohinder and the other a few deer bone shape and exchanged a glance Mens Puma Water Cube Series Shoes,from each other to see incredible, they turned back ,stone and Ade Rina standing on the rock road ,waiting for Mohinder to actuate ,behind them with anger ,cat war has been the old real will guard action back ,after all, in the lower depths of more dangerous place to need to use security ,smart skull would not put the consumption in senseless fighting .
The form of deer and bone are on Mohinder gently nodded ,face praise meaning self-evident ,but Mohinder is totally feel at a loss ,they pick a few cheap frigate ,how look than those hundreds of bone card a wolf form and bone also strong ?Look to Lv Yan back ,Mohinder felt a nervous heart .
Pilgrimage trip is unable to stop, Mohinder was beginning to step forward and his worship ,behind the skull are only slowly followed Karen Millen Multicolor Dress Clearance,soon after, more skeletons washed up ,knocked over the Wolf Skull ,then start on Mohinder team were foolish to attack, but are stone and Ander Lena before, any battle bone level attacks are null and void .
Within a few hours ,Mohinder behind the skull for several batches ,actual strength is stronger and stronger ,more and more strong physique ,what tiger shaped and bone and bone are pictographic war often appear ,can still unable to break through the stone ,Ade Rina and Levin three bone assemblages ,sometimes three and bone to play with a hand, will simply pushing back to skull kill back section ,the trouble man alive to apart .
So the death Ring Road appeared strange scene ,from the Mohinder team ,the back of the skull of each shape tough ,sharp their minions ,impatient with Mohinder skull behind, dare to harassment ,and Mohinder in front of nearly two hundred meters of rock road, are very common civilians or open skull ,they still keep in one step one bow speed ,if Mohinder doesn hurry ,they will not be subject to harassment .
Mohinder and a few deer bone shape and it found himself invited a group of what kind of scary guy ,they think of the original Lv Yan disdained to face ,one can not help feel scared .
Big ... ... Adults ,previously rude ,sorry ah . Mohinder could not help secretly said to Lv Yan .Lv Yan casually waved his hand ,his attention was on the rock and stone material ,the stone was able to withstand the pictographic and bone shock wave and almost no rupture ,it seems that the gale abyss is really something .
Lv Yan white bee hard rock road in dug under the stone away ,going back to Amyes and Ano have a look ,although Amyes is sure to gale abyss ,but not necessarily through the rock ,he probably didn hard rock ,and gave a look ,let him have a look this rock has no smelting may ,because Lv Yan knew metallurgy mentioned, some of the stones can also exercise the .
Enter the gale abyss after approximately three hours ,the rock road in front of the left began to appear from the top of the skull to fall ,this shows that Lv Yan has completed a full circle, into the ring road second layer of the abyss rock gale .
In the more distant loud blame the wind wailing in the body ,the raucous dry screams ,skeletons were devout to the skull deeper into .Bai Mohinder has given ,there are more than 300 would have died in the second round of the skull have survived, they are in the very next day afternoon ,arrived in the lower depths of the demarcation point .
Demarcation point is a deep mountain tunnel ,there are stone ,continue along the annular rock channel downlink ,even into dangerous and lower depths Puma Fluxion II Shoes,from the tunnel into the inside the mountain ,you can leave alive gale abyss .
More than half of the skull were selected to continue forward ,Mohinder is no exception ,but behind him the skull are finally less anxious ,because in the lower depths ,they also began to carry one step one bow ceremony .
The lower depths of rock than front and narrow half meters ,and skeletons were carrying torches are burnt out UGG Elsey Sale,plus from the hole on the top is getting more and more far ,so the surrounding becomes more and more black ,now is the afternoon, you could hardly see the ground ,it is hard to imagine the later in the evening, also how to see the road .
After another two hours ,down the dark, winding rock road stretch his hand not to see the phalanx ,screams increased rapidly ,there are a large number of skull began to fall into the abyss of medial .
Lv Yan hearts some hesitation ,want to be behind the three men received both side ,then use white bee to light the way forward .Lv Yan was about to close ranks ,suddenly saw a glimmer from the abyss came to light ,fly to the front of Lv Yan ,he stretched out his hand ,the light stop in his phalanx ,is an ass luminous beetle .
Guiding star ! Mohinder surprised shouted ,he joined Lv Yan. Carefully watching the bug ,to head up to touch ,but again to fear annoys Lu Yan ,forced angry in the next exclaim : the lower depths appear miracle, allegedly .
.. ... The word has not said ,the abyss and continued to fly more luminous insect . ... ... Your heart will be in a religious skull body ,guide them in the dark to find the right path ,eventually arrived at the bottom of the abyss of gale .
Mohinder was shaking said, while surprised to see Lv Yan fall on the body more and more bugs ,Risn was there ,behind the stone ,Ade Rina and Levin had worked ,and Mohinder deer bone shape and body but no one .
Do the pious bow down to you from a to Z ,is not always stand walk ,no awe the guards ?Mohinder is filled with longing, but all he could do was further down forward ,at the same time in the larynx bone behind the unknown praise song hidden louder, after a few minutes ,his sincerity played a role ,there are a few light bugs fall in his spine ,although not as Lv Yan.
Full of worm number comparable ,but also makes Mohinder excited trembling .Gale abyss was lit up ,Lv Yan probe out ,see the rock to form a curved band in the band ,among countless glow worms ,and like the stars general picture .
Skeletons were cheered on by such great beauty ,shocked ,but Lv Yan had sensed imminent danger ,because in the bones of the dead encyclopedia ,the luminous insect is not called guiding star .
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