sit down and Fu Chen Tong Dong

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Pay chapter (16:00) two hundred and forty first chapter pear head behaved come to Mama Zhou Chunyu hear the sound around a matrix princess, he turned around and saw Chen Tong winter body is shivering, teeth uncontrolled to strike together, like her trembling there Zhangmu. They see the scene, living proof of the Zhou Chunyu just words. Zhou Chunyu help Zhangmu to sit down, sit down and Fu Chen Tong Dong: "I think you all know, Dad, he - has now become something." Chen Tong winter long stream of tears, choking back tears, said: "You bring Dad how to do? "despite knowing that his father has become a monster, but Chen Tong Dong still call him" Dad. " Zhou Chunyu I do not know what to say, the most correct way, so naturally it is cut off wife's father's neck. Chen Tong Zhou Chunyu winter seems to have guessed the idea, she grasped his arm: "Do not, do not, I beg you, do not kill my father, if in case there are ways to cure this disease do?" Zhou Tong Dong Chen Chunyu feeling full the tears in the face, I do not know what to say, this early biochemical virus attack, hospitals are incurable, many patients have Longguan village lay on the police station in the office are now completely turned into zombies, how could expect to make a needle to eat few grains of medicine can be restored. Mothers have long sat slumped in a chair, only murmured repeating: "how could this be? How could this be?" Seal Sarkozy has been closely watching the sea bed "zombie wife's father," the action, see the rope strong enough zombies completely After struggling not off, just calm down, Zhou Chunyu walked around and said: "Xiao Zhou, anyway here for a very, very, we have to find ways to go." Zhou raindrops nodded, now how to deal with "zombie wife's father" is not the point , if the wife can not bear, big deal put the "wife's father zombie" tied to throw in here is. But we must hurry away, the village also appears infected, and there are a large number of zombies down on the Hill, in situ may be longer, more difficult to get out. Zhou Chunyu hand a totter Chen Tong Dong and Zhangmu go out side and said: "Mom, Tong winter, we went upstairs to talk." Chen Tong Dong and his mother has long been next door SUN military family tragedy shocked soft bone tendons crisp, consciousness also somewhat unclear, and by Zhou Chunyu totter out the door, on the second floor of the room. Entered the room, Zhou Chunyu act decisively and said: "Tong Dong, Mom, you can see, this world is now totally messed up, we must find a safe place to escape. Mao wok village this place can not stay long, we first down to the reservoir where Zhougongzhai That way children mountains by water, buildings are reinforced concrete, than this old stone house much safer. "Then he pulled still in a daze, Chen Tong Dong:" Quick, put things tidy. pear head bring a few pieces of clothing. "Zhangmu then just how much some of the pressure of cross God, grabbed the hand of Zhou Chunyu cried:" Xiao Zhou, said the old man is how you get on this disease? he Shihai good it did last hill, a little thing at all. Could it be next door to the SUN army had infected him, and he may never come into contact with the old man, ah, we will stay in a house in the village did not go out too, It did not even face shines through, how to spread out? "Zhou Chunyu sigh:" Mom, Dad this disease is not contagious next SUN army, I reckon, it is time he went to rob the group to block the winding road vehicles who was one of the infected bite this disease like rabies, as will be bitten infected. "Zhangmu, after all, are older, have not seen anything Resident Evil, virus infection on biochemical pathways do not understand, Zhou Chunyu wife's mother had to make up classes, specifically told: "Mom, you should never be zombie biting, as long as a small bite wound will become zombies." bang a sound, Zhou Chunyu a rotor, see a hot water bottle and smashed on the floor, Chen Tong winter holding a mug with one hand being Fazheng - because she was holding the cup to pour water to prepare to drink pear head on the road, when they lost the hand . Zhou Chunyu quickly bypass the broken glass on the ground ran Chen Tong Dong timid side, leaning on her arm and said: "Tong winter, are you okay? There is no scalded by hot water." Chen Tong Dong raised his head, his face is tears in the eyes is indescribable horror, she stretched out his hands, firmly grasp Zhou Chunyu's arm, like a large force about to seize a person drowned driftwood, what her throat like being blocked stayed the same, choking back tears, said: "I was bitten by my father." Zhou Chunyu did not catch the beginning, it took a while to understand the meaning of the words of his wife, he innocently repeated the sentence: "You have been bitten by Dad ? "Chen Tong Dong trembling chin nodded, raising his hand, pulled himself wearing loose underwear,Womens North Face Softshell Hybird, exposing the shoulders and half, Zhou Chunyu one saw his wife's shoulder, there is a teeth marks, not very deep, But it is clear, broken skin, blood scab. Chen Tong Dong trembling and said: "Dad came back, they laid on, has been a mother to take care of him, I'll wait pear head asleep later, went to see his mother taking the time to go to dinner, my father said to drink, I gave He watering when he suddenly hugged me and took a bite, but once they let go of me, saying I do not know how guilty he just confused and I, I do not bite weight, afraid of her mother worried, there is no telling my mother. " Chen Tong Zhou Chunyu Dong looked on helplessly: "spring, I, I was bitten, it should be okay, right? I have seen Resident Evil, zombie bite will be dangerous, and my father was not yet become a zombie , I was bitten it does not matter, is not it? Is not? "Zhou Chunyu wanted to tell his wife," It's okay, "but three words that do not export, he looked at Chen Tong Dong shoulders teeth marks, but silent tears. Zhangmu stumbled ran over and hugged Chen Tong winter long sound crying: "My Xiaonan ah, the old man to bite bite me Well, anyway, I'm a lot older, living well with him. Should not bite you. ah, you should not bite you ah. "Zhou Chunyu hobbled wife's mother walked around, leaning on her walking toward the door:" Mom, I say a few words alone Tong winter. "Submit Zhangmu, anti-lock the door, grabbed absence Zhou Chunyu sitting on the ground, paralyzed Chen Tong winter, just a short authentic: "I'm with you." I'm with you. I can do that with you. Because, I can do nothing. Chen Tong Dong Zhou Chunyu lying arms, his eyes haggard, this bad news seems to have been completely taken away mind. After a child,Outlet North Face, the door came the seal sea Sarkozy's voice: "Xiao Zhou, I know, I'll take good care of your mother." Zhou Chunyu did not answer, but his wife clung tightly. I do not know when, out of the dawn. Chirping birds chirping, flew out the window. Pear head woke up in bed, her hum a few times and found no one to hold her, to cry immediately satisfied. Chen Tong winter rain in weeks and moved his arms, subconsciously authentic: "Let me give her child." But she immediately froze himself - his own milk, but also to give her daughter to eat it? She suddenly thought, yesterday, after biting himself in by his father, and gave pear head fed a milk - she struggled violently Zhou Chunyu arms: "pear head pear head she drank my milk my milk toxic" Week rain also erect thought of this matter, the couple struggled up from the ground, both sprang to the child, but approaching the bed, Chen Tong Dong stopped figure - she is now a monster, and she could not Hailiaohaizi . Zhou Chunyu grabbed the bed, picked up the pear head, open clothes, checked again, and found no abnormal, the child's eyes no signs of redness, no fever, crying just because pull pulls. Zhou Chunyu quickly changing diapers for his daughter, while on the back a few steps and make their children away from the point of Chen Tong Dong said: "The children all right. Really all right." Chen Tong Dong sad smile: "spring, you tied me up now that I, I do not want Hailiaohaizi. "Zhou Chunyu spent a long while, and finally nodded his head, his face wiped tears rush down the stairs, and soon came up with a rope, put Chen Tong Dong tied up, In tying his wife, Zhou Chunyu noticed her temperature rising, faint retinal bleeding, swollen shoulder teeth marks high, showing a touch of black. Biochemical virus has been irreversibly Chen Tong Dong vivo propagation, is a step by step "into" her. Chen Tong Dong is also aware that his own change, but she did not cry, her eyes staring at the bed hum pear head: "My husband, I moved to the bed, from the pear head nearly one o'clock, so I looked at her, and talk to her. "Zhou Chunyu Chen Tong quietly tied to winter moved the bed, let her sit in a chair, facing the bedside pear head. Chen Tong Dong has stared pear head, his mouth gentle authentic: "pear head clever, my mother here it is, do not weep, do not cry baby was good, pear head, the future mother can not pay you to play, and only Dad with you, you are better than nice words of my father ah. sorts of monsters out there, but my father will protect the head pear, pear head have to be careful, do not cry, do not trouble, "I heard my mother familiar voice, pear head slowly quiet down, biting his fist, huh Ya Ya and her mother in bed should be and. Zhou Chunyu could not stand the pain of heart, hobbled opened the door and stumbled down the stairs, squatting on the ground, stretching the sound tears. Feng Hai Qi look tired to sit downstairs living room chair, silently wiping pistol, see Zhou Chunyu washed down into tears, he stood up, but then sat down hungry - he does not know how the comfort of your own subordinates. Zhou Chunyu until hear the cries of the low down, Hai Qi Feng slowly walked to his side: "Xiao Zhou, pear head also rely on you to take care of." Feng Hai Qi know, now say what is false, only Pear head is supported Zhou Chunyu live fight on only hope. Zhou Chunyu strongly insisted stood up, he whispered: "I am the wife's mother do?" Seal Hai Qi sighed: "She said she wanted to see his wife, in the room." Zhou Chunyu wife's mother can understand the feelings, It's like Chen Tong Dong, like suddenly find loved ones Tianrenyongge, seems to have something to tell their lots to talk about, but, as the pear head mother did not understand, then it has become a zombie's wife's father can not hear understand the words of the wife's mother. Zhou Chunyu wiped his tears, a three generations of five people, suddenly left the little old families three people, his being the only man, be sure to hold up the house. He went to the door and knocked on the door: "Mom,North Face Gore Clearance, I, Zhou Chunyu." Door silently. Zhou Chunyu and knocked on the door, shouting a few, or no one answered the door. Feng Hai Qi rushed to the door, his ear one, face a change: "Quick, Zamen" the two men heavily hit, the wooden door came crashing down, Zhou Chunyu stumbled flew into the door, looked up, I saw a thing hanging from the beam, which is not the wife's mother. Feng Hai Qi pounce hold the feet of the elderly, turned to Zhou Chunyu roared: "Get the rope broke." Etc. Zhou Chunyu got scissors, broken rope, then down to the elderly, found that everything was too late the elderly has been a long time hanging even have incontinence of urine. Feng Hai Qi also know that people have not saved. He can understand why old people brought ruin, his wife became a zombie, her daughter, is becoming zombies, outside, could have dignity Taiping world has ceased to exist, rather than wait for their day has also been a zombie, or eaten alive, might as well look for a break. Feng Hai Qi thought of his wife and daughter as well as far away as seven stage river's old parents, they do not know still alive? Suddenly, on the second floor came the boom of a sound, and then came the cries of pear head, almost at the same time came the heavy sound of Boom bang fell to the ground. Pear head Chen Tong Hai Dong Feng Qi and Zhou Chunyu, as one, Bajiao it ran upstairs. Zhou Chunyu ran up the stairs, through the open bedroom door to let him see the horror of the scene: I do not know how, and pear head from the bed and fell down - in fact, this is not surprising, long pear head a somersault in bed , Canada's head will usually wore a small bed railing roll. Mr Zhou Chunyu downstairs, pear head who did not care, and saw her mother at the bedside, actually directed at his mother ah climb climb climb to the edge of the bed, boom it fell off. Pear head just does not know is that her mother had not "mother" of the. Zhou Chunyu at the door to see Chen Tong Dong has turned, and it is open mouth, to fall under the bed is empty wah cry pear head biting. Fortunately, it's limbs are tied up, or else it would have flew pear head who was able to pinch the soft water to a child swallowed a perpetually hungry stomach. But now equally dangerous, because it was falling greedy bed pear head attracted struggled from sitting down on a chair, like being on the floor of the same ugly worms writhing pear head to close its teeth hanging saliva, a bit out on the floor. Zhou Chunyu know, Chen Tong winter has gone, from now on, the world is never such a woman in front of it is not her, it's just monsters, one would like to use pear head flesh and blood to satisfy their desires monster . At this moment, Zhou Chunyu hepatobiliary splitting. Fall out of bed because of the crying mother pear head saw a familiar figure, she was crying, while climbing to the mother. Too late too late pear head fleshy little hands stretched her memories mother mouth - when the previous pear head so doing, her little hands will feel the heat of her mother with a warm kiss. Pear head does not know, she is now stretched, just a greedy monster teeth. It grows to open his mouth, cracked mouth seems to be grim smile, the little hand from pear head only a few centimeters away. Zhou Chunyu hiss Canhao: "seal director of" sound like Tears of Blood. Boom. Gunfire sounded behind him. Two hundred and forty first chapter pear head behaved come to Mama two hundred and forty first chapter pear head behaved come to Mama, to a URL
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