Even if the Windows is designed

June 22 [Wed], 2011, 17:44
Even if the Windows is designed to boot faster than previous operating system, t is not always the case. This is unavoidable if you use your computer often, as we tend to load more programs on our hard drives, which clogs the system. If you have to install programs that run simultaneously with Windows when it starts, it resulted in the boot process will be longer - especially if the programs that you eat a big piece of computer memory space. Another reason for slow boot is that the registry of your PC will be setup, damage or injury, and Windows will be much slower in carrying out its tasks in the initial process.

Some techniques can be used to help the computer boot faster. Please note that Windows 7 really set up to load and start very quickly, if it worked. Some of the things you can do would be to remove the programs in the initial list, or stop some features, such as Windows Sidebar, Aero theme and search indexing. You can also remove services and visual effects that are not needed and remove the User Account Control. Finally, perhaps the best way before your computer, just run the registry cleaner and repair errors in that part of the hard disk.

The first method is simple registry cleaner Microsoft, we can try is to uninstall unneeded programs in a system that automatically loads up as soon as Windows starts. The introduction of time is certainly affected by these programs, your computer is booting process is complete only when the load each application that was included in the list. You have to identify these programs, and if you think that they are not so useful, or if you decide to use a variety of sources, and therefore something you can live without, then by all means remove them from your computer. You can do this by selecting "Start" and then go to "Control Panel" and then "Programs and Features". From there, choose Programs, then click "Uninstall". These steps remove programs and you can expect your PC to speed up your boot time considerably after the process.

To run Windows faster still, we must remove junk files from your computer. Dozens of files accumulated over time, as you always use the PC registry clean software download, and most of them are considered unhealthy things like temporary Internet files, etc. It is suggested that you regularly delete these files, including those you've downloaded and items that were removed, but still sits in a basket, because the files have all been identified as making Windows start the process of the MAS. Get rid of unwanted junk files by selecting "Start" and then go to "All Programs" then "accessories". Then you can proceed by searching for "System Tools" and select "Disk Cleanup". Select the unit to be cleaned and press "OK". Windows will then calculate the disk space that would be freed up to run the program Disk Cleanup. Once the calculation is completed, select the check box is located on the left side of the files you want to delete. Then select "OK" and then press the "Delete Files". Another way to remove unneeded files is "clean up system files" that can be found in "Disk Cleanup" utility for Windows. Repeat the above steps.

The last step is to clean the registry of your system. The registry is a central database that stores a file important settings and options. Windows have this setting to start and to properly dispose of all your files. As the registry gets corrupted and damaged (which happens a lot) registry cleaner freeware, it will cause problems and errors that Windows will not be able to read many of these settings files. When this happens, Windows runs much slower, especially during the boot phase. To resolve this problem and speed up your PC boot process, you must download and run a reliable registry cleaning tool.

To find out how you can make Windows 7 boot faster display of tutorials that are on our website. You can make Windows 7 boot faster
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