eat a inverted copy of the show

August 05 [Mon], 2013, 10:58
() After the formal signing of the contract, bald very atmospheric took out fifty thousand to Zhao steel Beng, Beng Chiu said it was tonight reward. The money Zhao steel Beng naturally accept, anyway, playing tonight also played the young master, it is very hard right when spent. Fifty thousand to take in hand, Zhao steel Beng instantly feel like a rich man, Zhao Gang Beng evening he took the money to do his very favorite thing to do. Of course, not a healthy thing. Zhao found a steel Beng Soya bean juice, two to the two milk fritters, eat a inverted copy of the show from time to time during this fifty thousand dollars to the table Shang Hao burst count the money. Have to say, Zhao steel Beng is a full Eupolyphaga. And on the other side "Give me to put Zhao steel Beng's bottom thoroughly investigated." The brother people around him said, "so young have such amazing skill,North Face Windstopper, background absolutely simple can not, if possible, put Zhao steel Beng to get me Let's come over here, "" I know, "stand aside Ada Gong King nodded. Butterfly club had more than a month before they can officially opened again, this time basically no Zhao steel Beng anything, and Zhao steel Beng can properly prepare for the entrance. Entrance Yes, Zhao steel Beng also want the college entrance examination. He has not forgotten the purpose of reading themselves. That is because of who for granted, although it does not seem to bubble to the signs, but this does not prevent Zhao steel Beng reading, Zhao steel Beng always felt that he read a university if it is not something that is really sorry for myself, so cultural connotation of the name. And then I own, you can also graduated from FJ out. FJ,Womens North Face WaterProof Sale, become Zhao steel Beng most want to go to university. Of course, for the college entrance examination, Zhao steel Beng no pressure. Chen Keke quickly adapted to nǎi Chadian work is also very diligent work, which makes Huang Lingling Guo Furong both with praise, especially Saturday week rì, there Chan cocoa, with Huang Lingling Guo Furong They also have more time to do their own thing. Week rì night, Zhao steel Beng received a call from Lin Qianru. Say that their clothes dry, you can go back and get. Steel Beng Zhao was just at home, also walked down the stairs towards Lin Qianru home. "Give" Lin Qianru what clothes will be tidied handed Zhao steel Beng, said, "The last thing too embarrassed." "Nothing, my life purpose is to serve the people." Zhao smiled and took the steel Beng Lin Qianru delivery over the clothes. "Hey, this does not seem to me," Zhao steel Beng from the clothes took out a sandwich sè transparent black lace something. This thing is a get a hand, Zhao steel Beng on smelled the fragrance alone. Of course, the fact that the taste of washing powder. . Zhao steel Beng seems to be the first to see this thing, this thing crumpled wrinkled together, caught in their clothes inside, do the bath is a bath with ball? Looked too small ah or a rag? Rag not so thin ah Zhao steel Beng while wondering, while this black lace sè stuff to open. Hey this shape is triangular Mianshan ah eh just look good, but the fabric looks a little less ah Zhao steel Beng while doubts. "I know," Zhao steel Beng eyes lit up, and in some actions inside love can often see this stuff, looks like this thing has a scientific name, called thongs yes, I went thong, thong hidden in even the clothes sent to the master, what do Lin Qianru to imply? "Ah" side of Lin Qianru screamed, face sè suddenly changed, you just did not pay attention when received clothes, even to his own underwear caught in the clothes inside, which can be considered one of his most xìng sense pieces of underwear, and a good friend or your own time in their own health rì otherwise gave his usual sense of Lin Qianru may dare to buy such xìng thong. "Give me," Lin Qianru quickly reach out a hand to Zhao steel Beng thong to rob the past, he pulled it hid his pocket. "This." Zhao steel Beng This time is to know the people are not deliberately thong on his clothes, which makes Zhao steel Beng good while the loss ah, originally thought it was people suggesting what, the result is that they want too much . "Well, I'm going to work." Lin Qianru efforts to make their feelings surging calm down, try to use a calm voice said, "Well, but, as I say, money to pay off, and on another to work, Because you look like is the ability of people have been eating that bowl of rice "Zhao steel Beng said. "Ah" Lin Qianru nodded, Zhao steel Beng carrying their clothes and left Lin Qianru home. At home, Zhao steel Beng had just opened the computer, the QQ boarded to go to see Zhou Tong Yan's Avatar jump on that for quite a while. Zhao steel Beng open the message. "Steel Beng brother, in the absence?" "In the absence" Zhao steel Beng casually back to one in the "goddess made film of the" Week Tong Yan said, "Just this evening, the goddess made film of the" "Horse of God" Zhao steel Beng surprised a moment, asked, "Yes Takizawa goddess?" "Yes ah film, ABS150, I have downloaded and address sent to you," Zhou Tong Yan said, made a direct link over. Zhao steel Beng direct link to open. xìng it. The yellow network name really is straightforward enough. Zhao steel Beng pull the mouse down, and sure enough, Takizawa goddess film hangs high in the recommended page. Takizawa Zhao steel Beng from week Children say that knowing a rì this an AV female. Gifted, who looks a bit mixed look, big waves, body good, sound whine, following Riko Tachibana, in the United States after the new generation AV goddess, Zhao steel Beng Gang see Takizawa, when in love with this sister, did not think today has made a third of the films Zhao steel Beng quickly points to download. At this time. Collapse. Muffled bang. Bounced out a window. . Followed. Collapse collapse collapse. Face several more muffled, one jumped out pop, pop inside is not wearing clothes one by one sister. "I am the grass, toxic" Zhao steel Beng Although no research computer,Men's North Face Scythe Clearance Sale, but also know that it is poisoned. Zhao steel Beng quickly go off those popups, but, very fast pop, Zhao steel Beng simply no time off, the last cable xìng directly crash, and the whole picture stuck in there. "Rub, Zhou Tong Yan, a virus site you also sent the young master" Zhao steel Beng burst of anger, at this moment. "Steel Beng, I'll give you cut a watermelon." Room door is opened, Huang Lingling appeared in the doorway, Huang Lingling's hand holding a plate, a plate with a few slices of apple. "In the access it? Looking at what?" Huang Lingling Zhao steel Beng directly toward the computer and looked. I saw a large computer without clothes are put on a variety of women exposed private parts of the action, there are some photos of a man with a woman in the picture is the same is unsightly. "Ah" Huang Lingling cried. "How" Guo Furong's voice heard and saw Zhao Guo Furong steel Beng also stormed the room. "I am the grass, finished" This is Zhao steel Beng unique idea in mind.
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