Mechanical man clan leader Rocky

September 09 [Mon], 2013, 17:27
One hundred and twentieth chapter of malicious bright church under "Do not stare blankly forward, hurry to leave. " Rocky quickly cautioned tone reveals a people unquestionable feeling. "Yes, but then, you'd better Rocky confess your identity with us, otherwise we do not expect to be able to let you go." River God says some dignified, and then took a ride the wind Grand Hideyoshi, and in her under the driving force, elf princess ride followed by another head wind Xianglong, only this time, and she turned up only one wounded elf wizard sergeant unconscious, and that ship Queen Elf Magic spacecraft also Before the attack destroyed the quasi Jinzhou go, but his family's two elder Mora Montolivo did not appear. But glass meow meow and Azi I do not know this or not there is fear the wind Xianglong being recovered from the shock, has been sluggish with no action. Upon seeing this, Rocky quickly picked up the two women at the same time, hold a blue dragon form has changed Mo Yang Seoul body. "You're quick to let go ah big stupid not to use the situation is urgent to take advantage of me, I was able themselves to." Glass meow a moment, a look of discontent says, but although the mouth very polite, but her body and there is no struggle move, until the body is still sitting in Seoul argues chatter. "We sat in Seoul sister body's okay do? No wrong." Azi Meow whispered doubts aside. "Never mind." Rocky quickly replied, "Your most important safety, and now the sky should be the safest place, and so the battle." "You sure? Nothing wrong." Dignified suddenly asked, glass meow . "You wait and see just fine." Loki said with a smile, his voice full of confidence. Subsequently, the family of the remaining few armed man who pushed the final one dragon body. "Green Star. Emerald how about now?" Mechanical man clan leader Rocky summer suddenly inquired. "She no big problems that may require a period of adjustment." Loki replied, but for this summer, Rocky is not how like it, because before the Green Star in crisis, and her command can not avoid. "That's good." Summer Night Long Shu out of breath, and then, in the Rocky under the command of four dragons at once into the sky, flying black Xun Ming Road. "How do you have to pay the price," but this time, prior to that were stopped and taken away by Ossur this area of ​​seven order interim fallen angel suddenly appears again, and instantly a huge rally "Flame Magic Flute" Zhanxiang lead The Seoul. "Appears when the truth is not" Rocky hastily waved wings behind the grudge rushed to go, but it's fallen angels seven interim order, the action is very fast, in the hands of flame magic blade has Zhanxiang Seoul. Seeing the flames would be magic blade, black offerings No. suddenly appeared a white spot, draw an arc, the flame magic blade shoved blocked. "White-style" Rocky shouted surprise, in this supremely one occasion Dangxia attacks precisely manipulated weave spot one thousand winter white style, the face of this destruction of the atmosphere exudes magic, weaving spot one thousand winter hand melee specialization saber "snowflake II" very easy to block down. And compared to the original white-style Mo Yang, Rocky accident in the face of some crystals are made of magic items, and the entire body is also white style emerge with hidden when the magic, apparently a short walk in their own time, Pa autumn Li has conducted this mech magic aspects of the upgrade. Meanwhile, in the White-style body, Loki is also now a familiar figure Fu Lande dew Rocky reason sauce and their own little Lolita judged as less LO Fu Lande dew, mainly to see her back expand The seven-color light wings, is sitting at this time Fu Lande dew shoulder style white face smile face wearing style queen, watching this flame spells. The next moment, Fu Lande exposed suddenly raised his hands, magic blade point of the flame, the moment will break it open. "Fran duo Lu destructive power still so sharp ah" Rocky exclaim together, although Fran duo dew "You get out now while." See Crisis temporarily lifted, Rocky immediately on the false alarm Seoul ordered. "Buzz ah, inferno, fallen angels, and Necro biological." But at this time, the sky suddenly there came a sound of disdain, a group dressed in white armor or silk. "This really is a bright church when" Rocky swore my heart, now come before him who is encountered in the underground facility bright church knight Guerrero, while still at his side before that cloak male, in Light behind twenty two Knights who a lot. "Yikes, we are at the following times, face painting how to become virtuous, what you have not seen the baby?" Herrero very disdain, facing mid-seven bands fallen angels, he seems absolutely no fear. "You are a bright church?" Fallen angels seven order interim slightly wrinkled brow, "It is the next Herrero, bright church the second head of the Knights, these are my hands, all the Knights of the Light Members, I dare you are? "Guerrero said, smiling tone fairly respectable face of strong, bright church than elves convergence point. "Ma Aosi. Abbe Tuscany." Fallen angels seven bands mid coldly, "You now appears in appear here want to do?" "Oh, Ao Masi sir, you will not worry, we only intend to Wan Ling big six clear some bad luck of the Undead. "Then, Herrero tightly pegged Fran duo Lu, eyes faint Canada Goose Elijah but a wave of malicious eyes, she seems to want to be faster than the latter. "Really? That's good, they want these organisms Necromancer elite of our various forces massacres, they sent seven bands in addition to the strong, and even its own flagship are open, presumably trying to catch us. "Ma Aosi suddenly changed a pair of colors, very annoying watching Fran duo Lu said. "I've seen." Guerrero nodded coldly. After listening to Guerrero and Ao Masi dialogue, Rocky's face immediately became very gloomy, bluntly said. "I was the third Elf Princess Why do you stop our path." Just then, Yi Erxi suddenly stood up, cold to those who questioned the Light Knight. "You are the Elf princess?" Guerrero disdain, "Do you have any evidence?" "This is my royal emblem, if you have points insight, we should recognize Elf royal insignia." Yi Erxi cold cold, said, his tone seems slightly suspicion because they were rude. "Haha, I did not expect Elves and Undead organisms also hooked in together, really interesting ah" Guerrero laughed, North Face Pink Ribbon Sale his voice has not revealed any surprise, Outlet North Face obviously, he is well known to the multitudes of malicious plain.
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