slowly return to the base camp on the drug

August 15 [Thu], 2013, 18:11
The count in the poison back to the rescue, Wu Yang Wai self. While Jaap other generals in the Army of Montenegro prepared with poison to kill a large portion, the results again offer advice Xun Yu, Zhao lead a cavalry camp, quick to return the only way to poison the ambush. Back to aid in drug eager, quick march under, will be an ambush. But Zhao Yunbing less Montenegro Army Chief of terrain here is clearly more familiar with, so after the ambush, immediately evacuate, started playing constantly disrupt the enemy's guerrilla warfare. As a start in poison in an ambush, after the inevitable suspicious, at every step, and then not quick march. So Cao cāo side of a large force, then Bing Feng Sharp, North inward yellow, everyone thought Cao is now in working with the Ministry of drug war at the time, playing Sui solid and sure enough on frovatriptan a surprise with Xun Yu said Like Cao cāo with irresistible force of the force, the inner yellow crisp break Montenegrin Army Division and Hun Yu Sui solid fuluo department. And there has been Zhao sāo interference, slowly return to the base camp on the drug, got the news here, nor dare frivolous, worm reduction in Montenegro, the longer out of trouble. This war, Cao cāo with "Weiweijiuzhao" of the plan, from the outset against the defensive to the offensive, to grasp the initiative in the battlefield, both speed Xie Yang Wu Wai. And then, ambush array, fast-moving, playing at war movement Montenegrin army Sui solid portion and the Ministry of the Huns in fuluo a surprise. Originally a difficult Gu Gu first end of the situation, but in the blink CAO cāo to a broken three,Womens North Face Down Sale, winning quite altogether and beautiful, so that the entire Central Plains, especially throughout Yanzhou, are clearly seen Cao cāo military capabilities. Thus, by Cao cāo prestige of victory. Chen Gong took the opportunity to lobby in Yanzhou Yanzhou governance, Bie Jia Ying Cao et al cāo White Yanzhou. Cao cāo belongs ita this is part of Yanzhou sphere of influence, and now Yanzhou provincial governor Liu Dai died under the Yellow Turban army. This is equivalent to that Cao cāo deputies, provisional governor of Yanzhou collar work is reasonable. Of course, with the deputy CAO cāo similar in Yanzhou, there are many, but others have the strength to defeat the Yellow Turban army of Qingzhou, Yanzhou solution of the storm do? If any further delay, Yanzhou must be thoroughly Qingzhou Yellow Turban army to occupy it. By the time we are totaled. Have nothing, and let the Cao Dai Liu cāo came instead of the location, and now these people can at least retain the original status bar. Yanzhou,Canada Goose Mystique Parka, plus two other princes: North Jeju phase Bao Xin and Zhang Miao Liu-prefect, are a very good relationship with Cao cāo, endorsed Cao cāo capacity, highly recommended Cao cāo When this Yanzhou provincial governor. Can be described in such a situation has become a foregone conclusion, Chen Gong eventually succeeded in persuading other important figures. So Yanzhou governance Wan Qian, Bao Xin and economic North-phase down as Yanzhou representatives came together with Chen Gong ita personally greet Cao cāo as Yanzhou, animal husbandry. Of course, now Cao cāo just a triumphant return, Chen Gong, who is also still on the road yet. ...... "Haha. Fengxiao, you simply my lucky ah you see your way, such as a brother hit a beautiful victory," Cao said Guo Jia pulled cāo excited, this is definitely Cao cāo ever, ah. So far, playing the most beautiful. Think of the most straightforward battle the original chase Dong,Men's North Face Waterproof, in an ambush, almost life and death; later also ups and downs, depending on others, finally have a foothold ita such a small place, the King figure CAO cāo dominance until this moment, only considered a true underway. Guo Jia smile a while, could not help shaking his head, "My lord, I'm at home, good eating and drinking, and nothing to do it." "Fengxiao, I'm not in utter ah you see, you brought me Man if, indeed as you said, which I also have the ovary that cloud your brother, the brother is really like a tight grip ah, almost all jealous Fengxiao you, of course, do not forget Wade , if not his words, now I can not stand here like a good life and the estimated already wounded. "Cao cāo named one of appreciation road, finish, again pointing to Guo Jia," These are all Fengxiao You brought me ah, you say what you are not lucky and Fengxiao you are not at home doing nothing, we are able to be assured in the front line of combat, not because there behind you and Zhi-Cai, who sits , but for the brother also heard Fengxiao you during this time, discuss a more flexible and reasonable punishment mechanism, which has been around celebrities but praise it, "Cao cāo patting Guo Jia said. Pretty good a good means of CAO cāo no credit for not only put all the credit are lost to men, but even this does not have a direct Guo Jia credit to people who have been Cao cāo pao reward. Thus, the following people will certainly feel grateful, more closely around the Cao Cao cāo side perhaps because the starting cāo much lower than Yuan Shao, so in order to rare talent, Cao cāo others are doing this will be done not the point. Credit are men, full of their own sins, Cao cāo groups established by virtue of which should also be the most rugged However, for now this situation, Guo Jia is endless smile. Xun Yu Zhang really showed the talent, then his position in the army, division, will certainly take more more stable; while he Guo Jia what happens to also engage in a "hire" punishment system out, people thought he really was a good Interior construction personnel same. Could Since then, he told Guo Jia Xun Yu's position in history to be completely reversed? Said an excited talking about the pedestrian the war, as if memorable, even celebration is yet more anxious to open it. A servant sweating, a look of joy rushed and are directly shouted, "My lord gave birth, his wife gave birth" During this period, Cao cāo wife actually still is not much, but Cao cāo immediately To become Yanzhou, animal husbandry, estimated soon increased noticeably. And in this time period produced here are well aware, is Bian wife gave birth to "a boy or a girl?" Cao cāo suddenly stood up and asked, in this patriarchal era, Cao cāo certainly not been immune Moreover, at this early stage is also the son of Cao cāo not much, if it is in the words of the late, Cao cāo maybe really do not care about these things. "Son, is a small son, mother and peace," said the servant breath. "Haha well, double happiness double happiness ah this rì is" Cao cāo excited overjoyed. It is also the son of Bian Mrs. Guards ah this time to estimate the hearts of many people have this idea, Bian Mrs. AD 187 years since the birth of the first son Cao Pi, now 192 years, just five years, it has is the third son. The so-called mother with children, Bian lady's position is certainly undergone great changes. Guo Jia next to mind a move, then this time of birth, it should be is the legendary Cao of? "Today I am blessed with Liner, go, you told me to look at together," Cao cāo suddenly spoke and said, as happy, did not Guannameduo with these confidants subordinate to rush toward the house. Of course, Cao cāo also estimated that, at this time, if a man throwing his men to leave, although extenuating circumstances, but also some bad bar.
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