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February 05 [Tue], 2013, 11:48
"The mayor, the public security bureau director Chen." www.23us.com text reading " "Huang Jieyang walked into the office, in the report.Hear this word, Nie Zhenbang then also raised his head, with the Eastern Development Forum is approaching, the city expansion project has reached a critical moment, each project must work overtime.For completion before the eastern development forum.As mayor, Nie Zhenbang was busy a murky sky over a dark earth.Fortunately, Anna went to the capital, over there, there are people to take care of, is to make their own peace of mind a lot.Chen Le has arrived, Nie Zhenbang was surprised, then smiled and said: "let Chen Le come in, well, some things to talk with him.,, on the relationship between Chen Le and Nie Zhenbang, the original, is not needed, but, I change the Secretary, Chen Le and Yi Jun et al. It is strictly abide by this line.This kind of change, Nie Zhenbang is clear, not a pet and Ji ā o, Chen Ledao is clearly remember.See Chen Le door, Nie Zhenbang also don't mention it, waved a little, just openings way: "I heard a few days ago, the Li Yaozu family of Liangjiang area jump off building killed to you trouble go?"This thing Canada Goose Manitoba, Jiangbei Jiangbei province TV station, newspaper, has already spread, now, in the province also is not what strange things.Nie Zhenbang looked at Chen Le appearance, sink a track: "courage is too big.Previously, no signs, such a big thing, nor to the Municipal City Hall report, the media reported a.Liang Xi City Hall leading cadres, prostitution, in order to avoid inspections, jump off building died, now, have become the laughingstock of the municipal Party committee, city hall is very passive to."Book" Men's Calgary Jacket; notes on your fan, but there are a lot of opinions."For Nie Zhenbang x ì ng lattice Chen Le is very clear, then smiled: "mayor, you don't know me?Things, look, this is Li Guohua deliberately encouraged Li Yaozu's wife in trouble, they think that I'm not preserve evidence, want to take this opportunity to me.Did not think of it is to offend Huang Qiue."Paused, Chen Le is s è Road: "mayor, I just made a special trip to this thing and come, that Li Yaozu's wife agreed to Li Guohua and Guo Yulong to make trouble, did not think of now, Guo Yu, long refused to honor their commitments, yesterday, the Huang Qiue found me there, something Li Guohua report."Then, Chen Le will Huang Qiue report that after repeated, things at the moment, the face of Nie Zhenbang s è also serious.At the moment, Nie Zhenbang heart also weighed in, this time is really a chance but, now, Beijing is holding a delicate situation, and systemic.Li Guohua to begin there, do not rule out the complete J ī Nu Li Department so that the Lee family may start to oneself.Now, Nie Zhenbang bear, not just your own future, and the fate of the family.Nie Jia, this one change, there must be people enter the Political Bureau, which is a basic guarantee of Nie Jia will.If so, let uncle can not enter the Political Bureau, the inside of the losses, not a tiny bit.This is why Nie Zhenbang hesitate.Ponder for a while, Nie Zhenbang heart also has made the decision, see Chen Yue Oakley Polarized Hijinx Cheap, serious way: "old Chen, important x ì ng this thing, I will not say more, believe, you know it.This thing, must remain a secret, not sure of victory, not to act rashly and blindly, this thing, report to me at any time."At this moment, Nie Zhenbang has already made the decision, Mr Li Guohua, this kind of opportunity, not often, so let the, it is a pity, if, by virtue of this east forum.Li Guohua can be transferred to other places across the Department Director level this threshold, after this, want to attack Li Guohua, but is more difficult.As for the influence of overall situation, Beijing malpractice, affirmation is some, but, then again, there are both advantages and disadvantages, risk, often and opportunities coexist, even the Lee family pressure, it is not a chance.At this time, perhaps, Shen side "main" I think Nie home more easily accommodated.
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