Xu Jie grew more and more afraid

August 20 [Tue], 2013, 18:47
"Epigenetic, regret it?" Looked to be brought in Xu Jie, Li asked. "No regrets." Xu Jie answered altogether unusual. "Then you go." Said Li also extremely crisp. "Uh." Xu Jie surprised a moment, and then filled with decline. As if they have been trying to target is so far away, weakness, depression, like a mountain Xu Jie general pressure in the heart. "Put your ideas written out, the old lady not available right now." Xu Jie Li seemed not to see the response. "Young firewood ah, you go to send to send the younger generation." "Not quick thanked hall adults." Xu Jie Zhang Peilun looked stupidly exclaimed. "Today is really hanging ah." Xu Jie residence grow breath back road. In his room, Xu Jie grew more and more afraid, was the kind of battle, afraid is impossible. Perhaps it was Xu Jie did not think so much, just think he has been so far the goal to look shattered, more of an unwilling and grief. But now, wait until Xujie Ping An's back home, Xu Jie really have the feeling of a two-man world, through time, the whole process is too fast too suddenly, so Xu Jie has not done what it feels like to cross, but now not the same, When Xu Jie was taken to a dark room, it was found Xu Jie, the process of waiting for death is so horrible, but, fortunately, Xu Jie survive. But Xu Jie did not have enough time to lament their fate,Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Men, there is too much work to let him do it, how to stimulate private capital investment in industry, how to formulate relevant laws to safeguard the position of the national industry, if they raise sufficient more financial and technical support, these problems too much, but fortunately, Xu Jie have proficient financial partners and a good relationship with the Italian industrial giant Julia. "Uh, two stand you intend to have this?" On the third day, the invitation should Xu Jie, Lin and Julia cover Tycho Xu Jie came home, began to explore the industrial plan. But two outstanding woman a door first is a lot to each other, their seriousness comparable to one pair of young men and women love each other observation. "This is not that what it is?" An abnormal bizarre idea from Xu Jie mind jumped out. "I now need two to help, of course, which also contains the unlimited business opportunities." In trade finance and aspects, Xu Jie really know much, but then some of the bit face investment approach is to know. "Teacher, you will not be going from the basic industries and people's livelihood while to start it?" After listening to the words of Xu Jie, Tycho asked some wonder, from a military point of view, the enemy of the current circumstances, how the shortest possible time as much as possible from the armed forces, is Xu Jie now need to consider. "We need to civilian industry to provide a stable tax Northern Need chemical industry to provide raw materials for the northern military. Haulers need a lot of communication traffic north and south of the Qing, and when necessary, be able to sign for the military. Did not provide adequate civilian enterprise The taxes and some of the material, the Northern difficult to prop up a huge army and military-related industries. "Xu Jie explained. "But as far as I know, the Qing Dynasty is not allowed private build factories." Gai said Lin frowned. "This is not a problem, as long as the appropriate management official, even the Government Commerce. And these things as long as the local government to allow local, not a big problem." Xu Jie said. "You called moderate management?" Julia asked. "Of course, and now those of the Northern government-run military factory is not the same. New factory in Northern operate under local laws and regulations enacted on it." Xu Jie said. "This is no different European countries. Use your word is not clear country can be called trickery?" Has always been gentle Julia rare rude one back. "My plan is this, as to the details, it depends on the meaning of Lizhong Tang." Xu Jie smiled. "In your country's national consciousness, and social environment, and want them to invest in industrial afraid it is difficult ah." Gai Lynn sneered. "This is really a problem,Womens North Face Gore Tex Sale, so if you can, I think the Italian industrial giant who are interested to set up factories in the Northern area?" Xu Jie asked. Although this is not a good idea, but we can not look to the Sino-Japanese, Northern maroon gunpowder artillery also used as a propellant, right? To know the Tianjin Machinery Bureau in time to the year 1900, more than 10 tons a year also smokeless powder, they supply really want to rely too difficult. "Taking into account the value of the Northern ordered from Italy and £ 900,000 warships, I hope that the Italian major military enterprises can help Northern completed a preliminary independent production of armaments or can temporarily provide adequate armament Northern eg smokeless powder, scattered pomegranate bombs, rifles and grenade launchers as well as new 75MM-level field artillery production. "Xu Jie on Tycho and Julia said. "That's it in the civilian industry?" Julia did not answer, but changed the subject. "In fact, you want to do a demonstration and the Italian factory incentive effect is not it? Introduction of foreign enterprises that are not efficient to stimulate the domestic military factories, with the Italian factory to bring profits to attract more people to invest in foreign affairs." Cap Lynn snorted said. Then one turned to Julia looked Xu Jie said: "Xu was an extreme national selfishness, he will not let the country's economic lifeline controlled at the hands of other countries." "I have no interest in controlling the Qing , just interested in making money. "Julia smiled. "Also, I need you to help preparations for a Northern-based bank borrowings, after all, need financing the construction of the factory, and a large clear in this regard is almost empty of course, your interests will be guaranteed." Xu Jie little bit embarrassing Lin says on the cover. "That's what I get?" Relative to Julia cooperation lid Lynn quite dissatisfied frowned. "I can not guarantee anything else, at least financially, you will not suffer. Newborn factory owners the greatest shortages of start-up capital, while taking into account the Chinese market, whether it is for the downstream military to provide raw materials, consumer goods, textiles, or as a general food industries are profitable,north face jackets clearance, because from a business perspective are simply not able to clear the country and the presence of these factories main competition. "Xu Jie said seriously. "In addition, if you can, I hope you can proxy the Qing government bonds sales." Xu Jie discretion repeatedly said. Although the debt is not very good, but in order to be able to make a weak Northern engaged in the next five years to go all-out offensive in Japan. Even knowing this bond is followed by poison, now there is no other way! ! 3 hours later, the crowd looked away, Xu Jie finally sighed with relief and guide private capital investment in modern civilian industry, military industry on the implementation of domestic and foreign production factories in China run simultaneously building early in the financial sector financial system to support industrial development, although he did not know the outcome, but this was the best he could think of a solution.
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