already completely given up hope.

July 01 [Mon], 2013, 10:46
Guo aid so strong not only did not let Guo Jiaan heart, but let him even more gripping it. Of course, then Huang Guo Jia is now also understand why the uncle did not give him ready bodyguards, because totally do not need, just Guo aid is sufficient to meet this kid one, and is Guo Jia has always underestimate him the brother, they even bit-part player, has a name that is a bit-part player! But now more concerned about another problem Guo Jia, Kingdoms can accept, from time if the game ah. Even the game, do not tell him what Dynasty Warriors and the like, that is definitely not his Guo Jia frail person can survive this place ah. Said then, Guo Jia has not had time to appease his weak heart, a sudden cloud of dust off the front, came the waves of hooves, "Anything else?!" Guo aid once again pulled out machetes, without fear of care in the the front. Guo Jia is left in a cold sweat, watch posture,Coach Multicolor Bags, this is not what a dozen numbers of people, the less there are dozens of number, but all are riding a horse, under such circumstances, Guo Jia trio may even escape are gone. It still once again aid a person can expect Guo opposite Jishihaoren horse all dry turn? ? "Finished finished, this is my way which provoke the gods, Dead Before the Ship Even Sank not so fast ah." Guo Jia mumbled, already completely given up hope. Da da da da! Similarly hoofs, also knocking on the heart, the same uncomfortable. Seems to be the same as declaring the death of the countdown, Guo Jia decided on the spot, if not later, if necessary, he determined not to ride, of course, the premise is that he can survive today. Soon, the group of men had come near, and slowly stopped, with Guo Jia three distant relative. Smoke dispersed, Guo Jia is a squint his eyes can not help, so uniform clothing armor, "men?" Arms morrow do not know when the eyes have been exposed to, surprise exclaimed, "is the men! Yes men! We are saved, we are saved! "dangerous long gone just right. But the answer to morrow let Guo Jia heart jump, although men's situation is indeed a lot better than the robbers, but Guo Yuangang before they kill so many people, can do nothing? After all, to see him like this now, would like to explain it is also inexplicable. Self-defense? I will not speak of this era in the end there is no such law, Guo aid today's situation is absolutely serious defense over. "I do not know in front of warrior yes?" Opposite a lead character like riding came up two steps asked. Hearing this, Guo Jia suddenly eyelids hop, underground passage is not good, and sure enough, he has not had time to stop, to see the sword in front of Guo aid Wangdishangyi plug, the neck of a Young, a chest, head lift, face a horizontal, eyes stare, arms akimbo, shouted, "I aid you Lord ~ ​​~." . . . . . "Finished finished finished." Guo Jia eyes glazed, and now has absolutely no mood to scold Guo aid this little fool it. "Finished finished finished." Little adults also with Guo Jia morrow the same expression. "Morrow, asked aid Tsai Fu, I think we now have a place to live and eat for free." Guo Jia Tucao heard, he is definitely not optimistic, but have completely given up hope. "Prison do?!" Morrow said. "Ha, this wise it was just right." Guo Jia hollow sound. At this time, in front of Guo aid is slightly back to ask, "big brother, and now he fire?" Guo Jia eyelids hop, "playing?" He really did not understand Guo aid this kid's head in the end is how long? Spent a long time with this guy, then, do not know will not put their intelligence to drag down ah, that time, it is estimated that their chiefs call him up. . . . . . Sure enough, this guy did not mind listening to again become a rhetorical question Guo Jia affirmative, "hit you?!" Guo aid spat rubbed into the hands, even if he looks low IQ point, at least know strength of the poor, to understand this is not so good play ah. However, in the face Guo aid so "faithful", Guo Jia really kind of felt like crying. "God aid you? Ha ha ha! When I also love the Lord said in front of others." That the lead opposite is generous smile, did not know he really did not care, or in the bumbling, asked, pointing to the ground body, "These are all heroes a person do?" "Yes I do so what?!" Guo aid recognition unceremoniously down. "Is their highway robbery earlier, we are also something out of frustration, was compelled to fight back!" Guo Jia quickly added, although it is some dead no check against the feeling, but at least the self-justification about it. Carter Guo Jia,Oakley HALF X Sunglasses, Guo aid and continued, "is a man I do, the things they do with big brother!" One time, Guo Jia was almost moved to runny nose, and more good brother ah, so will for the sake of their brother, but who thought that Guo aid suddenly whispered to Guo Jia said, "big brother, a little later I can put that to take the lead hold, followed by those on the not frivolous." Guo Jia mouth a pumping , hollow sound, "I praise you now is not the cry of valor do?!" "Oh." Guo aid again exposed to his honest expression, "That is a good big brother to teach.". " ..... "Guo Jia face twist. Well, it happens to call you blame me for assistance Aberdeen, but had to call themselves chiefs, has now really want to do something on this murder and arson came. For Guo conquering state aid and now this, Guo Jia can only find the reasons from their own, to teach without side ah. . . . . . "Gentlemen Needless to panic." Opposite lead with people riding forward, spoke and said, "Wu Nai Luoyang Code Army Captain Cao cāo, precisely in order to group the robbers came, warrior move, not only no over, but is helped us a great favor, and you say, right?! "Come back turned to his men. "Yes!" Shouted around. "Cao cāo?!" Guo Jia suddenly stared, as if those in power want this to see a clear future. Is this the legendary "ape shit"? Not to Luoyang it, it had already met his future big boss? Speaking of this Code of Army Captain, Cao cāo fact only became soon, but Cao cāo itself is a person to do practical things, so whether or not the new broom sweeps clean, like this, almost no one around Luoyang small tube fight little trouble, and now the whole Kyoto estimated only Cao cāo'll troops to deal with. "Assistance son, give me that knife away!" Guo Jia quickly dismount hold morrow, while Guo aid told Road. "But big brother. ......" Guo aid has not yet finished, Guo Jia then interrupted, "Do not call my big brother, called Big Brother!" "This is not yet to Luoyang do?" Guo Yuanqi strange asked. "Is already up to Luoyang." Guo Jia said yes. "Oh." Guo aid honest knife close up, Guo Jia what to say, and that is what, Guo aid never going to think,Christian Louboutin Platforms Outlet, this is his greatest strengths.
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