He went to the John tung.

June 11 [Tue], 2013, 16:09
The conference on people who don't know the eyes or do very successful, they all think Liu Yan Lu now in the heart must be very beautiful. But only a few people know, Liu Yan Lu was now not only the United States, but have a feeling to cry. Noon meal, headquarters office Comrade Le hehe returned to zh è NGF ǔ. But Liu Yan Lu did not go back, but directly into the mayor building. Xu Yanfeng do not want to know, he is to find the song army toward the. Tang Guanjun of this matter but to report to Wei Zhaoxing, the Liu Yan Lu also afraid to hold him what responsibility,Oakley Sunglasses Flak Jacket Cheap, so be sure to first find the song army to help. At three o'clock in the afternoon, Liu Yan Lu back. Just look at his face dark purple,Oakley Polarized, knew the song army in training he no less. Qu Junzhao is the tendency of maoxing company, is to let the maoxing bid. But don't let Liu Yan Lu so clear to them. But the office of the comrades do not know of this scandal, they are busy these days, but also calculate value,Oakley Oil Rig Online, in their eyes, still think this conference is pretty good. And tomorrow is the vacation, busy these days, finally can comfortably take a few days off. Some people have to consider where to play problem, some people have called the travel agency, have a look what the next two days group area. However, they're happy more than two hours. The afternoon of temporary work, Tang champion special call, said Wei mayor personally gave the order, all people must be in office units in long period. This command, everybody dizzy. What ah. So many busy days, work is also good, is not easy to have a holiday, how not to let the rest? Pain, confusion, we have to ask why. The discussion naturally Mu Shoutian heard by the ear. These people only he himself knows what is the reason. However, Mu Shoutian is a shy person, plus Xu Yanfeng told him not to talk, he would listen to you talk. But the scandal shut one's mouth conference. We have a no results, no way, only tomorrow just to work. Xu Yanfeng after receiving this command. He went to the John tung. Dong Han's secretary Wei Zhaoxing in the office opposite. In fact, do not go to work to work, be indifferent to Xu Yanfeng. But he found Dong Han's aim, is to know about this thing is how development. What is Wei Zhaoxing this all work on purpose. In fact. Xu Yanfeng directly find Wei Zhaoxing pry about it. But the mayor and county but there is big difference, Xu Yanfeng can fight with Yao Zhenliang on his appreciation and free import and county magistrate's office, but not by Wei Zhaoxing on his appreciation to import and the mayor's office. This is a rule. Even the mayor to appreciate you, and love you, but not bad. The mayor's room door, is not so easily into the. If the province or zh ō ngy ā ng level, their children will see these members, sometimes have to follow the procedure. Therefore, a good relationship and Dong Han, from Dong John mouth to understand the situation is the most practical. "You ask this afternoon." Dong Han took a job R ì records over the next: "at first.
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