two people are arranged next pupil

May 22 [Wed], 2013, 18:21
The 244th chapter that battle between the 244th chapters. For everything connected with the sage said, again the strong Nuwa empress but unable to grasp the demon clan, it is because she itself limits, she can stop a monster, but not long-term suppression, because the Lich two family that is endless, the two sides simply there is no contradiction may, for the monster that fear so long as there is a hope to be able to execute the candle nine y ī n, so they won't give up, no matter it is it right? Trap, they are not the reason is very simple, they want revenge. Because there are determined to this demon clan,Coach Bags Sale, so the three-ching, or connected with or they can resist this tone, Sanqing heart there is a glimmer of fantasy, but connecting Saint heart but no fantasy, his goal is not the candle nine y ī n, but the Terran, how can enter the Oriental mission just now they focus. The candle nine y ī n problem on Sanqing to resist, but the emperor issues they couldn't stop, Lao is clearly no hope, because he taught in the heart, no status, and Primus and all-powerful religious leader will not put your hope in his body, two people are arranged next pupil in the door into the Terran seeks the next emperor, to the auxiliary virtues. Although Lao in Terran mind no status, but as leader of the teaching he still was able to predict the next king of where, but he will this news to Primus, and did not tell the all-powerful religious leader, because in the hearts of the same Lao of the all-powerful religious leader from the j its ng alert of heart, after all, to potential big, has seriously affected the Sanqing balance, only with the students, even if it is, this two teach together not to rivals, was a brother to cover, both Lao again how dull are unwilling to see,Nike Air Jordan 10 Sale, let alone Lao itself never dull. I don't know the meaning of Tao or Hongjun ancestor arrangement, he will come to a successful issue in time, the appearing of two fame very high chiefs, one is the Xuanyuan, another is a sorcery clan descent Chi you, you said, he is one of the Lich among the nations of the fall of the year, I do not know what is the reason he was reborn as a person. When the Terran such changes occur when, Yuanshi Tianzun is some sit still, he did not think of really should have happened in this last one emperor, if to compete for this position. According to normal mode, Yuanshi Tianzun heart really not sure to win, after all the prestige in the Terran. Candle nine y ī n and the group that is large, although the heart has unwilling, but by this time Yuanshi Tianzun only to Lao and the all-powerful religious leader for help, he will know only by teaching a teaching force is not especially compared with chi. So remember days again lively rise, Sanqing once again, but this time the all-powerful religious leader came a bit reluctantly, after all, he dropped in a scramble for king, but now wants to take the corn for others in the fire, which naturally let him be not willing to, if not the three-ching,Jordan 4 Sale, all-powerful religious leader.
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