i failed 

March 14 [Wed], 2007, 1:25
today went to hougang mall there to b uy make cookies stuff.
then went to tampines mall with sis and cousin watch movie and ate sushi (=
then went to aunt house ate steamboat.
our stomach all bursting.
then went home try to make the stupid cookie.
then first time become black.
second it wun harden
third still wun harden
dunno tried for how many damn times still cannot
worst is last time gt sparks.
so scary!!
then we gave up~
we failed .
13th march is now officially called ' bad cookies day'

chapter 4; dark&bright 

March 10 [Sat], 2007, 2:13
in the dark night sky
the moon sheds her tears
all the stars comfort her
And the clouds that hide her fear

in the setting of the sun
its colors clash with pride
the sea reflects its warmth
the beach receives its love

today whole day growing mushroom at home until went to meet laogong.
seeing laogong just make me want to smile. (=
my strawberry cake

i am happy. 

March 09 [Fri], 2007, 0:01
today went to laogong's house then went out to tampines mall to watch rocky balboa .
he's huge .LOL.
the story is damn cool though.

' But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done.'


laogong. i love you more and deeper than you do . my feelings more accurate . don't argue with me.LOL. i know it can already.

and my mom! i am angry man! say if poly find a better guy then how. say i poly two-time ar?. . then i say her back.' do i look like i am a flirt ? and i went out.LOL .
i will only love my laogong fabian and no one else !
but muhahahaha i won. when i got home she suddenly treat me so good.

and sis. two days never talk to you again. under one roof but never got chance to talk. saturday's shopping coming!

i ain't happy 

March 08 [Thu], 2007, 1:28
I am going crazy! so many things to think and settle!
fucker francis. i know i am in the wrong but do you have to scold me until like that?! FUCKER.
don't say until like i baddie go destroy your relationship can not. like i want one. can you think of how people feel when you said all that ?.
i think its my retribution for blunting other people.

really don't know how people forget all those past and carry on. its so damn difficult but i am trying.
who know whats behind my always happy face. i also can breakdown one okay so don't come 烦 me!

but when i think of those happy times with laogong , i just want to smile again (=

i love my laogong

chapter 3 ; towards 

March 07 [Wed], 2007, 1:23
do you still remember the first dream you've sketched out?

or have you forgotten?

the satan of growing up makes you forgot.

wondered to go left or right.


journey to the dreams .

in the future i have sketched out, you are always there.

i won't give up until i reach your side.

i am going towards (=

laogong, mom , sis, ting, je, jan gave me strength! thanks (= . went for my entrance test. sucks.
and found out i went in to tp. suck even more.
how much is hurt? how do people manage to forgot the past and treat it as nothing has happened and look ahead?. it must be tough.

chapter 2 ; continue 

March 05 [Mon], 2007, 23:27
do you hug your knees and cry under the rain?

sad from being left behind?

the wind blew past as if they will laughing at you.

you sketched your dreams not knowing it will end someday.

everyone is desperately living in the repetition of yesterday.

don't doubt where the road is heading

you will get there someday.

the fragrance of the earth makes me want to continue.

today went to laogong house and i love laogong. and your muscles are big le.LOL.
and sis, when i asked u to wish me some luck for tomorrow test, you said' you dun need any luck'. it really touched me. (=. and yea tomorrow is my entrance test day. i will do my best and no matter what's the result i'll just want to smile . heh heh.

chapter 1 ; understood 

March 05 [Mon], 2007, 2:33
I'll spent my everyday as if it was the last to the fullest.

i don't want to have any regrets in my life.

aya kitou. you'll be my idol from now on. to be able to write down all your feelings until your last breath is such as good thing .

live on without knowing the reason for living must be painful.

life start with the smell of a new bud.

life end with the withered flower.

life;it doesn't matter how much u do, what only matters is how well you does it.

find the reason of living
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