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September 11 [Wed], 2013, 11:52
Dahua Group after integration, no Saobao four attack, but began to be restrained fine management. Whether he learned profession, or Peking University to bring his memory, are not management imprint. However, Sioux City a little more than in the 1980s and 1990s, entrepreneurs advanced, he knew in the 1980s and 1990s, Chinese large enterprises is how to die: In addition to the policy beyond death, this era of Chinese large enterprises, all Cheng Si The. China's market is too great that, with any country in the world is different. Japan, Britain and other small island countries, the expansion to the limit, which is the area of ​​several provinces, several provinces of the population, even if a little indigestion, nor death. United States, Canada and other major countries, the population is relatively concentrated economy, but also a fully competitive fully developed flow, a rise of just traditional enterprises, such as occupation of the country do not, the neighbors have been lined up in front of imitators, perhaps even There are eyeing big business. China does not have these hindered. Rich and powerful state-owned enterprises, are more sluggish caterpillars are crawling all over the body absorb nutrients bacteria, not to mention eyeing, and can not fall asleep is the good kind. China's economy is not concentrated population, the country most of the purchasing power of the population is the royal food enterprises and institutions of civil servants as well as employees, in accordance with the 1980s and 1990s, the policy of the northern coastal areas and inland areas of civil servants for civil servants indistinguishable, who said but also more volatile frontier complement. Every newborn Chinese large enterprises, like the cavalry stood only shepherds and wolves on the prairie like, look around, full of sheep, few could restrain, not to chase everywhere Sheep. Three group got Genesis 80 billion yuan in sales, when, actually in the cities of breath registered over 600 branches in the establishment of more than 2,000 GE county offices to absorb 150,000 salespeople Giant Group also In the government's urging, the higher the construction of buildings are constructed. Finally built a schedule, also built collapsed group. These eye-catching events, and more should only occur in the mid-1990s to the late 1990s, in order to arouse the attention of entrepreneurs. But that kind of brutal expansion due, but also large enterprises must restraint. Opportunities are endless, but it is only those who are prepared. 1990 is an excellent opportunity to practice, although foreign blockade against North Face Hybird Clearance the Chinese economy. But also prompted foreign companies can not enter the Chinese local enterprises with nascent competition. If there is a 1000% tariff trenches like. With this the Americans built trenches, Dahua gas companies have the ability to occupy the starting position, there is time to gradually improve their own system. Dahua Power Factory to increase the share of the diesel engine industry to 70% or more. Phoenix Nirvana staged the play, however, how to improve the management, Dahua Group's internal also debated. Fortnight. Board meeting held on 20 times, constantly coordinating relationship, Dahua Group's framework came out in time for the mid-September: Board the following, establish a number of division. Public Relations and Marketing overall contraction was adjusted to a department. Group reconstructed legal, accounting, personnel and administration, to form the new administrative division. SBU continues to expand, following recruiters to enrich the supply chain department and concurrent engineering. In addition, the Strategy will introduce ci, which is the corporate identity systems, and personnel management continue to implement technical titles management system. Follow the country's eight technical grading system, the establishment of Dahua own eight working system. In Sioux City view, eight industrial system is very characteristic reflects the superiority of the socialist system. The Ministry of Labor were analyzed tens of thousands of jobs, technical standards clear, objective and impartial assessment can be operational, fully reflects the simple labor and complex labor differences. Similarly 1950s design system. China delicate and transparent system of eight workers. Simple and difficult to understand than the Japanese year to advanced multi-functional sequences. This is not just a technology system or a social institution. Work system is given eight front-line workers to the dignity of workers, but also the eight front-line workers working system gives a strong upward channel, so that Mens North Face Gore Tex Sale everyone knows that China is more than a school can become an official one way to go. A worker. Only to pay diligence and intelligence, will one day be able to fifty-six work. Let greeted director's position, if the talent better, master better, might even become the country's top eight workers, do not fear to see the President. Generations of migrant workers, not because of the identity of the farmers suffer, because the identity of the workers suffer. A lot of people are always strange, foreign skilled workers are middle class, noticing China on aliasing, featuring roots in the employment system. A 21st century workers, if it clear that he is 6 turner, welder or five naturally in the labor market, will own the general work area with simple labor to separate, resulting in more labor remuneration and social status. Under this system, if the boss say, "Do you love would you not, like you I am going to just throw a brick in the talent market, can turn circle when killed five", six workers could spit in his face spittle, took out her bright red certificate. The simple one certificate, and diploma value indistinguishable. From a personal point of view you can say it is just a piece of paper, can not prove their worth. But from society's perspective, is a testament to the value of the individual. Enterprises may not get 200 million copies of your resume, examine hundreds of thousands of people in a professional capacity. Set an 8 or Harvard graduate working conditions, reduce business costs, accelerate social mobility is entirely possible to recruit people to save money as salary hair down, you can also Mingzhuantou of skilled workers from the black-hearted boss's minions the rescue. Such a clear increase in channels, but also allows ordinary workers see the direction, easy to pull themselves from the bottom of society to the society of the middle. September 4 on the board, and finally identified the eight workers transplant systems and methods, and provides the latest technology Amendments time, announced the completion of an internal integration and large. Yang Ming's mouth dry Shezao read, sit down quickly drink water. Sioux City great music, feet Yi Deng, make up the rickety chairs, open smiles: "It should be written down and published out and we not only want to Dahua Industrial Group to promote this system, other associated companies and supporting plant also To promote, so that their workers to our Group to research, admitted evidence, and North Face Windstopper Outlet companies can estimate the cost of which more and more money, provided that they meet the criteria UOB This money we dig and I think with, we supply If we can have a number of suppliers four levels of team work, it is also simple to improve yield, and maybe actually save money. Eventually, eight workers if the system can be restored in the country, the best thing. "Shiro is the most admired cousin, certainly said: "Su Dong wrote, Guarantee able to promote the country and you personally write one. Peking University on the use of the wording." ZHONG root so serious people laugh spray: "What is the wording of Peking University wording ah." "always kind of advanced writing it." Shiro suspicion for a long time, Yipaidatui said: "prose, write prose and this much of it." conference room quiet for a few seconds, and then laugh like boiled water. Sioux City fingers trembling smile, said: "I would say you did not read and you certainly are not convinced, I say you read, and feel sorry for myself in the stomach." Lin "whoops" sound, holding his stomach slips the. Shiro thick-skinned meat rough, his face all red to see, hehe smile, said: "Do not laugh dick old I am a junior middle school education, you know prose, and your high school, college. Then you can do a articles Pianwen do? "everyone dazed. "Look, I know prose, you know I do not know now not confirmed, even if you know it." Shiro with a great degree of tone, proudly smiled and said: "You know prose, you also, and I am a level, Whoever you can do a prose out and I count you worse than me. "Goodfellas, ZHONG roots and Chao two returnees are afraid to speak, Joseph Chan, who was shut up more closely, for fear of the called out. Prose this kind of thing, where there is a normal Chinese people will write. Silent room. Dahua shipping industry YAN Xue Chan cough, knocking the cup with your fingers. Name of the beat singing: "Mei Sheng Shiyang song elegance, the author Ming Fu Song Dahua" he sang five breath, then stopped, a cup of water, calmly said: "I used to do sales in Jichai when there is a cadre of Sinopec like the mouth, not in school, and one time only so few. "" Little Yan line ah. diamond in the rough. "Lin grinning evaluation, said:" not afraid of leadership principles, leaders are afraid of loving Little Yan, do you want to our PR Marketing Division to? rarity in the leadership of those who have literary hobby for you. "Yan Can Learn repeatedly shook his head:" I arrived in Dahua shipping industry did not take long, other dry out the results came, where leaders say move, I go where to go. "" to not move also, you should not prose, to write an eight Su-Dong articles worker system. "Lin with onions segment-like fingers point two, hack YAN Xue Chan faint. Sioux City coughed, and said: "Stop. Eight workers system is a very important institution. Previously said, 'China is now implementing a commodity system, the wage system is unequal, there are eight wage system, etc. etc. This can only be restricted under the dictatorship of the proletariat '. now do not mention this crop, and we urge the country to recover as much as possible, the opportunity is lost, then increase the size of laid-off and insecure workers increased again, this system it is difficult to engage. "ZHONG roots back to listen to his sayings, his face serious and said:" Su-Dong, too careful. "" a society, we are poor is not terrible, some people are poor is not terrible, terrible is poverty immutable about two or three million workers, do not give them the opportunity to increase wealth, social status do not give up their channels, how that line. such a big thing, nor is it we can solve the energy discussion, written in the form of articles published out to do A limited power. "Sioux City says, naturally nobody then reject. Joseph Chan was asked: "We give SOE assessment evaluations are not? Lot of places actually still use eight wages, as we plant now hung. Above is not admitted. Request to cancel the last nor are all canceled." Then canceled eight work system is to make big pot in the end, so early into the factory workers and eight workers to take the same amount of money is to make China into an advanced system of eight workers in Japan work sequence. Master disciple rampant in factory yard, dare favor almost no opposition but many. Especially the poor and lower working-class origin, political physique hard amazing, very mainstay taste. Sioux City do not care about historical details, a chuckle: "SOE initiative to assess, we will comment. Already has a certificate, if he came Dahua take the exam again, use qualified to do his actual level of achievement if unwilling to come, recognize previous level, but drop a calculation we mainly for hundreds of millions of private sector workers. "" how to have hundreds of millions of private sector workers. "Zu years do not believe it. Sioux City stunned, said: "In the future, more people working, the workers will be more. Increased twenty-three million is not surprising." "That's a worker if there is $ 1000 gdp, 3 bn will not be 300 billion?" Guhai Jian surprised forget it. Sioux City laughed language, wait for them to finish talking, and expand their own folder glanced, said: "The next one, is to train workers. Allow workers to have only part of promotion channels, but also gives them the ability to promotion The Trinity: training, identification, motivation, "he boards the fingers, counting one by one, said:" Our workers to achieve a kind of level? First of equipment to be able to maintain the improvement of methanol and then we want to ensure that one kind situation, that is, out of the Formosa Plastics Haicang plan, we should be able to hold up to the plan. "This is the second reference to Formosa Sioux City may withdraw it. Although we are not confident, able to match the Formosa Plastics Group, but it is no longer surprising. Sioux City feel very satisfied, continued: "Group funds from savings to extract part out, the establishment of a series of training and qualification base, is placed in the outer suburbs of industrial land in Pudong mainly include the following: electrical, instrumentation , welders, fitters, methanol simulation, oil refining simulation, simulation of ethylene addition, pump maintenance fitter, cryogenic compressor maintenance, atmospheric and vacuum distillation and hydrogen plant is training four items. "These are all the construction and maintenance of petrochemical base necessary for workers to be that with these workers, will be able to buy complete sets of petrochemical equipment used. Without these workers, billions of devices placed there is the decoration. Zu was listening enraptured, as if foreseen own factory workers competing appraisal, training places fighting scenes. For workers, this is justified when the competition is another fun thing to do, boring water work not anyone want.
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