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December 25 [Tue], 2012, 10:03
"Can you raise ** I've relieved you later want to prop up the butterfly organization, you are a capable child, grandmother assured to give you the organization after revenge depend on you. Come to Grandma you something. "Pansy main to the masked girl beckoned. Butterfly flower in front of the Lord masked girl went to sit down, the butterflies spend the Lord's hand suddenly a move, according to in the masked girl Lingtai den, a powerful internal forces from the hands of the Lord of the irises input masked girl's body inside . "Grandma, you want to do?" Masked girl alarmed. "My child, you do not talk, I'll give you three decades of skill, you quickly sucked cited for its own purposes, or else, we both may be possessed by the devil." Then, the butterfly spent the master no longer speak, continue own internal forces enter the masked girl's body. The masked girl also knew he could not say much distracted, she had no choice but to immediately grandmother lost over the internal force sucked up and running, and then to their own internal forces of the internal forces with Grandma. Do not know how long, butterfly flower master slowly let go of their own hands, "My child, you quickly Yungong shipped to thirty-six Zhou to stop to" the the butterfly flower Lord's voice seems aging a lot, and talk so weakly. The masked girl nodded and hurried Yungong pranayama. Irises main because all of a sudden to the granddaughter of three decades of internal forces, she did not dare to neglect the and hurried also exercise our powers to the interest rate adjustment. When shipped when finished the thirty-six Zhou, masked girl slowly opened his eyes, she felt their own internal forces at least more than twice higher than before, and even now she can hear someone breathing sounds outside. "My child, you wake up, butterfly flower master smiled and said masked girl. "Grandma, how are you?" Said masked girl worried. She also knew that her grandmother to enter three decades of skill is what the concept is equivalent to Grandma martial arts back to thirty years ago Youth's Canada Goose Expedition. Some may be surprising, Chen Tianming not often someone else lose the internal forces do? How he did not have anything? The answer is Chen Tianming is a freak, his own blood, the ants body quickly to restore function, and that he can absorb the weather and ground gas too much, as long as he is not output internal forces, he can recover soon, he as long as the weather and the ground Breathe into the body, often with their own woman XXOO, he resumed. Irises main fondly touched the head of the masked girl said: "child UGG Womens Jimmy Choo Mandah, my grandmother did not matter, I just internal forces subsided a little bit, now is my skill, most people are not my opponent you the time to practice, real integration I'll give you the internal forces for the internal forces of the job, so we spent the the butterfly killer organization to flourish. "," I know, I often come here to practice. "said the masked girl nodded. "Let's go, we go out, they must wait outside for a long time this time I pranayama practice, alas, old bones, not to seize the time to practice it quickly to Yama . "the butterflies spend master said. "Grandma, I'll forbid you to say so, I will protect her grandmother, who also can not bully you." Masked girl said to disregard. Mobile access: @ ⑹ k. cn butterflies spend the Lord said: "You can say any martial arts than I just also strong on a lot a few years, we have spent the butterfly not afraid." irises Lord said self-confidence. Them out, to see two butterflies spend sitting on the sofa waiting for. They see the butterflies spend the Lord masked girl out, two people immediately stood up and shouted: "presbyopia main flower main" the butterfly presbyopia, waved his hand and said: "You sit down, and you told me so for many years, but also their own people. "Then she masked girl said:" My child The North Face Boots Clearance, you show keepsake organization so that they look to confirm your identity. "masked girl nodded, she was transported to the internal forces, then awareness movement, a white light on the issue from her body, first to fly around her in a circle, and then fly up in the hall. Now fly like a beautiful butterfly fly like, but if in the attack, it also completely changed the kind. "To Meet new flower master." Butterfly flower see new flowers main young age, will be able to pull out the butterfly flower, and make out the speed and power of the than presbyopia main also powerful. They know, now the new flower master of martial arts worse than presbyopia master of martial arts more butterfly tissue seems promising. "Children, the line away Come on!" Said the butterfly presbyopia main. The masked girl a wave, Road White immediately flew back to her body disappeared. "People sit down and talk about it, left to make you talk about you to communicate with that customer." Butterfly presbyopia so said Lord butterfly left. Own granddaughter when the new spend master, of presbyopia master in the handling of some of the things, or to help granddaughter just took over.
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