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August 31 [Fri], 2012, 19:06
Xu Heng said that he was tired of running ,does not seem to be a joke, when he had come to the place, I feel my head has been completely unable to run normally ,surprised ?Angry ?Baloney? Ridiculous ?It is beyond logic and above reason? These words are not sufficient to describe my feelings at the moment that complex to perfection .
Two wanted even stately into a three star hotel ,and the front or occasionally after attendants are familiar with each other nod !If I have to say there is nothing to hide it ,it is only a hug my arm ,will her knife on the top of my armpit -- she hide knife ,is taking advantage of my behavior ,but not her identity !Take the elevator to the six floor ,,number 6001 ,the sun ,is the whole building the easternmost one suite ,west of the two bedrooms ,living room is in the middle ,after taking the door I ignore God bless the knife, left her ,straight to the window ,across the road to look ,really !Although we are entered in the crossroads ,by the hotel Simon directly into the hospital parking lot ,accessible from behind the hotel building ,but the building faces south ,the sun just in front of the crossroads turn left just streets ,this place although I did not come a few times, but also clearly remember ,winter night work place ,on the at the crossroads turn left after the road ,really -- from the position I inclined forty-five degrees at the southeast ,North days city police bureau !Distance up to 100 meters !Xu Heng just in Police ,but the police are searching the world for him !I am glad ,glad that winter night is not awake ,be in the car to sleep, or to see this scene, I think she must be mad ,gas a constant arrogance ,air police incompetence puma running shoes,arrogance, Xu Heng gas let the police become impotent how long have you lived here? I see a door to the window to look down, Xu Heng had to know what I think ,let God to make tea ,then smiled at me and said: year ,I returned to North days after here to open room ,I entered the Qianlong manor ,Amayu Ya has lived here ,room is providential identity apart , God is similar to the nickname nickname, identity certificate name is God ,but the police if you really pay attention to her ,not to check her ,even if she kidnapped you failed, the police did not find here ,so I determined, you and did not take her and my relationship to say to me ,you still have some trust ,at least you believe I won .
thanks to Ayutthaya deep enough ,otherwise the first gas blood -- the smelly police certainly is a one-track mind grasps Xu Heng ,never ignore the tomboy Gong Fu under this case !It is weak ,is applied to the pressure is too great, so that they could not take into account other lighthouse underneath the dark you are really good at planning ,began a year ago to prepare for today ,but your courage or to surprise ,actually so in a flagrant way in front of the eyes of the police activity .
I sit comfortably on the sofa ,looking at a constant that is to cover up the Italian outfit dress up ,take things as they come . Reverse thinking ,this way of thinking I believe Mr. Chu is more than I know ,but you can understand my behavior ,I made the case ,everyone think I would run ,but I remain in North days were audacious in the extreme ,the degree of make one ,it is the deliberate provocation ,but this aggressive action will only make the police think I hide their tracks pretty confident ,that since I was deliberately provocative ,then I am in the lower east side appeared, I must hide in the lower east side ,even if some people do not think so ,would that I hide it deep ,not easy to be the police dug out this is double reverse thinking ,but at the end of the day ,and are quite simple ,is the hidden and hide ,in all the low head all over the world to find me, I stood ,but is the most secure, because no one looked up ah , Xu Heng no meaning : furthermore if you behave ,suspicious ,dressed out Puma Vectana Running,again brillant camouflage are useless ,not suspicious people ,also regard you as a suspicious man handled, not generous, gentleman ,my face and no written thief character ,who would have thought that I really Is a thief ?This hotel and PUC are related ,also appeared as police provides some room to do temporary quarters ,moved ,I no less and uniformed man through the meet ,but not to be recognized ,wanted on the photo of N years ago ,and now is not ,even if the police do jigsaw puzzle ,like how many still have difference ,after all ,I have seen the person is very limited ,a surname dragon how may I remember a small d look like ?Those who work colleagues on the dragon family and have many complaints, and I have been very careful in the manor ,honest ,and not offend anyone, so their police request is mostly do things carelessly ,making for a dead Longxiaotian ,to offend me such a live killers Puma Future Cat Shoes,or who know I will not take vengeance on them .
The grandson ,nothing figure ,photos and reality are different ,and the jigsaw puzzle? The puzzle I ,does not like ,at that time the police also asked me a constant appearance, where I remember ?See I can recognize ,but let me describe his appearance ,but is too vague ,too general I was and a constant is not familiar, that night he doesn when insufficient light ,light foot when he wore a mask ,I don perfunctory ,is really the impression is not deep ,Xu Heng cargo long too public ,no one can let people remember the characteristics of you take me to where you are hiding ,is trying to tell me ,if not oblige you ,was only a blind alley ? From the police police police are so close ,even without running ,can come and arrest, it seems a constant is not going to throw me out of the front door .
I don what is the condition of a constant ,but I ,if not acceptable ,my life and dragged him time ,drag is halo fans tiger sister awake , Xu Heng laughs: I said ,this is my sincerity ,not a threat ,whether or not you promise ,you can be safe and sound to leave, but after you leave home or directly to the opposite side of the police station ,are decided by yourself Puma Vectana Running Shoes,I resign oneself to one .
I can Xu Heng , you not afraid of me ? Xu Heng confidence said : I will miss winter and car keys in the car when ,you begin to believe I have no intention of hurting you ,so if I don too much ,you can .
God bless the end two cups of tea ,a cup of gently put in a constant hand side ,almost directly on my face and my eyes a stare ,the tomboy reminiscent of Xu Heng and ask for me, or if I really in compromise conditions with a ravaged her way ,she reluctantly will the cup to me, I only then to a constant : I look like so like to help others ? Xu Heng flattery : not ,you are .
I face the bleeding three words ? I hate saying: even if I am overly nice guys ,how do you know I won Because I am not threatening you ,I am asking you , Xu Heng said: although we touch is not much, but you are a soft not eat hard food person ,that I was very clear ,now I can sit here, and you were such a dialogue Puma Brazil Edition Series Shoes,is the best to prove .
You have to . Then when I was on the luck ,bet my confidence is right or wrong . I and a constant gaze ,but for me to show indifference, he is completely indifferent smile, did not seem to him to me or to be his own have the slightest doubt you lose ? Revenge Longxiaotian later ,I had nothing to lose ,you are my unplanned appearance ,so ,now do this thing ,was not in my plan ,you promised ,I found the luck ,you do not agree, is not used to rub shoulders with me luck ,how to lose lose one ? He was really afraid I refused and reported to the police that he ?Or deliberately showed that trust, trying to stir up my hostage complex ,suffer from the so-called Stockholm syndrome ?I end up tea ,sip ,have no bottom ,make blind and disorderly conjectures as in the past ,the surface is calm , your request is what to listen to ,to say .
Xu Heng glanced up at the station in front of us God ,and God is curious and puzzled than I looked at a constant ,it seems that she and me, did not know that a constant desire me to do .
I surrender . what ? I was almost burnt tongue into his mouth ,including half a mouth and spit it back out the cup of hot water .Xu Heng says quietly : I surrender . PS
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