then we would have been in big trouble

September 14 [Fri], 2012, 15:25
What a terrible destruction ... The blow ,but at least not Jishiwanlu Walker was twisted into pieces ? See the whole land Walker army in array in more than a dozen giant hedgehog best under attack from space channel instantaneous destruction, just coming out of the Zhao Guobin was an instant cold sweat soaked the vest ,and a bitter said: raises attacks ,but as long as again several times US forces will be the whole army was wiped out.
? Don ,this attack is million stab type heavy war biological weapons kill action ,after a single use must wait their stinger regeneration can be used second times .They sting regeneration degree is very slow ,fully grown at least fifteen to twenty minutes .
Hear the words of Zhao Guobin ,Lucifer shook his head ,his dignified said: we must be in fifteen minutes to solve those giant Hedgehog UGG Retro Cargo Boots,otherwise they will attack the target transfer to us, then we would have been in big trouble ! Less than fifteen minutes ,ten minutes in ,the big guy is bound to the whole army was wiped out ! Look across the battlefield land Walker debris ,the doctor a feverish gleam ,then make a fist, to oneself : baby UGG Sandra Outlet,come on and let them have a look of your power ! Do you believe him? Ignored the doctor Lucifer opened his eyes ,looked at Zhou Yulong and said: you know ,if we don do it ,so wait until those guys again attacked, this group of people but there will be many people died here ! I believe the doctor, he said it ten minutes ,ten minutes will be able to get ! Lucifer watched the solemn expression without any hesitation ,Zhou Yulong nodded ,said : the doctor has never let me down, this time will not be !So we must be prepared to be how to deal with those cards to Latin America and Latin America beast beast card behind the five Atlantean kings ! I wish you no wrong outlet karen millen! Hear the words of Zhou Yulong ,Lucifer closed her eyes again, since Zhou Yulong believes the doctor can solve those million stab type heavy war biological weapons ,that he wouldn say anything any more ,but if there is a problem, the dead person is not he .
Gee Gee Gee -- -- ! But in track forces began to gradually ran out of ammunition ,the remaining land Walker step by step ,the battlefield once again gave birth to new change .
I saw that the land Walker debris suddenly like a worm creeping up in general ,and fast and side remains fusion again, into a round of growing meat .Only tens of seconds ,the land Walker remains disappeared without a trace ,replace sb.
thousands of diameter of at least ten meters of large meatball stands in battlefield central ,constantly trembling . Puff puff puff North Face Mens Vests! In the face of abrupt appearance thousands of huge meatballs .
Distance meatballs recently land Walker forces rapidly on these meatballs played a swift and fierce attack .But beyond all expectations that, when these land Walker sharpened teeth bite in the meatball above after not only will the fat on the meat to tear ,but was still retain meatballs ,and grunt once swallowed meatballs ,became the meatballs part .
Land walker is little wisdom junior biological weapon ,in the face of this bizarre cases they did not stop the attack ,but even more crazy to those who began to gradually increase the meatballs .
Just a few seconds ,tens of Lu Walker was meatballs phagocytosis ,became the meatballs part .And meatballs size ,also from the beginning of ten meters in diameter ,slowly now twelve meters ! Pa Pa Pa -- -- -- ! While at three, king is wrong to command land Walker forces to stop the attack ,by other forces on the time, those meatballs again gave birth to strange changes .
Accompanied by bursts of balloon burst of noise ,the thousands of meatballs and burst open, one of only ten meters high terrorist quadruped monsters appear in front of everyone ,out of a sound and a sound like the roar Karen Millen Multi Coloured Dress UK,but full of oppressive atmosphere roar .
These monsters are bent and strong, the surface covered with a thick metal flake .Their chest rib as two rows of teeth generally highlights ,and with them to move one of a, a Kaba Kaba crisp impact sound .
Their arms are generally sharpened blade like sickle bone ,bone edge Hanmang flash ,sharp special .While their back step long rows as dinosaurs back generally sharpened spur ,the spur extends to their head and tail ,so that they have a greater destructive power and means of attack !This is the second stage of Ares program -- integration formed by end all war ,in average fusion hundreds of land walker ,the end of all war have fighting capacity has more general sense of order in biological weapons ,and even certain combat low of high order biological weapons are is not a match for them .
Roar !Roar !Roar ! These end all war just appeared towards just seckill their million stab type heavy war biological weapons mase and ,along the way any block in front of their junior biological weapons are all they be an easy job to tear to pieces .
Even if the defense and strength are horrible who experience ,nor in their sharp sickle shaped bone blade supporting a moment before ,be easily cut into several segments .However, the end of all of the fighting is still less than that of those with enough and card Latin beast compete million stab type heavy war biological weapons ,although these hedgehog in the last salvo shot up most stinger ,but their most crude most sharpened dozen stinger still give they provide a powerful fighting force .
In the face of the thousands of hot shot to end the war ,the dozen million stab type heavy war biological weapons with a shake ,fierce waved the diameter of a meter thick edge needling ,like a root spear general move towards them and mase .
Puff puff puff ! Ping pong ! Accompanied by bursts of crisp metallic sound and edge tear handover noise, who rushes to the front end all war immediately by dozens of edge and great spur into the body ,systemic bleeding ,as a general fell to the ground .
They that resist Raiders knife hand scales well enough to shred a person thick bone edges in these great spur front as in the water for a long time the rotten wood that cannot withstand a single blow ,for they can provide much protection at .
In three minutes ,only three minutes ,the thousands of semi finished the war all fell in the range million stab type heavy war biological weapons of less than three hundred meters ,their bodies in bone penetration and tearing down again into a piece of meat ,as if those are easily slaughter Junior Biological Weapons in general .
However ,now either Atlantis or humans, all expressions have become extremely serious and dignified .Because they know ,seemingly fragile monster did not in fact they imagined cannot withstand
a single blow ,a dead so that they are becoming more and more strong ,like the Phoenix Nirvana ,eventually will show all the terrible terrible battle !PS :two better ,still seek support
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