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September 11 [Tue], 2012, 12:59

It is described in the breeze, today shi Yiner dressing and clean the wound several women, have emerged signs of poisoning, systemic fever, high fever, had died that night, the most serious, symptoms and Wanyan ghost of very similar several women, are the fields if the rule personally screened, the last few days the constitution have proved suitable to stay in the nineteenth, often go these days the twenty shut and Yiner of brief contact has been no strange why so happened poisoning today , only not always notified burning has always been to go to the vital organs of the human body never extravasation can never kill anyone poisoning contact sudden accident, of course, to breeze speculated burning variants, but to breeze speculation, not everyone believe can also be another angle to think: Why tonight and did not like? Tonight, Yin Er, there is only taking that Tangmen ice insects ice worm, or the breeze advocate Yiner to try ... to the breeze never opening the footpath but has guessed the great honor and others of his attitude is how to stranded nineteen closed in order to avoid conflict, and great honor to him whispered Kids North Face Gore Tex, see I would like see the enemy, if it has been brooding, but not the guardian of her mistress ...... Qian Stern, speaking to him, to worry about! burning variants? Absolutely did not expect this last day, not enough time to judge Yiner life and death, Yin Er suddenly become a poison Should burning is true variants, he categorically would not let another the innocent touch Yiner poor Yiner lying cold coffin, no one will be able to go to take care of her ...... the hour of midnight he back Hantan, and so without the knowledge of his wish Mengchang, sea waves, cold Ze leaves people to know so I'm sorry demon army and Lin Jiajun enemy of his being the coach should not take the risk, but he must not abandon Yiner love for her, this is in relation to perishes body shirt, whether he is in the world, no matter how important, to leave the world he was just her husband from the beginning to now, Yiner setback failed, all support encouraged him, and now she can only be a fight to death, he can not even let her feel lonely, however she shi accident, midnight to withdraw scene ...... no wonder, no wonder the Cao Fansu care to rumors that they are political marriage coffin beside his cold to stay a long time, there is no feeling Yiner any abnormal or 40 on the 19th, his face no trace of color, cheek Road stab wounds to heal, and even stop silk smile lips have not had disperse the Yiner the state, fundamental even went to the Mid-Autumn night exactly the same, in addition to the temperature of the burning, the same basis to prove her alive Yiner improvement are not, burning is possible variants ...... and Why Yiner no improvement in the burning will variants? ! ! Suddenly a cold wind blowing footpath Rin, sight away from Yiner who stunned stared at the other corner of absence: Yiner, Yiner she really still alive? Regenerative Dan, the world is really revive it? Will be the Tianjiao in lie to me, would not? ! He was afraid of me that night with Yiner away, so to delay the timing of regenerative Dan fact, Yiner simply never come back ...... Will these forty 9 is simply a hoax only! Alive not Yiner was simply just burning her body! Flick Qian heart, this 45 9 of scam suddenly sober sober moment karen millen clearance outlet, tears covered with a skirt Jingru burst like obviously fake world where there will be a real back to life? That he would not let her rest in peace, stopped abruptly let her body in the fire and ice forty-nine days, he is really the world's most hard-hearted husband, he is also the most stupid man in the world, why the night she clearly was dead he firmly believe Tianjiao loopholes, perhaps, he believed that because he ! Yin Er, you're gone, who else can take my life not conceal it ...... life line in the blade of the knife blade, no one distressed never ... no longer someone is always doing something wrong embarrassed waiting for their own to remedy the situation, never will not when someone in the impasse will be proudly smiling, will all the time smiling, never had ... never again will anybody even he ordered to be rebellious, he accused the tearful contradict: I feel that your life is more important than my League king I was chief, I can go wrong but you can not have a little room for error will not work! express utter the sentence: also partial as well ... him because Yu Ze and clouds really ever get out of the days of the Curse of the plight of Yiner made it clear that he feel scruples dare scourge of her life, he will always remember her in the hills of eastern Sichuan softly told him: In Yiner beautiful smile, he had been forgotten, and the eyes of the heart left she brought happiness ... She also said, blood was able to be around in the forest footpath a forest footpath, that is, I love that Lin Qian, can not say that he heard her voice again fatigue will be relieved ... most hurt the soul is breathed before she was covered in blood black and blue, still intact with an unreserved love of his heart: , he can not say to everyone, it is for me to say to everyone ... regardless of their own lives? White Emperor Temple Song constant case, swamp shortage of sea waves and if so, Prodigy bier Yang Zhicheng case, the Hermit Hill Zhuangdui Hong Han Shu case to whom she can, for who she is not for him because these people, his arm and his comrades, she wanted to help him to love them, but also to help them to understand him ... That night, in order to protect their allies, she put herself completely ignored, but forgot that she was his of the bride, and she for him than anything else ... In fact, these forty on the 9th, he often saw Yiner often see her dream in a dream, and that is where the in the Momen power waterfall, dying the occasion his to feel Yiner fell on him cry: meridians almost burst, the soul also like fugue, but because of her tears and renewed energy around her, if time can turn the clock back again, back to that time, he will be hugging her never never release, if he can foresaw emptiness diameter at the end of waiting he's bright and she's catastrophe, he would rather not get out anyway are immersed in a dream UGG Jimmy Choo Starlit, do not wake up ... will always be remembered, no single upper and lower body, not because of the scars he derived upper and lower body, and no points were not worth Lin Qian love suddenly behind him came a very light footsteps, not engraved gradually slow down stopped Qian never thought the moment someone will come, and it has never refused to reveal the mood in front of people, actually Yiner first completely exposed to come before the come, is a field if the rule of elders, as a someone who saw this scene, only slight sigh tone , knowing that she is risking one's life must to care for Yiner footpath side refused her near her in the hands of drug side intended to take over the person to the field if the rule for Yiner deposited refused to give him: AU Wang, at this moment, the most you should not be close to her no serious problem, Lin Qian this slightly calm down, listen to the field if the rule so to speak, can not help the Allies not deserve The Tin MCC Ce Guotou to looked at him and looked sad, whispered: burning variant possible regenerative Dan onset field if the rule face of this calm and quiet and not panic, is needed dozens of-upload his military to sharpen,, no wonder Yiner take her as worship, she came now only said three sentences, both are warned Lin Qian cherish their lives, and both encouraged him to return to the battlefield last one, it is even more so have despaired of his mind a move: ah, not necessarily this may ... He can not help but nod: go to war with the enemy tomorrow midnight before the chief as long as the resurrection, in the shortest time, we will notify the Union King Qian Lin asked not much puma shoes mens, no wonder Yiner enshrines the ... Over tears, immediately Lin Qian said, ... infinite tenderness when the Kills so stunning talent to defend their master, as deadly as his father, could not help shocked, but happened to bump into his gentle for Yiner leak, we know this is a true forest footpath but this forest footpath few people can see the others only to see him face a mighty force when the Tanxiaoziruo not see him grief when loved ones dead or alive tears ... and later, the thought of her slim hopes of survival, but also true there is no love, the idea died ... footpath with a heavy heart, to reveal the truth to a stranger for the first time, Lin Qian without leaving ...... across the field if the rule face a trace of sympathy and affection of laughter: Yin Er? did not always big or little Coushang the come to speak with me Guiling Jing strange impression, very likable little girl ... but can not think, see her actually into this Hantan, by such a heavy injury, alas ... if not edge too exposed, so much evil that it may not be incurred doing my very, very low ...

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