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September 05 [Wed], 2012, 16:10

Released watching mad storm brightly lit Tokyo Institute of Infectious Diseases. Behind him, vulture squad members, a total of fourteen people. Release in nine p.m., from east to west, the No. 12 typhoon this year, The wind reached ten the raging winds rolled soybeans size raindrops, madly earth pouring with rain. The rapid rise in the streets of Tokyo, water speed visible to the naked eye, and due to the impact of typhoons Fringe Cardy UGG Boots, rising sea levels in the Gulf of Tonkin, and even intrusion into the river, causing the entire Tokyo poor drainage, all regions of stagnant water are quite serious. Outdoor visibility decreased rapidly, even if it has lights, three meters away naked eye can not see anything. Released just like real winds tear like a pair of giant invisible hand is generally large outdoor billboards, they are distorted, and even shredded. Roads, trees blew rickety, the countless foliage life and pulled down from the tree trunk, end up all over the floor are. The already lost past the bustling city of Tokyo, in addition to rescue and relief vehicles roaring past from time to time, this time even more brightly lit like a dead city. Everyone back home, closed the doors and windows, and much trepidation waiting typhoon past. Released busy rodent control it will not have the extra power to support here, which can greatly relieve the pressure that we will face. shotgun squad has done all the preparation, they will create conditions for our sneak into the Institute of Infectious Diseases and all equipped with good? He came to the corner, open several cartons out of the box sets deep black clothes. activities, four hours of oxygen requirements. helmet, it weighs only a mere fifty grams, and its surface distribution of a large number of small sensors, wear it will not affect everyone the hearing, these are specially made according to everyone's body. Roslyn, you put it divided it. clothes to wear, this mode of transmission of the plague believe we are well aware, does not allow you to have the slightest bit sloppy! You must own to get rid of their own, never able to exposure to the Chinese people as there are less than compelling, not looking for blood, domestic practitioner with Japan and China do not want to have forged not defuse the rancor you understand ? Publish Kent soulful eyes looking at their own players, the perils of this action can be said that since the establishment of the vulture squad, the most challenging task, maybe a few hours later, these have followed a few years under some people never come back. Institute of latent go. Publish Bill hand wiped off the face such as streams shed rain, already drenched his clothes, covered from top to bottom are the call ┅ ┅. Bill mood is terrible. His group started to sneak into fairly smoothly, due to bad visibility, coupled with strong winds and torrential rain masked the sound of their actions, they soon came to three hundred meters of the walls from the Tokyo Institute of Infectious Diseases Office. Released, but from there, their actions are getting hard up. The Onmyouji powerful searchlights, and from time to time through the eight-member team patrols Let forward struggling. If it were not many trees outside the Tokyo Institute of Infectious Diseases, plus Susan occult ability to refract light, several wrecker, they would have found Onmyouji. Bill only feel waves of cold sweats in the rain, so many Onmyouji a group, they do not them winning. Missed opportunity melee, the Onmyouji summon Shikigami that time, how these five answers for everything it. Released Nearly half an hour, they advance, but only one hundred meters, it is no wonder that he was impatient. Released forward even harder. has also increased. more difficult to deal with people. Publish the nearly half an hour from the Tokyo Institute of Infectious Diseases at three hundred meters cordon, they forward never more than fifty meters, slightly larger action, there may be attracted to the powerful searchlights view, and those of yin and yang division patrol densely simply his head. If not tonight with unusually stormy weather cover, a pedestrian would probably have been found. Release he can not help a little regret, in order to ensure the squad attack force strong, and Susan a group assigned to the Bill, otherwise with her own forward speed can be faster. But now and then regret also to no avail, only to bite the bullet and rushed up. Publish get in ah. downpour has all of them shower became a drowned rat, plus wreak havoc on the cold, if it is both the effectiveness of insulation and waterproof personal clothing they already because the temperature drops too fast into a coma a. A But on the surface, he was still calm authentic: Release the Americans wait no patience from the Tokyo Institute of Infectious Diseases, the other side suddenly heard a few dull sound of explosions heard in the wind, the rain is not very clear, but Kent they , is also sufficient. Kent and others reveal face lighted up later than the appointed time, but the British finally launched the attack, attracted the attention of the enemy. Released with the ultra-high telescope Kent can be seen on the wall of the Infectious Disease Research Institute in Tokyo, shadows shaking the powerful searchlights inspections seems to be some confusion, and no longer had just as watertight. The patrol walked no longer like just as calmly, but with a bit Huangji. Kent a slightly waved, the players one by Fu Shen forward crawled. Release Howard led shotgun squad is caught in a bitter fight, all while fighting back side, at least twenty-six the Onmyouji added to the encirclement operations, a one-God be summoned, and made Howard they is bruised and battered, find any. If not, The Onmyouji have to start with are quite the sense of proportion, has long been to see God. Publish This is far beyond the expected, and he had been with Onmyouji wrangle some think to bad. But now, just a few minutes later, he had seen the ruin omen. Released to the sky the wind and rain provide Xuenv with countless Flutter of countless ice picks in case of poor visibility, but also become a hidden weapon came and went without a trace, the shotgun squad have been at least six people and wounded, two of them seriously. Create the Xuenv momentary wall of ice wall blocking almost all of the firepower of the shotgun squad attack intercept them released shouted hysterically while trying to resist with ice mirror with sky flying ice picks. While his ability to vary the water control and brilliant achievements in the last task, but the face of of Yaozu one of Xuenv, plus the number of absolute disadvantage, he only Xuenv proud have mercy attack barely starting point protective effect. His best water attack, a complete failure Xuenv front. The tall water not yet close to Xuenv, has been frozen into the Iceman, Shura easily strike became debris. Successive defeat, he completely abandoned the attack. Publish Fendt, Ron, you as much as possible to protect the back of everyone; Ni Liya to attack you, and I the Onmyouji! Do not let them comfortably manipulate God to attack us! Renee, ready to attack! Road, with the Americans agreed to attract Japanese attention at least ten minutes, and now more than half, and I am afraid to even their escape route will be Onmyouji foreclosed blindly defensive. Published Howard out from behind the barbed sword hand karen millen outlet, waved the slender body of the sword immediately beneath the flame, even in the environment of a rain-soaked, that the flame is still burning ground is very bright. But he bottom pressure Kung Fu, Howard waved fire sword, pick, stab, set aside, stand, split, adept of the pole in front of the ice picks, ice wall one by one break open led five headed straight to The Onmyouji distant God manipulative. Released From showed strength, Howard is Onmyouji medium level, but a non-practitioner, to have such strength, it is rare differences. Released kills. less main assured. induction into the hands of the Sword Howard on looming exudes the smell of death, and it would not be an ordinary barbed sword. Even so, Abe evidence did not think Howard what pattern to play out right under his nose. Published the abilities soldiers, perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, is the magical wand of existence, but for them to deal with the demons, it is nothing, if not with British bargain with these people want to win, Onmyouji long under pain killer. Released then, hastily ran up from the wall of an Onmyouji Abe corroborate a ceremony: Some guests jump Le itchy! Publish Abe evidence heard can not help but slightly Yi Zheng, In fact, both Kent they still Howard's shotgun squad, although the storm cover, in fact, when they sent out has been Embassy Onmyouji found outside. But in order to get conclusive evidence of invasive fishes did not see the way they pretend to. The Shikigami Onmyouji have released, they call a magic mirror of ghosts do best is hidden and peeping by Abe Abe Yu Ming reminded evidence, returned to Tokyo after the first time will have God's the Onmyouji arrangements in Europe and the United States embassy district, comprehensive monitoring unusual move everything inside, Kent and Howard tonight all the action is, in fact, are closely monitored Onmyouji conducted. But he did not think the days of pine nuts they surprisingly found that the presence of Kent et al. One can not put the run release it! if anything goes wrong, I is never Qingrao! Since the days of pine nuts and jump Le also want to play, then also do not need to eat some food alone, alone Better Together, anyway, where more than a dozen won also hit the big one. And those people should be days of pine nuts their requirements into, nor regarded dereliction of duty, also ended in failure favors, why is not it. Re-released Abe corroboration eyes turn back to the front of the battlefield, Howard set an example of the leadership of the the shotgun squad players all rushed out, followed by break through the layers hinder, headed straight to the Onmyouji. Two amazing effort guy, and even break the two trees, waving as trunk fearlessly to the Onmyouji have rushed past. Released this sudden change in those who Onmyouji have quite a bit by surprise, panic. Confusion but more than ten seconds, the Onmyouji quickly adjust the attack order, walked up to the two-God Shura Howard, two knives, Saide, he was cut down. Other type of God also have a variety of ways to the remaining people trapped so that they can only find any around hiding, no longer forced to Onmyouji. Published Howard hearts of tremendous anxiety, he also looked out own against Onmyouji who apparently did not fully do battle, but like a cat and mouse like in juggling own! Approached him only to find, these the Onmyouji turned in the battle but also guarding their own clothes and rain! Howard is playing scared,'s playing mind bottomless. Released when he thought of retreat, the whistling of the wind and rain, he heard a clear voice in Japanese, said: bright, then felt the limbs as though they had not been listening to his beck and call like a heavy, a surge of almost equal neifu the biting chill from all avalanche as flood, it simply can not resist! He soon lost consciousness! To release that Kent, a pedestrian has entered the Tokyo Institute of Infectious Diseases, Abe evidence gave an order, the dozen Xuenv Shikigami immediately with lightning speed, eleven Howard crowd into a huge ice . Howard Morohito walls more than 10 powerful searchlights on irradiation, saw more than a dozen wide and two meters high and three meters of ice stands in the walls to be sealed in one look different, lifelike. Publish you looked here, do not let the ice, an hour later, and then they released the imprisoned! Publish Kent, a pedestrian in Onmyouji tacit understanding Tokyo Institute of Infectious Diseases, said the supreme body of the infectious disease research in Japan, the hospital has beautiful scenery, covers an area of ​​vast lakes, hills, woods, everything dozen buildings six seven colors small building in the middle of which. But now, the hospital is dark, even though the lights are difficult to see, and the pouring rain in the hospital all hiding them. The three groups of people quickly joined the agreed place together, although the crowd looks a little embarrassed, but gigs, no one was found. Released Howard dozen people with confusion, it seems that we overestimated their strength! Originally, he thought there would be some trouble, for which he even prepared a second set of proposals is to make the other two groups to act as bait, this side is responsible for guarding the Onmyouji attract open, to create the conditions for his team to sneak into. It now appears that much concern to him. Published But Bill's face was not the slightest smile, but eyebrows off furrowed. He lowered his voice to the Kent said: gap, they should be impossible to those Onmyouji made such a miserable state of which must have! wind and rain. People can not help as the one everyone understand that this should be a means shotgun squad or annihilated, or complete the task has been to retreat, the way out can only rely on their own. Published by Bill said, Kent hearts to give birth to a little skepticism But things have been so far, he has no choice. If say, so empty-handed, it was difficult to explain to the the shotgun squad and Howard, their face embarrassing ah. Famous vulture squad, even a fight Sale UGG Kids Bailey Button, but will face the United States disgrace scandal. Released Publish Kent, wiped off the face of rain, this hold down Bill's shoulders in the same low voice said: we can complete this task! Even if the front is a hell, we have to move forward! you know! Chinese people have the idea that Japan is an old saying, used in a moment that we vulture squad today reflect their own values ​​best when, to the United States, even though the entire vulture squad left the last one, I have to complete this task! Released Kent the wrist looked satellite positioning system, and a south-east said: I think there should be within the tight loose outside surface seems there is no enemy, but may perilous here, but those priests who are responsible for guarding heard of them, but very good illusion to confuse the enemy we are not or divided into three batches ahead as well. Road, They self-confidence soared. Released our eyes, our time, but not much, and then dawdle, the typhoon will be out of the city of Tokyo, to that time, we want to get out of here, will be even more difficult! sighed, and not say anything. A pedestrian gingerly walked through the woods hiding Zhao bluestone laboratory location. Released ? Chinese Taoist their surgery method, but heritage for thousands of years, in addition to their own, no one understood them badly in the end to what extent do you understand? ignorance of the enemy is the most horrible! mood follow the squad through the grass, across the street, a pedestrian smoothly came to Zhao bluestone laboratory. Kent slight dissatisfaction glared at Bill one Sale Women Boots UGG, because Bill remark sake, the way everyone is nervous, the spirit of high tension. Release all put on the chemical and biological suits, others jumped on dual protection in stormy weather and dark night, the walls like a gecko-like climbing to the top of the building in addition to left two people hold portal, Zhao The bluestone laboratory is the fifth floor of the building seven-story small building! Release

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