most unhappy nature is Chun Hao brother

September 10 [Mon], 2012, 15:07
Things to do, most unhappy nature is Chun Hao brother ,especially the idea was invented by him ,the best ass wanted him to wipe .And this was their plan ,but then was planned, but who also did not take the present follow-up plan small as one thing ,after all, a man hit ten it is estimated that the military could do special ,ordinary people can have the ability .
Especially in these people, Qin Fang looks although quite big ,what can be rich boy ,really few are very difficult to hit ,nature also is not too hard .Is this result appeared, suddenly let them all boring ,not know what to do .
For ,to ... ... Get ,go ,can boy slipped ! , Jun Hao brother is the first to react ,nature also is the first slip away ,because he had seen the Qin direction more than a dozen flop local people walk past North Face Polo Sale,is not only then playing ,or scare ,the local people are mostly put them away in one of the .
If it were not go ,probably Qin immediately will kill over a dozen individuals ,not Qin Fang opponent ,as they block ,add up to fight the Qin Fang a slap in the face .Jun Hao brother ran ,the remaining two attendant is not stupid ,looked at one another with immediately followed ,also ran away ,and soon caught up with Jun Hao brother , this must call a few people ,must not, for fear you busy ,we come to help .
.. ... This reason ,Junhao brother only really depressed about, want to let the two companions as the scapegoat is not possible .Don look at them all with von little side shift ,usually with idle away in seeking pleasure ,but they were not very harmonious, but also has a very intense fight both with open and secret means .
For instance before Jun Hao brother face Qin Fang lost a big face the two immediately adding the trimmings general to von little about Junhao brother humiliating scene ,so speak ill of him behind ,even Junhao brother come over ,they are still hard at his .
.. ... Jun Hao brother they ran away, Qin Fang nature is not known North Face Gore Tex Jackets,they compared the location of hidden some plus now it was still dark ,even if there is a street lamp can see nearby location ,too far will not see half of Chu .
Uncle ... ... ... ... No, master ... ... ... ... You will accept disciples UGG Mini Bailey Button With Paint Splatter Boots!I will be good ,you see now the cold weather I can every day to help you warm blanket ... ... Ding Chuchu was the head of almost all her chivalrous dream ,before is not possible but now see Qin Fang ,as if in the desert struggled to survive for a long time, suddenly it saw an oasis like, two eyes are green .
.. ... As for what she has to say, she probably didn care how it, now she only wanted wasfor Qin Fang to accept her as a disciple ,taught her powers, so she can become a master of martial arts ,to become a curb the violent and assist the weak ,justice of the woman .
.. ... ... ... Get out of my way. Or I will make you stand here in the cold ! Qin Fang ,roll your eyes ,open Ding Chuchu tightly pulled his arm of the hands is very severe threat of a sentence .
Ding Chuchu it was good that awareness is still much ,but the body has no way controlled feel quite uncomfortable ,and now is also relatively cold weather at dawn ,she is standing here move are still a bit cold ,but stood still here soon directly estimation frozen .
So frightened was Qin Fang ,Ding Chuchu will be more well-behaved ,from the language of the request into a kind of delicate and touching eyes cry ,seems to give a person a kind of sad ,to feel .
The party may not directly know her ,who fell to the ground in a local man north face outlet,don them ,but such a cruel reality or let them tremble with fear in one .Ten to one ,a first kung fu is directly seckill ,even if they are tough Maple Valley local people ,all is valorous abnormal generation ,Ming Yan suffer so they wouldn do stupid things .
You ... ... Referred to what Jing Qin this into the front ,these people were confused, eyes are also reveals the confusion ,they are just some ordinary people only, not those who dare to kill people ,people bully people less of them is not afraid ,after all the popularity it ,previously they had with the armed confrontation .
Just in front of the Qin ,but gives them considerable pressure, they dozen individuals do not fight with Qin Fang ,nature also had to honest a little . I don want to do ,want to say to you directly ,this money is not collected, guarantee that the day will have the last hero ,direct even small life all away .
.. ... Qin Fang squat body ,watched by one of his recent personal laughingly said ,comparison of tone and ,do not know the thought were friends ,even though that by his local body was shaking sese .
You ... ... What do you mean? The man heard Qin Fang said ,suddenly there dumbfounded ,feeling Qin Fang words without rhyme or reason . What ,you ... ... Get moving !Qin Fang smiled ,standing straight up ,while of course ,side to side with Ding Chuchu walked past ,took the girl hands toward club over there in the past ,leaving only the confused local people .
.. ... Master, how do you so let them ah ,never asked who these people are committed ... ... , ... They could hear the faint ,Ding Chuchu asked them the same question ,at least as they in Qin Fang this position, they will certainly push the enemy ,or even don .
No ,I know who did it ! Qin Fang voice leisurely came suddenly ,so they are all slightly a hysteresis ,and could not help but listen , you didn ,how do you know ?Who did it ? Ding Chuchu followed the apparently asked ,she is also very curious .
Just before you want to bubble that Jun Hao brother ... ... Of course the man is behind him ! Qin Fang still so calm tone said ,it seems that the thing he is just a bystander like .
!Well, next time I met him ,should he look ... ... Yes, master, you finally agreed to take me as a disciple ... ... Taking advantage of time ,make disciples give you warm bed .
.. ... ... ... Or drive to the top line ... ... ... ... Qin Fang and Ding Chuchu fading away ,only the indistinct sound ,these are Qin Fang down local people look at me ,I have a look at you ,I don whispered the words , he said on this money ,I don earn .
.. ... ... The others are with each other ,have a look ,then have agreed the general nodded ,from the ground up ,rubbed his own chest, see Jun Hao brother, they are gone ,immediately from the club side side soon ran away .
Oasis club is a high-end clubs ,even at this time, also had many service personnel on duty ,Qin Fang Xian to clear springs private money ,but in their people while walking ,but has to account to the knot ,but let Qin Fang saved a sum of money ,just how much was owed point .
Of course ,this is a small thing ,this money Qin Fang is not very at heart ,most of them I take a walk .To this bit, Qin Fang could not really at the oasis Club live down in hot springs ,sleep is very comfortable ,exhausted do ,all more .
Moreover ,Qin by brother still parking there guarding ,estimating a night without rest ,Qin Fang cannot let him too tired .From Qin Fang Club door ,they went straight to number one parking lot ,Qin Fang Audi quietly parked there, see what people around ,even the Qin by brother did not see, it is very strange that Qin fang .
Parking position there empty ,a security is not ,do not know where to get out ,just the transparent glass has a rather prominent five hole ,is to keep pouring cold wind ,but this has little relationship with Qin Fang ,he also lazy tube .
However ,before he and Ding Chuchu entered the parking lot, saw Audi door opened ,Qin by brother intact from the inside out ,see Qin Fang came ,the cold face immediately gave a little smile .
Qin by brother ,ok ... ... ... ... , Qin Fang studied Qin by brother ,although he knew the Qin by brother less likely to be injured ,but still cannot help care for a while .
That Qin by brother answer has always been that simple ,just two words karen millen store,but the tone is still full of air ,so he the spirit is good . That !Yes, here is what happened ,that the security is not to make trouble ? Qin Fang ,nodded ,and then some curious fellow ,at the same time Qin Fang also roughly surveyed their Audi ,seems to have no place to damage ,and not be smashed the indications .
Come ,go again ... ... Qin by brother very simple replied ,referred to the distant that booth ,a hand to talon, than a strong talons tapping gesture .This gesture ,Ding Chuchuleng where they do not quite understand ,but Qin immediately senses ,recall just saw the security booth glass on the five hole ,feelings are Qin by brother to vigorously EAGLE-CLAW abruptly out of the .
The glass is fairly thick ,there are about more than one centimeter thick, generally with a hammer will not be crushed broken ,but Qin by brother just with their fingers punctured so thick glass ,.
.. , who heads are kick ass ,will continue with the Qin by brother !
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