intended to kill Unlike murderous

September 28 [Sat], 2013, 12:29
Jeni Tewkesbury here is to get the students, but students Shengyaliang there is not convinced, and what ah? You almost have surgery or just gun, and now wanted a word as nothing happened? How can something so cheap ah Furthermore a say, you worship brats do not leave, but we do not worship so today this thing forever tell the truth, Shengyaliang those students already dislike watching Arthur , after all Well, it is enough Arthur Young in Shengyaliang, which is entirely newly enrolled students Well, this is basically a feather boy into the school must be high school seniors learned the rhythm, but Jeni Tewkesbury went to, even to become a teacher? Do Jeni Tewkesbury source of division is very nervous? Casually to a feather kid can become a teacher? But also so welcomed by the girls? Furthermore a say, what the teacher told that Tina Xisi smelly kid so familiar? Good talk so harmonious? You know, Xisi Valentina in Shengyaliang Royal Mowu college, but more than seventy percent of boys dream lover, gentle and kind and beautiful appearance, is simply the highest ideal of men, but unfortunately, Xisi Tina does not seem to love the idea, but identity is also placed where ordinary people can simply not coveted. So, Xisi Valentina destined only these boys distance, Timberland Men's Leisure but not fondle Yan object, but that is because his mouth to eat less, just more people arrested heart torsion liver, now Xisi Ti Na is definitely Shengyaliang last welcome female teacher no.1, simply told Arthur Jeni Tewkesbury college same. But then again. At this point, Arthur touches with Xisi Valentina quite match. "Well this is Jeni Tewkesbury School hospitality you? Really be laughable." Because unhappy, opposite the students began to complain up, and an opening directly carried out on the Jeni Tewkesbury School strongly criticized. "That is, I'm going to go back after such a good bit of advertising with others, is really a group of savage crazy girl, people will think you do great?" "You have the ability to hit me ah ouch" a few frustrations over getting more and more students points, which makes one all the girls are very petulant, Jeni Tewkesbury's hospitality? This clearly is a good or bad thing you go first? If you do not look for a job. We can sell? But Wohuo go Wohuo. In this matter, we do not want Arthur difficult, if shot, then, it may be out of hand. Therefore, we can only be patient. Silent patience. Until one of the boys looking to play the opening very proud. At that moment, Arthur had not spoken of moving up, lightning appeared in front of the triumphant boys. No one can react Arthur speed, just a moment, Arthur's right hand is raised high. "Popping" a slap in the face crisp sound mind, and that the boys are looking to play the next moment dashing out, volley rotate seven hundred twenty degrees, but unfortunately could not make good landing big wrists downloaded directly down, though not die, but estimates also disfigured. "What are you doing?" We react after Arthur had finished his nifty slap in the face of this, and his actions, but also let Shengyaliang college students surprisingly angry again. "What? He's not saying what, then have the ability to hit him, I just to prove about it, I do have a skill, so I hit him, that everyone can hear you, but also can give my testimony bar. "Arthur innocent one Tanshou, outburst, instantly make Jeni Tewkesbury students speechless. Arthur says is true is just the hapless Mens North Face Fleece indeed said so, but it can not be so considered it. "For both of us heard" "But that guy found himself playing, we can testify to the teacher Arthur" "I know these days there Jianqian, but also the first time to see someone pick up play, it is opener ah. "" cool teacher Arthur I love you "with Arthur's rhetoric, a congregation Jeni Tewkesbury suddenly excited the girls up on the ah, this is your own people looking to play, then nothing to do with the teacher Arthur, Arthur how wonderful teacher, but also take the initiative laborious hit you a slap in the face, for Arthur's teacher this selfless act, and you are not grateful to no problem, even now want to continue to make trouble? "What are you quibble" Shengyaliang students yelled, but Arthur is a quibble, how? Presence Shengyaliang students can say over home game Deni Tewkesbury? You know, a woman is equal to one thousand three ducks, the presence of many girls, will be able to know how their fighting terror, and only then a comic strike down, no one can say a word about coming. "Xisi Tina teacher, how do you think this matter should be treated better?" Both sides of the student into bickering and Jeni Tewkesbury obvious upper hand which makes Arthur was very assured, and even he still has time to ask the Greek silk Valentina, she hopes to see how to deal with this matter. But obviously, Xisi Valentina seemingly are thinking about something, here are furiously days, and she was still silent, a preoccupied look. "Ah? What?" By Arthur awakened Xisi Tina before responding over, but just then, she has also been the scene of chaos to the stunned. "Arthur teacher, which in the end is how is it?" "The amount of" Arthur's smile looked Xisi Tina, you're a natural stay you? Just happened you did not know? You in the end is how immersed in their own world ah 'Cause this is so Xisi Tina, how do you think is better? "Simple explanation under the circumstances, the way Arthur threw this hot potato Xisi Tina, saying that in the end is how Tina Xisi when the team leader? Apparent lack of capacity, ah, really is because of the identity of the princess do? "That I went to persuade everyone." Xisi Tina hesitated, cheeky Youse, after a moment, he turned to one of the students went Shengyaliang front. "Everyone we quarrel" Xisi Tina's voice was weak, but we did not give her to ignore off, after all, is the goddess of the hearts of boys Well, goddess, then how could be ignored. Can go goddess goddess today foul smells can not, this matter can not be completed, otherwise, would spread out face discreditable Xisi so even if you want to say sorry Tina, these students would not let go. "Xisi Valentina teacher today this thing is absolutely forever We must maintain Shengyaliang College Canada Goose Hybridge Sale dignity" "is ah, if Jeni Tewkesbury if it does not give an explanation, then we Sike in the end of the" "on the death knock in the end, "a congregation boys sally, more hearts goddess in the next, one related to play with blood-like, in Xisi Tina wants to show what's in front, revealing his manly, but they do not know is that this will only reduce their Xisi Valentina in the eyes of brownie points, not a woman be reckless not listen man produced a good impression. "Sorry Arthur teacher, I" Xisi some redness Tina's eyes, she did not expect good communication tournament would end like this. "Never mind, it was to me to deal with it." Arthur's face some frustration, so Xisi Valentina help, but did not expect the opposite effect, and these young arrogant brat who does not appear to give you a little lesson is to die. "Gave me shut up" Suddenly, cold atmosphere enveloped the entire stadium, fights in full swing for those students who head directly poured ice water to cool and cool absolutely. Cold what circumstances? The heart in an instant chill chill, so that everyone can not help playing a shiver, Jeni Tewkesbury side of the girls Fortunately, Arthur was not the main momentum on their body, after all, their people there, let them cool a bit on it, no need to go overboard. However, the group of boys Shengyaliang, but it is completely the calamity, the biting cold let everyone hold the body, but this cold, but not a sudden drop in temperature, but a distributed from the bones chill out, which in the end is how is it? "You" Soon, it was found that the source of this stock chill, it just heard that he rebuked him Arthur exudes such a biting chill it in the end is how is it? Everyone's teeth are chattering, a number of relatively weak willpower has squat on the ground, face of this cold, not to mention the students, and even teachers can not stand Shengyaliang, which is too cold "intended to kill" At this point, the teacher together with Ottavia act as a referee Al Biter teacher suddenly one speaks of the nature of this stock chill, yes, this is intended to kill belongs intended to kill Arthur intended to kill Unlike murderous, murderous will make people feel fear, and to kill, then it will make people feel the biting cold. Murderous, basically just killed a man, and there is a great opportunity to be able to produce murderous, and even said that some have not killed people, and also may have murderous, but only such a person is relatively rare. However, the intention to kill, then it may not produce any who can, that is a kind of power and influence, never participated in the war, no dead mountain sea of ​​blood from coming out, there is no kind of war perception of life, it is impossible to produce such intention to kill. This perception of life nobody want to have, because it is a lost all despair, it may make people produce this top kill, people who have this intention to kill, to be honest, in large , have been very close to the eight-order strong field, and because of this the intention to kill, but also to some extent be regarded as a realm it. However, the strong presence of eight bands is too scarce, and have the intention to kill people on the mainland is also rare, Who would have thought, here, in Jeni Tewkesbury School, there is an intention to kill is used exist yet. (To be continued.)
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