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September 22 [Sat], 2012, 17:07

Seeking recommend seeking monthly, seeking Subscribe seeking comment ...... ========== Why our luck is so bad? Fortunately, we have elders, goddess Kids UGG Bailey Button Boots, Peng City At least they think already flash snow Peng City's land but in fact, they are in the position from Peng family control of the territory's northernmost province, there is a distance of about seven hundred kilometers, just because of dreamy et al before to lay the foundation of the circumstances, the workers were able to quickly road laying to here just after Ling snow arrived, the engineering was suspended, all fully behind the resettlement preparation course, because here just a dreamy and the Spirit snow before Lane foundations of the Temple, so under the current emergency Karen Millen Limited Editions, the shrine is not even built complete the main part of the project, the statues had been placed on the altar subsequently is thousands of road workers the large sacrificial ritual the led the sacred ceremony to give a great impression of the Far West immigrants after a burst of intense flash statues outward diffusion of holy light, one a shrine areas, say, Lane Peng family sets seem to have been Shumenshulu But Shrine field now is the worship of the gods, the role is not large, because she has from the Temple of the field of free movement within the range of tens of kilometers of the Temple of female level of God Chu Jie As for why not choose the northern is God and other gods, it is a pity that they are also just a quiet level of God, is a shrine places full the new entrants quiet level of God Peng people do not seem willing to how to enter Shenting So, only a shrine is not Chu Jie, restrictions on naturally became sacrificial goal of held to greet the number of times a lot, but this temple is the goddess of life Chu Jie, until this like grand As for the middle of the other soul level patron saint worship is entirely one-off field, and who the patron saint of this, not much comments because this kinds of things early look much have to say, the majesty of the gods of the Peng family does not just migrate here, still camped North Face Bionic Jackets, to look forward to when arrived at the city's far West Peng Peng people, part emotional stability , curiously this temple is still under construction At this time, one of Ming Tiya priests of the goddess, watching those flags with their own slightly different, clothing is a lot of the Temple priests gorgeous , the heart filled with endless priestess The growth in the Far West region of a single God, of course, did not know, the Peng family several is the dress of the priests of God is actually basically the kind of specifications, just highlights differences only in the details, such as Chu The clean clothes priests partial gorgeous appeared in front of a singular dressed in robes, is obviously seen the energy flowing robes conceal light armor priests, Tia priests react quickly, the other is a high priest, and the Temple of the deacon respectfully walked in front of the other, Tia the priests First salute, then carefully asked silly ran significantly priest in front of the other gods, asking whether they are faith, another gods in some important beliefs civilization, this behavior is probably obvious provocation, but fortunately, Peng family, gods in people's eyes just a big boss or managers. however Far West has been maintained Tia goddess of faith, and because only a Far West is God, so close monotheistic faith of the Far West, the Far West, the gods faith rather than the the Peng family firm, course, the gap between the two is actually much better than this inside the Peng family, whether it is in the Far West, Central Plains or West Lu, mad believers, are almost impossible because of dreamy been respected education way, as well as public open sharing of information, making all Peng people have hope, they believe there is a level of existence, even if that hope is slim, but that does not mean it does not and, even if it is not to become, they have absolute understanding of these gods into the road of God, and many times, faith comes from the unknown and mysterious, Peng people, gods no mystery, does not exist beyond the belief of both the gap between the position of strength so listening to immediate Tia priest asked from the Far West, do not see the high priest of age just froze for a little while, and then he smiled gently, look calmly replied Chu Jie, the goddess of life but Tia goddess and goddess of life are my family a tribunal of God, we should in fact be very intimate not it? asked last mild, identity Tia priest nodded, but just a discourse with each other proudly look still bring a lot of pressure of the Tia goddess priests, compared with the Tia priests seem to face each other in addition to faith, not comparable However, even excluding the priest strength, Chu Jie priests also are eligible for priests in terms of their social status from the God they serve family friends Shenting , two special God, one of the Chu Jie, another Chu electricity because of this they have a loyal secluded level of God followers Chu Jie followers Splendour, while Chu electric followers the spiritual month Splendor and Spirit Month nominally Presbyterian hospital, but in fact, as long as the eye could see, the two men is not so much the elders UGG Sparkles I Do Wedding, might as well say that God priests, Peng family are very real existing title but into groups of two of God's priests privately but is so called Splendour and spiritual month two men, but than Chu electricity, Chu Jie greater advantage of course, first of all, her qualifications is much higher than Chu electric Secondly, she is one of the Peng family only two female level of God, is only overcast level of God is God, the nominal Shenting Lord God As for Tia goddess, but a shot in the existing Peng family being God in the third batch Outland is God Tia priests confident differences in of such gods gap brought under slightly flinched but her heart, has a than the Peng family priest firmer faith, especially in this migration further strengthen their faith, so that she does not want so as loser-like retreat, even if the loser is just the idea of ​​her in my mind, no one care about Therefore, she stubbornly suction breath, then looked up at the front of the high priest, to say the main purpose of this trip: It is for this? Members believe in the relationship between the gods, but also because of the priests, the gods understood if we say that the average person look at the the Peng family of God, as if to see the patriarch elders awe; priests look at God, and more, to see their parents siblings to the same kind. Lengle Leng gave goddess Chu Jie, the high priest was self-deprecating smile, heart lamented 'really should not look at the strange

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