finally into practice the stone essence

September 10 [Mon], 2012, 9:36
The six looked curiously at present classification on flame lion ,not to say that the devil beast is very proud ?Even if the dead never to surrender before human cultivators ,it seemed not so ambitious legend !If you know six flame lion heart, will say good death is better than living .
OK. The seat you promised ,but signed a slave contract ! Six at the front of the flame and the lion is uncommon,UGG Mens Classic Short, it is still relatively cool mounts ,the promise .Fire lion Wenyan happy nod ,saw its two catch continue her ,a mark of fire break out ,flew into the six eyebrow heart .
This is a source of flame lion God ,as long as the six lions have a belief ,flame stigmata .This is the devil beast ,the subject must be prepared ,or who would believe that a world of Warcraft will really surrender ,Karen Millen Multi Coloured Dresses Cheap! Master ! Flame from the lion God came a gods wish .
The devil beast and the beast ,they never change of shape ,unlike the practice to a certain level can incarnate ,so the magic bestial nature will not say ,is to rely on the gods wish to exchange .
Will give you a little fire ! Six whether flame lions do not agree with, give it a good name .So ,under the eave to bow .David flame lion ~ oh no !It is now a small fire, only to accept the cruel reality .
Fortunately, a small fire of this name, but also not too ugly, but the devil beast class was not a name, now has the master to give it a name ,a small fire was very happy, now Pidianpidian with in six .
Your brother ,this ... ... What going on? Wu Xing watched with in six behind the flame lion ,small mouth wide open ,asked in surprise . This guy is my future mounts ! Six hey hey laugh, tract .
Wu Xing Wenyan small mouth more, was shocked ,when beast becomes so sterile ,even human cultivators .In fact, she does not know ,flame lion surrender completely because of six by defeating his fists ,the devil beast ,human cultivators use magic to defeat them is cheating ,so the devil beast will not surrender the repairable using the magic beat their human cultivators .
The six is not the same ,is entirely by force, by his fists ,which is the common mode of wc3 match ,so the flame will surrender the six lions . Good cat !Your brother can I go cycling ! Ni Senko was delighted to little exclamation ,watched the little fire eyes twinkling little stars ,one can scarcely wait .
In six ,I almost ,kitten ?Fairy Statue later level kitten ?How could she think up .A small fire heart more depressed ,Mens North Face Triclimate Jackets,but this little girl with their beautifully ,it sprang up ,for they are the devil beast ,beauty of Ni Senko, but there .
Shook his head ,ignoring Ni Senko ,six to Wu Xing said : ,how will you fight ?There is one in which Dan Wu Jie elders how to you ? Wu Xing I laugh: you once asked so much I can answer .
Then ,charming white six .The six awkward smile ! I come to you for some materials of alchemy ,feel this abnormal breath ,so just this one, just meet this guy ,got up . Wu Xing said ,and he severely destroy a small fire .
A pair of small fire officers spiritedly look ,is not a little afraid of Wu xing . Abnormal ?There is nothing unusual ? Six I wonder .Six did not notice ,in six while he was saying this ,a small fire flash in the eyes of fear .
Wu Xing nodded ,and said: very sensitive to breath of fire ,the fire mountain was flame breath very pure ,than ordinary volcano outgoing breath to powerful lot . Wu Xing said to distant a huge volcano .
Six I looked,UGG Clovis, found that the volcano is thousands of miles around all the largest volcano volcano ,listened to Wu Xing ,the six also feel an unusual indistinct ,seems to be a wonderful feeling that ,as he is called .
Let go and have a look .Six surveyed said .Wu Xing is going to have a look ,I naturally nodded .At present ,six sitting in a small fire on the body ,into the sky . I will go ! Ni Senko said a loud ,into the sky, to jump directly to the six arms ,the girl is not a bit above suspicion ,seize the small fire red hair ,sitting directly to the six front, on six .
This girl ! Feeling the arms .Six with incense ,shook his head ,commanded the small fire towards the volcano goes out .Wu Xing ,small nine et al at the side of the flight .The volcano is very great, but no traces of volcano magma ,seems to have no eruptions .
Master ,there is a risk ,cannot go in ! A small fire voice in six head in my head ,too afraid to go on .Six curious, what makes small fire this Fairy Statue of late to feel the danger ?However ,more is from the volcano near ,six found invisible calling more and more clear ,let six have to go in .
You go ?What are the risks ? Six yuan to fire asked by . Master ,I entered a ,there is a very strong biological ! A small fire replied ,it had also curiously in one time, but also did not go far, he felt an unrivalled coercion ,press it on the ground to move ,then he go .
Six listen to the small fire words very curious ,feel this volcano is unusual, the preparation of . Don ,Karen Millen February Sale,we ! Six to fire said ,he took advantage of his strength ,nothing to fear ,even if there are powerful creatures ,can also be secret and Qing emperor summoned ,six do not believe there is also a man of God is not? In six tough bidding, small fire had to move on .
Volcano mouth like a deep cliff ,without the slightest trace inside magma ,and dense, see any thing .Six et al landing ,towards the volcano mouth . powerful breath ,it must have a strong flame ,even than my nine really taste the fire more powerful ! Wu Xingluo in the six side ,said in surprise .
A practitioner Dantian in real fire as a taste to nine taste ,nine levels, the general real person of Xiu can only reach three really taste the fire rating ,and celestial immortal person to achieve a maximum of nine really taste the fire rating ,and further is the nine angel fire .
Wu Xing really fire is actually nine taste level ,let the six be startled at this but Nishida ,in the highest grade of the flame .Even if he the man of God master ,Nishida Uchi true fire but also seven flavor .
Nishida Uchi fire and become strong independent ,is looking at a person really on top of the fire work ,that they are paying attention to itself quality ,they are not mixing device not alchemy ,nature does not care what a good fire ,and once you reach the level of Nishida Naka ,God ,the true fire naturally rises to nine day surefire ratings, where also requires practicing the !Only some alchemy division and mixing device division attaches great importance to the cultivation of Nishida Masahi ,six since the refining device ,also attaches great importance to the cultivation of Nishida Masahi ,now he ,Nishida Masahi has achieved six top level really taste the fire ,in the day also not bad .
Is there really a God ? The six surprised ,to say than real fire of nine taste and strong flame ,in addition to Shenhuo ,six really can . Nonsense, how can there be a God here ! Wu Xingbai six eye ,said: there may be some Skyfire ,the existence of natural gift ,some even more powerful than the olympians .
The universe is infinite ,can be born human ,demon clan etc. this can practice of biological ,will naturally born some wonderful creatures ,like some world Kistler ,after numerous years of Reiki raise temperature ,may also the birth of Euro RSCG ,finally into practice the stone essence .
While the Skyfire is such a kind of existence, it is after the birth of the universe is the existence of natural flame ,through constant practice can be continuously strengthened ,but also the soul .
Six some worry that ,if there really is a fire it, really dangerous .After all ,some powerful Skyfire ,even if he could not resist ,once touch immediately stigmata . Your brother ,I feel there is something in the West call me ! Ni Senko suddenly from the six arms raised his head ,strange .
Six I wonder ,how she also have this feeling ,then sniffed the others ,found that only he and Dan Xianzi have this called feeling ,really strange .There it is. Ni Senko suddenly from the six arms to fly out ,moving in one direction .
Six fears for her safety, quickly followed up .The volcano inside a dark, they fly for a long time ,suddenly found in front of a blue light .People feel strange ,on one eye ,toward the light line .
! Ni Senko take the lead ,rushed to the blue light .They followed up ,found this to be an outlet .Export is a huge subterranean world ,six ,saw a huge stone ,the stone around, is covered by a layer of blue screens ,stone is more a group of dark blue light group .
At the moment, Ni Senko in the dark blue light group flying away . Not good !Is given very Skyfire, quickly stopped her ! From behind in Wu Xingyi to see the deep blue light group then exclaimed .
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