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October 21 [Sun], 2012, 17:29
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultSee the days, and like Xu Li, chairman of Peng guess their concerns ,laughed : days ,a little ,you don ,today things don ,we are not clear ! He motioned to Soviet premier Wen and Xu Li explain .
The Soviet premier also kindly smile: call you not to dispose of all things who ,born in Songjiang, on the understanding that you ,the words right, so we want to ask for your advice ,if there is of course to punish ,active also tours !They say Songjiang Autonomous Prefecture gold in Shanghai ,I think he is in this case is very properly, save more than 50 people life .
Although the Korean people ,but life is priceless, he faced the North Korea insolence no compromise ,concession, really embodies an old Party member of exemplary conduct and nobility of character and not afraid of power of the firm and unyielding character !Just didn you misunderstood .
Although Xu Li is low head ,can sue prime words but people hearing .The prime minister may sue had mean it ,and the following people speculate that caused a misunderstanding .Perhaps the prime minister wanted to dispose of some Su to Korea next ,in order to appease the matter North Face Women's Windstopper Jackets.
But when Soviet premier what is not important, today he has here say the words, that would have been inconclusive ,namely below misunderstood !Days of course more clearly that ,not only did not dare to break, but some with profound respect and humility immediately admits mistakes , Soviet prime minister ,we were wrong ,I ask you to review ! The Soviet premier waving laughs: well, don say that ,after going back to submit a detailed report to me .
The Soviet premier a few words to lift the day and Xu Li biggest worry ,see two people relax some ,Soviet premier just said: a little ,your name this time but frequently someone in my ear about ah !Today saw that what they say is true ,is really young ! Su let Xu Li one, their only a Beijing office director ,department director level officials should into the prime minister ,Xu Li good or bad .
But can get Su Chancellor praised ,let Xu Li some be very upset . Soviet premier ,you flatter me ,I am too light ,consider not, work experience, hope to sue prime minister a lot of criticism .
The Soviet premier on Xu Li not to regard it as right ,just smiled and said : well, I listen to the NSA director Gu mentioned ,this time they to Autonomous Prefecture .Thanks to your help ,you are one of the parties UGGs Dauphine,you know ,you tell people about it ! Xu Li to sue prime mentions the NSA ,immediately Ming Sauvignon Prime Minister why so confident that North Korea could not fight .
It seems Cui Minghao explain the information has been confirmed ,the Cui Minghao that provides Korea nineteen secret military base in detail, and on the North Korea Map Xu Li also had seen only from the nineteen ,a secret military base address ,has spread to korea .
From the distribution situation, presumably even if there are omissions, is also at most three two only, if it will be the nineteen secret base destroyed ,at least half of North Korean military strength to destroy .
Or will the nineteen secret base case through the 1ou to the United States ,and perhaps do not have their own country acts ,the United States of America world police must be willing to teach the naughty little rogue .
Xu Li will now some time ago in Songjiang province and their comrades to arrest the murderer ,how to interrogate Cui Minghao process said again ,finally said: only know these ,specific situations have to ask the country Comrade, after all they are professionals ,according to Cui Minghao about intelligence further judge North Korea military strength .
Life ,you give Jia Lin a call ,just say I looking for him ! Lin hearing Xu Li ,the quiet road UGGs Waverly.From Lin face can whether he is pleased or annoyed ,and other people at this time is not interrupted forest father .
NSA director Jia Lin can be said to be the father of old men forest ,forest MS Jia Lin found immediately call the past .The telephone is switched on ,Jia Linyi hears the forest voice ,immediately said: Lin president ,hello !Jia Lin reported to you ,please indicate ! Jia Lin is the father in the forest as vice chairman when the Guard commander ,these year it is by means of Lin this tree will do today .
So the forest he can be said to be respectful and . Jia Lin ,I talk about North Korean secret military base ,we can grasp how much ?If the war, these secret military base destroyed, Korea and how much the ability to fight back ? Jia Lin faced the forest father asked ,dare to be retained ,immediately said: some time ago we caught a senior North Korean officer ,according to his account information ,we now have the nineteen secret military base ,according to our calculations ,North Korea big secret military base of a total of twenty-four to twenty-eight or so, if it can be the first time to destroy the nineteen secret military base ,at least in the North Korean military forces destroyed seventy percent ,and North Korea but also against South Korea ,can say they will not attack ability ,can only be dynamic defense !So we can conclude that ,if North Korea really lost the nineteen secret military base ,even the subjugation of the risk ! Lin He put down the phone Womens Timberland Boots Sale,sighs ,before: is not a battle ! Including Peng other veteran army is surface 1ou disappointed ,thought to be in their own time could be planning a large-scale campaign ,but also for his life delimits the last satisfactory full stop .
Listen to the words of Jia Lin ,they also know ,really the nineteen secret military base all ,Korea would never give up the pain someone opportunities ,not North Korea this optimal barrier ,will be directly related to the Korean border, on national security is very adverse ,so this war will not .
But as long as the slightly through the 1ou a little about these secret military base intelligence ,North Korea will not dare to be so arrogant ,not blackmail ,may immediately sent a representative to go to the capital to offer a humble apology !President and Premier Peng Su are long relief UGG Classic Metallic Sale, after all, the two countries went to war is not a house ,once the war, even if the final victory, the cost is not small ,but will change the current international situation ,will make a national commitment to never seek hegemony ,do not pose a military threat to any country .
Draw further apart ,the national image will be serious damage .After all, at present the country although passes through several dozens year obtained certain result ,but with the western countries there is still a certain gap between the United States ,at least more than the international police have the obvious disadvantage ,that is why the United States may be unwarranted charge attack in Iraq ,and they are even bombed the embassy is also table some protest ended settle a matter by leaving it unsettled .
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