several people robbed the submarine

September 10 [Mon], 2012, 12:56
Huge different snake wandering ,the biggest crisis finally made contact ,giant submarines were a long breath .Just feel the sweat leaching of straight out .Lin both hands on the dashboard, lowered his eyes ,subtle issue orders left and right : notice on termination ,emergency operational status .
Captain Varov P. enemy escape, now by the ship of the highest rank officers take temporary captain post exercise function . Surviving the Lieutenant-Colonel overjoyed ,he was most vulnerable people ,originally did not covet the position ,but the first front bristly Granville kill people, a colonel is a lieutenant colonel ,he was now the largest .
Previously this guy still heart curse dark hate to Lin good-looking killed his entire family ,but now they wish others people love flowers contained Fubi Nanshan life such as East China Sea - - - - - - because of the colonel in the submarine ,at ,if not Lin this mysterious strongmen words ,he is likely to be below the person directly killed ,where sitting stability for this position? But forest in hand right before ,and to bring them to the main control room of the Jack Leckie before .
Patted him on the shoulder ,praise : Dr. Emerson guard captain ,is up to you to serve it, major Jack . Jack heard the major UGG Payton Boots,stunned by the sea ,was about to speak ,Lin has looked around light said: have an opinion? Previously killed the two human cadaveric blood ran ,who has a problem can only dare to visualize talk .
Fang Lin first kill Wei in the former ,and the submarine students saved from death inside ,can be said to be vocal and application .The commander captain .There will be no more opinions ,immediately on the clapper .
Jack rose for four level - - - - - - - this was just a soldier only, above lieutenant, lieutenant ,Captain ,then major ,this is already battalion commander is deputy regiment treatment !The submarine then only electric energy consumption is too large it, only need to open the core reactor for electric energy supply only, everything is still in accordance with the original plan .
Regression of the compartments in the party at this time was quite excited about forest .Because of his previous took control of fire control system in time ,find out the plans of another terrible function !Say normally ,Lin was a spiritual force majors .
Their spirit is the supreme .Lin Lei therefore Lin never before thought .The use of virtual technology ,continue to strengthen the spirit of the consequences of what .But he began to replace computer control in the submarine when previously able to cope with ,but later in the tempestuous waves in .
Grasp the moment two temporary reconstructing manipulator have divided into two torpedo behemoth in vivo ,the moment the amount of calculation is increased to front value !If the brain is a computer ,this moment may crash ,Lin certainly won crash, but successful hits to grasp on the much smaller .
Just at this time .Virtual skills but instantly and automatically open ,will power ,agility ,strength of this three big attributes all weakened to the limit ,will be saved to a temporary points into the spiritual freedom !Because the nightmare space restrictions ,spiritual force although cannot break through the limit ,but in this moment .
Fang Lin felt the mind suddenly clear .If the previous as if he is a Pentium 4 terrestrial mononuclear computer ,you would turn him into a PC computer !If the appropriate point .Lin felt left and right brain split apart ,just like Bobby ,give birth to more than one virtual by excess spirit force which forms the head !The head of the goblin powers did not in the spirit of the original force superimposed ,but tied with the !Spirit of the power of the cap without breaking ,but increased in width !Lin after many tries ,then find out that limit intensive spiritual power embodied in the battle on the terrible place !It is in this state using nociceptive skills when !Will play the two skills !The effect and own a s level props ,robot andigos kernel to roughly the same effect .
The two region is the kernel robot double spell by only 25% ,but possibly to summon spell effect, and forest limit strengthening spirit later appears two times damage spells a 100% chance of ,but to summon spell is invalid .
Frightening is .Lin has been testing out ,limit enhancing spirit after wearing robot andigos kernel play mental shock ... ... Easy to play out of two kinds of effects to overlay ...
... Impact of X4 abnormal effects !Even closer to the 50% chance !The sea battle ,the rebels soon ship and air support arrived just now ,giant submarine already regained power ,deep dive after opening the electromagnetic interference shield ,the submarine embodies the government army science and technology ,where there is so easy to get caught ?The soundless and stirless fled away ,until the evening before a surfaced ventilation ,which strikes the repair is the sea monster snakes Le bad in the first layer of shell .
At this time the moon is very gentle ,the sea is calm ,submarine deck sprinkling a layer as gentle veil ,submarines to a beautiful and elegant compatible posture ,soundless and stirless on the surface of the sea walk ,that ripples is so gentle that name was Lin hand lifting up temporary captain: Lieutenant Colonel Smith in order to consolidate his position .
Another is to ease the tense mood after World War I ,then proposed in the submarine deck held an open house ,forest beauty, on reception ,Party entertainment occasions these is very familiar with the keen .
For a dress be in the best of spirits of pulling Fenglin to dance .She water green skirt Kui was blowing wind ,add a few ups and downs it as a means of tall fold ,plump body makes Fang Lin look heart hot ,may hold when going to touch on a few ,Lin Yin cuff glared at him ,but no malice top ,that is dumped several eyes eyes .
Two men jumped a while back rest, the submarine quartermaster, and captured a pair of huge volume ,diameter of about two meters of pale blue soft animal ,surprise was sent up ,Emerson saw the surprise rub said this is called a sole animal ,they float on the water when very difficult to distinguish ,only ,head size ,when the attack after the rapid expansion into Daqiu makes hunting creatures where export in the predator state, the paired activity of the biological body becomes flat as the sheet ,and then slowly bent into arc ,to form a hemispherical ,left to right to prey on to suddenly and be enveloped in the inside, slowly squeezed, until the quarry was crushed to death again and eat Lin line amazed I, Emerson took out the salt ,evenly spread in this view as large as the ball biological surface, they quickly exudation fluid ,dry down Emerson again to rinse after shredding ,with a bright blue algae ,eat with appetite to eat up and invite everyone eat Lin tasted a piece ,just feel fragrant crisp delicious, with red wine taste ten feet ,it can count A wretched pay food until Lin Lao Hu ,Lin beauty after eating, before anyone noticed, shifty-eyed took a plastic bags ,extremely shameless the whole slice plate to a plastic bag - - - - - - - even the plate with chopped pork a direct stole - - - - - - - then fist coughed its back ,to calm .
The rest of the sailors was to be full of joy on the fork two, she is startled, was cursed loudly ,but to see my pay actually chasing Emerson ,even going to look at Emerson dish grab steak - - - - - - - was only swallow insult and humiliation silently ,began .
This time the distant suddenly came a cry for help ,the moonlight visibility high, you can see a lifeboat drifting .Lin looked and could not help smiling ,lifeboat several people become dejected and despondent ,looks extremely wilting .
A man dressed in a wet white suit ,looked upset Sale UGG Handbags,like an evil plague rooster general .Not the thunder three people? Lin busy call will be submarine leaned over him ,Lei Fang Lin this group one No ,but still held a grand reception ,seems very leisurely pace ,more add .
Just at that moment the Laohu and megalithic relationship is fairly good, ask how they embarrassed .Ray rarely active out angrily: also not to find you ? The original thunder and mad dog team several people robbed the submarine remaining the last ship sub submarine escape later ,see distant wave monstrous ,if the category ten storm .
But Fang Lin must escape ship and destroy them .The thunder actually think Lin with a high chance of survival would be in smooth water ,wait until after the proposal came to have a look - - - - - - - Lin heart mirror like thunder ,to find their own line ,one is saved to rescue the mind ,because without their three people there UGG Brookfield Tall Sale,he turned to task difficulty is increased, on the other hand it would have saved ,take advantage of another idea UGG Caroline Sale,if they be at one ,probably will not hesitate to kill to seize key .
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