My rebellion come late .

September 19 [Wed], 2012, 19:39
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe middle of April ,Seoul has been brilliant purples and reds ,spring scenery is infinite .
All of the YG had been familiar with Jin Shengyuan ,the past ,never to cast him in surprise .Perhaps due to Yang Xianshuo constraint ,it is not by the press know .Jin Shengyuan is learning HIPHOP music concept ,rather than to their singing ,so most of the time he is listening ,thinking ,but once tried to sing to let he found ,his voice has appeared a little sign of improvement .
Glad, Jin Shengyuan more than ever to pay attention to protect our own voice ,not eat spicy ,salty food etc. .In order to avoid accidentally catching cold ,even has the middle of April north face jacket clearance,but he still wore a scarf .
On this day ,the end of the morning half-day learning ,Jin Shengyuan is ready to eat when the bell rang ,mobile phone .Jin Shengyuan looked at the display number, is jessica . ,Sika ? OPPA ,she go there with you ? Jessica urgently asked .
She ?How is she? I . Jin Shengyuan some feel at a loss ,Jessica talking sound like some anxiety . Ah ?OPPA you have a look back ,help incidentally look, quickly explain things clearly : Hwang Mi Young just came to me this morning ,said she ran out, now have not come back ,mobile phone is off .
Didn she haunts looking for ? Jin Shengyuan some headaches, asked . She what haunts, she has been in practice ,school ,who knows how he suddenly ran out . Jessica apparently already asked this, a direct answer .
Well ,I go back to have a look . President Yang Xianshuo Jin Shengyuan to borrow a car ,although his long time driving easily distracted ,but occasionally can still .Jin Shengyuan specifically from the Hanjiang River bridge across ,not she .
Back home ,still no Taeyeon to trace .Jin Shengyuan Jessica back after the telephone call ,driving east gate ,search ,only luck . Usually staid a person ,how will suddenly run himself out ? Jin Shengyuan and Kim Tae Yeon contact is not much impressed ,her performance has been very stable, only the second in the Hanjiang River Bridge on performance with the exception of .
Several search failed ,Jin Shengyuan gradually become aimless wandering ,have started to consider the need for alarm is it right? . Jin Shengyuan drove past a beauty salon ,suddenly saw a petite figure with a glass wall and sitting ,and is very similar to Kim Tae Yeon .
Jin Shengyuan hurried to find location parked the car ,walked into the beauty salon . Sir ,Hello ,what can I do for you ? Beauty room guide curiously watching the wrapped in scarves ,hats and big glasses .
I am looking for someone . Jin Shengyuan waved his hand, to go inside the hall .The glass walls ,one wearing a baseball cap girls sitting down ,knees together ,putting a bag of jelly be riotous with colour ,she is placed in the mouth to pick and choose .
Despite the visible face ,but Jin Shengyuan doughty memory enabled him instantly recognize each other .It is Kim Tae Yeon !However ,this guy actually did a little sad or low mood ,but eat with appetite to eat sweets North Face Shirts Mens,not revealing a to ones content .
... ... Kim Tae Yeon these days feel like going crazy ,practicing every day that she almost breathless ,so she decides to escape today .Although some worthy of the Parni ,but Kim Tae Yeon cannot have been considered so much .
Sure enough, the outside air is fresh !Kim Tae Yeon walked out on the street ,very comfortable .Though her memory and a sense of direction is very bad, but the brain is very good ,all the way from vehicle walking, to reach his love where the play off .
At half after playing, Kim Tae Yeon has not clear exactly where .Looking for a restaurant to eat lunch ,Kim Tae Yeon decided to severely treason -- she would in their own ears play a few holes .
With a bag of candy ,Kim Tae Yeon sat in the beauty room waiting table .Although occasionally think of the Parni ,also have their own ideal of the singer ,Kim Tae Yeon would feel like a heart pendant heavy weights ,but she decided to no longer ignore these today ,enjoy a rebellion .
Simple self comfort ,Kim Tae Yeon will be concentrated into the hands of the Fudge : Mmm, delicious !Usually in order to keep fit ,don eat sweets ,I must eat enough .However ,Kim Tae Yeon seemingly pleasant mood soon be broken .
A tall figure suddenly appeared in front of her ,from her before the moment of all the light . Hello ,please let let ,you blocking me ! Kim Tae Yeon looked at this in the middle of April still wrapped up guy ,the evil .
If you have decided to rebel ,it can no longer to speak politely . Thought Kim Tae Yeon ,but he is trying to find myself a reason :a !This guy is really hate dressing up !Especially the head on the top light blue long plait pineapple head hat .
What are you doing here. However ,before the eyes of the figure did not leave ,but a very conversational tone . Eh? Do I know you ?Looking for someone to talk ,please have a look in the mirror own image ,neither fish nor fowl dressed !Hum .
Kim Tae Yeon has not seen Jin Shengyuan for more than half a year ,and his voice has changed ,all Kim Tae Yeon did not recognize him .People began to use a strange eyes looked at Jin Shengyuan ,just the guide has been prepared and persuaded him to leave .
The removal of Kim Tae Yeon ,when speaking at me in the eye ,had been in the focus on the hands jellybeans ,no wonder she didn recognize me . Jin Shengyuan speechless to pinching jaw .
His hat is temporary to borrow Quan Zhilong ,is worn on the head is so ugly ? ,she ,Sika let me find you . Jin Shengyuan hemmed ,and said . Ah ! After Kim Tae Yeon listens ,suddenly like frightened rabbit general suddenly jump ,double lap rolled a fudge ,but she did not worry ,helter-skelter on Jin Shengyuan bow and said: sorry ,predecessors Karen Millen Strapless Dress Sale,I didn ,really sorry .
Kim Tae Yeon thought that his face was so hot that can be used to make pancakes ,until deliberately pretends to small hun hun patterns disappear not the least trace was found. : so unlucky ,the first rebellion ,he was senior red-handed ! your sugar to pick it up .
Jin Shengyuan said with a smile ,at the same time instead of Kim Tae Yeon around apologize ,two people caused the attention of everybody around .Kim Tae Yeon will pick up after all the candy North Face Womens Greenland Outlet,red face station to the Jin Shengyuan front, the legs together ,back straight, like a truant Pupils Parents catch general .
Not enough ,Kim Tae Yeon also apparently wasn just girl ,somewhat flurried eyes blinked , HOHO smile ,will be in the hands of the candy handed out ,said: this ,emperor yuan OPPA ,give you candy to eat .
Elder instantly became ... ... A pair of white ,plump little hands in front of Jin Shengyuan ,blue ,pink jelly used above, against the glass wall of the transmitted light ,as if suddenly on a fascinating halo .
The sugar ,is delicious ?Jin Shengyuan picked up two, continue to ask: what are you doing here? Yes, I am. I want to play pierced ears . Kim Tae Yeon bent her head and said in a low voice .
In her mind ,Jin Shengyuan has always been that although seemingly modest North Face Womens Gore Tex Jackets Sale,but very serious big predecessors ,but like preaching ,very dignified ,so Kim Tae Yeon be overcome by one to become humble .
To make some ears? Jin Shengyuan asked casually . Three right ,two left .Ah ? Kim Tae Yeon has just finished, he surprised to look up at Jin Shengyuan :he didn preach to me ,but also not advised me back ? Then I three left ,two right ? Jin Shengyuan seems to be poker-faced asked .
Ah ? Kim Tae Yeon is taken aback .She suddenly want to pick this one glasses to see him ,is it right? Really gold yuan .Although she and Jin Shengyuan contact opportunities are not many, but also know that he never took any jewelry erratic ,but here he was in this cold joke to make fun of himself ,his personality variation ?Sorry? My rebellion come late .
Jin Shengyuan continued to be poker-faced said . ! Kim Tae Yeon almost laughed out loud ,and using the arm over your mouth . , Jin Shengyuan said to Kim Tae Yeon . Oh , Kim Tae Yeon suddenly on the Jin Shengyuan produced a curious ,want to know the reason why he was such a big change .
Miss Kim Tae Yeon ,please come with me . Kim Tae Yeon just sat down ,just the guides came up to her and said ,with a strange eyes glanced at Jin Shengyuan . I went up first ,before -- OPPA .
Kim Tae Yeon felt like I just escape sermon was changed to some not so good . Well , Jin Shengyuan nodded ,with folded arms ,the brain to be overcome by one begin to consider Kim Tae Yeon -- he had habit ,like observed around the human nature .
It is this, that he can quickly accumulate now .However ,it seems he to Kim Tae Yeon positioning some mistakes .Which know ,Kim Tae Yeon just go up soon, the guide then walked over, smile on Jin Shengyuan said: Mr.
Kim, please come with me . Jin Shengyuan went upstairs to be wavering and unable to decide to follow her .Beauty room two buildings divided into several blocks ,Kim Tae Yeon sat on the right side of the narrow ,only two chairs .
Mr. Kim, please put the hat scarf ,glasses ,all right ? A thirty year old ,dress very fashionable woman said to Jin Shengyuan .Jin Shengyuan found Kim Tae Yeon eye glance ,twisting the head ,look at yourself, suddenly understand her practical joke .
Slightly paused, Jin Shengyuan was really a hat all off .In the YG of this period of time, such a great influence on him ,especially the daily viewing Quan Zhilong life . Ah !Mr. Jin Shengyuan ? The beautician instantly recognized Jin Shengyuan ,surprisingly low call to cover your mouth .
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