he established himself in the army of the position later

September 11 [Tue], 2012, 12:43
People in Armageddon is a two state of mind .23Us.com is afraid .Large taken as what results ,but in the end must be the most people are going to die ,this is a point of mother commonplace doubt ,but one point is, this visit is also training local people, as long as it is the immortal to be able to spend big on taken it, it must be repaired for fly high ,heaven for many years no sage trace .
This thing is no one knows .Even now there is some doubt immortal in the heaven is it right? There is the existence of saints ,in the ancient legend about Saint exactly is it right? Really ah .
To see their father did not give her any help brother two people ,these things early on in Liu Bang ,after all, the vast majority of beam of country in heaven to heaven ,you know now is not peaceful ,in this way when in a time of national peace and order beam but not ,the side and a large country week aside and look at fiercely as a tiger does ah ,in this way ,or beam country kill big week, either by big week .
Anyway, even if it is Liu Yu this guy knows, this time to fight should be the last batch of real money to battle .In this way the time .It is no longer needed to fight ,was soon playing after Armageddon ,again crazy together what is the meaning ?But it is not so .
If there is no this time taken it, then operation ,to fight there may be cancelled ,as is Liu Shanneng come out once every ten years to fight instead of once every twenty years .The station address has been changed to :through the summer in conjunction Peng chat chat concave block please visit round read twenty years ,representing what ah ,twenty years on behalf of said was an era .
Time is life ,twenty year cycle north face jacket clearance sale,are said to be a reincarnation of hundred years ,but in one hundred years, really can become the essence is twenty years .That is to say from age twenty to forty years time .
Ordinary mortal are observed in this way a rule .Of course, the immortal is the exception .His hair is also because this was changed .But now it is big to the armageddon .Beam killing Zhou Guolai ,hope integrated whole this celestial power ,big country week and did not want to kill girder country annexed his power ,in this way the case, What immortal is no big deal .
But heaven mortals are dying in large taken under, can survive the fairy is not much, can live a mortal, except those to nine psi to the local people, estimation is also not much .
Therefore ,this time no matter who the annexation of who ,is actually to be grasped by the immortal hands, big Tianjie come later .When the first .Rush to do cannon fodder person must be those of mortals, but not those superior fairy stone .
This kind of thing Liu Bangzao love which clear .Therefore ,in this way it is also to the large beam of a great opportunity .Heaven is not that appeared in a unified human state ,always two war North Face Blackyak Outlet,if there is a chance to unite heaven human territory .
It is such a sense of achievement ,it is to let people crazy .Therefore .This time Liu Bang was also know that their father is not possible to dragon guard the way power to own, even if it is only a little .
In this way UGG Jimmy Choo Mandah,it is possible to play a key role ,therefore .Hear the way a result ,Liu Bang doesn like strange ,as is Wu Di Liu Shan very understanding of his own son ,Liu Bang is also very understanding of their father .
Liu Shan is a what kind of person . That his throne to his own brother to kill a man .Liu Bei even believe that ,if not his grandpa Liu Gu die in one in the early, that own the I and possibly to force the emperor to abdicate does not necessarily ah .
But people in heaven the longest life expectancy is one hundred and fifty years ,regardless of you from what to do when the emperor abdication ,but time can be calculated .And Liu Gu the father is the kind of die in one .
This time Liu Shancai was not on his father .While the Liu Shan brothers will not become .The throne of only one ,who wants to be .To say that Liu Gu was not left to what will establish prince ,so it is not possible .
In this way ,but also a lot of people are accustomed to a thing .That is to say ,in the heaven if it is not the business by others kill it, then the .People in the end is what died, this is a track can query ,therefore ,it is generally a mortal, are all have the opportunity to leave his word .
Not to mention that the emperor .As an emperor ,always worried about their country is left who better .While Liu Gu was also facing the same .The problem ,of course ,in this way ,he is already decided to a few oneself land to their eldest son ,and was canonized by prince .
But .Liu Shan is not satisfied with the ah ,poor people know military and political leaders rather a kind of peace ,not to mention the Liu Shan guy rage is generally a mortal, but a prince .
Is a very ambitious prince .Therefore ,he is not willing to make a prince .But Liu Shan is not a two princes ,but he is old .Moreover, the rest said two brother ,therefore ,the advantage of Liu Shan is nothing .
This time, to Wo as a general several health benefits .One hundred and fifty years old ,most of the son to grow up .Thus ,Liu Shan did not feel to have what advantage ,even the crown prince was himself killed people ,there is another .
Second elder brother? And. There are other brother thought this seat .Therefore ,direct to kill his brother ,that he did not do much good ,Liu Shan is a clever man ,know in what time should say what ,what you should shut up ,in this way ,he also did not say what .
Direct with the soldier went to the front ,I play with you .Anyway, my father old there lies .I also know when is the key time, now I don play, with soldiers out assembly .Therefore ,the Liu Shan also took his soldiers to the front and large peripheral played a few beautiful victory .
In the Army established its own ground ,in this way ,you can see the emperor Shan Congming of the party .The ~ ace } playing under normal circumstances ,in the throne contention ,day voice won ,as long as the children ,as long as it is the version without the aid of any elf power ,the look, who can have the ability to capture the emperor like this one position ,who can go to emperor .
Law of the jungle. Such a rule is day of a fundamental law ,in this way ,only a strong emperor can give large beam country brings more benefits .Moreover, not only is the day voice do not easily in this way things ,beam three family also inside this part, three large family is how God family ah ,if like this family to participate in the competition for the throne of war of words ,that like this time there is no meaning .
The station through the address has been changed to: foot of the concave Peng block please visit round reading it is loud ,days will limit three family involved in breaking it .If the three families .
Or any one immortal heaven is the way a boundary, involved in the beam throne contention to words ,that this time day voice must be to maintain his own dignity is violated ,invasion day voice dignity ,this fairy is not a good end the .
So good to know when immortal is not part of the battle for the throne .Therefore ,in this way when .The army is supporting the who ,the way things become difficult .As long as there is enough troops to support it ,then it becomes easier .
And at this time ,Liu Shan did not say is left in the capital to wait for what .But with soldiers directly on the front, in that case ,the Liu Shan guy all of a sudden the image in high up among the troops .
By the way .The Wang Mang guy was also in accordance with the way a .Track out .Wang Mang told his father is not how to agree ,but the young time is jagged matchless Imperial Leather Liu Shan is admired ,although Liu good hostile nations of the emperor, but this does not impede Wang Mang Liu shan .
Wang Mang is not old ,but also a lot of brothers .This time .Wang Mang thought of Liu Shan in those days is an army out of the .Finally got the throne ,and Wang Mang is the same, with horses and went out .
Finally also established himself Emperor .Can say ,many of Wang Mang work is in imitation of Liu Shan .It was Liu Shan ,he established himself in the army of the position later ,listen to report that their father is not hold .
Of course ,Liu Gu the emperor title is not Liu Gu North Face Polo Sale,but is later Liu Shan called the emperor ,made three generations and made of .In ancient times there like this one rule ,if this is a king of the success of the word ,is made up of three generation .
For example .There is an ancient emperor is a beggar beggar was born ,his father even a decent doesn ,but when he became king ,at a draught made his first three generations are king .
If a civil and military officials what great feats of the words ,that this time to be made also is at most two generation ,that is to say at most is made to this .His grandfather generation even .
Go on can not be made .It said the world emperor ,Jun is greater than I ,the king is the most made three generation ,as chancellor of the Exchequer is certainly not able to drink the emperor bestowed on the three generation .
Two generation it will touch the sky .Liu Gu as saying this guy die in one .It seems ,to register a new king .It is needless to say the prince .This is Liu Guding .But Liu Shan is not willing ah ,what you than I lived a few years earlier had like this to do the king ,and I will be secretary .
This thing is not a bully ?Anyway, Liu Shan hands a ma .When Liu Shan moved to mutiny .The final result is ,only two relatively good relations and his brother is saved his life, but no way ,Liu Shandao was really want to put all the threats to kill ,but the way it, that Liu Shan is not very pleasant, of all their brother to kill the emperor money do like this one position, so that the sound is not a good man ,while Wu Di Liu Shan ,in the absence of emperor before God is not good ,but his men felt able to give the world people leave a like this impression ,for the throne of course is to kill the .
Where three of his own brothers were killed ,this is a bit too much .Therefore ,Emperor Liu Shan think it over and over again ,or leave his mother compatriot .The two person is and own the same mother and the same father ,and all of that with no ambition at all ,no decent man, such a man would stay here ,that it can truly let ,.
Therefore ,the final result is, Liu Shan ascended the throne of the king, later renamed the emperor .His two brother finally was very honest ,all the power and position are paid out, but his brother is the emperor ,as long as it is not the blood brother to produce what the threat words ,that finally can also enjoy a peaceful world .
Results of the two individuals had a free king ,to the final music free .But the two people death .The first to the nine and to the people is the two Prince in .However ,the two prince in the Royal basically means nothing ,there is a less powerful ,but absent-minded emperor brother ,in this way when they two can have a chance to survive ,that is pretty darned thing .
In this way the time .We are also able to deeply feel like this matter in two was helpless ,they two people really want to nine psi .?Of course is impossible .The celestial fairy gas so rich ah ,although it is now less than nine ,but always quiet place that place more .
Moreover, the two princes nor practice Malay method, in this way ,the two of them ,people also may use week star power to exercise their own, in this way ,they two course is not willing to go nine secluded place .
Moreover, two of them are much smaller than Wu Di Liu Shanshua ,Wu Di Liu Shan at the king two of them are not an adult .But now two years ,people is not small .Now go nine secluded place, needless to say ,no matter who is the heaven is it right? Can have a way to spend big on taken ,but having a bit is to be sure ,that is to say two of them want from new back to heaven to you .
It is almost impossible .But they two do not go ?Of course is impossible .Why don ah ,is it right? Want to spy on the emperor .If two of them made the absent-minded brother like this suspicion ,it may be not clear the kill .
In the past, the monarch the way things meet the eye everywhere .Therefore ,in this way when .The two princes only swallow insult and humiliation silently past .If it is the two Prince knew this time Liu Bang and Liu Yu two ,one is to follow the past ,or to a point on the good mood .
After all the two nephews past, it was also released a signal ,this visit is really dangerous .Wu Di Liu Shanrang his two brother to nine psi of no match .Wu Di Liu Shan thought about said: the way things the two of you may be also considered ,let the two of you back, for you are not the most good, actually let you worship in day voice door ,it is the good one a choice ,however ,is not how ,flashed collecting a disciple .
The two of you ,even when walking may also be selected .And voice students so much ,big taken when they are not in care over, unless you can become introductory disciple ,but your two person qualifications ,to repair it .
Or is there is no problem, but if your two individuals become day voice entry disciple .The way things are the number of bit embarrassed you . Then ,Liu Shan took one look at the ghost said : do you think they have no hope to become two day voice entry disciple the ghost said rudely : absolutely impossible ,we hope the disciple are one in a million .
Introductory disciple is the strict selection Karen Millen One Shoulder Dresses Clearance,move the fellow has become a butterfly mood ,can be in practice on the way to feel just like a fish in water .But it is a big Tongling Wu ,million years difficult practice of wizards, but also the day the heir ,to resolve day voice and the temple over the years old ,in this way ,he joined the day voice to direct a voice entry disciple .
You see .Day witch means what day witch means is heaven exist .Broken space, as is generally easily out of one .We want to go to the vanity of these immortal words ,or the need to protect the magic weapon .
But day witch is not the same ,rising to heaven any today the can with flesh fly into the void and not to be hurt ,at this point you can see how tough day witch is a exist .The station through the address has been changed to: foot of the concave Peng block please visit round reading to past .
The palace of eternal youth ,old school and the Brahma temple you thought they fought against Kyushu to why even ordinary mortals dared to kill ,they kind of do .These immortal ruthless very ,of course is not so good .
Is heaven the soaring up day witch ,direct against the three sects of the resident ,killed them was holed up in a large array of gate three months has not come out ,it drove them signed not easily killing of civilians in kyushu .
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