as far as I know Japanese targets more than we are

September 14 [Fri], 2012, 10:49
The first better .Yesterday sleep too little, so it is a bit late ,please forgive me .The next night in midnight !The red has been refreshed, and various support !Thank you fqx940901 brother playing rewards !-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yes ,but is it necessary to regulate ,strike violently ? Indians really good, at least not like other union always thinking that take advantage of others .
.. I think it is, blade too overbearing ,came to our American then engage engage in rain wind ... I think it needs sanctions on this guy ,or if the day is not careful to provoke him ,it is not he was beaten to death ? .
.. ... ... ... Shadow crow presentation is successful ,he effectively use their Indian seed alliance has been a good image ,caused most of the audience and empathy .And he also specially in the speech that Zhou Yulong belonged to Chinese forces ,and their descendants in Indian alliance is the Native American forces .
Thus ,this thing from two organizations and the contradiction between the sublimation to two countries and two ethnic conflicts between the .It is about to the nation state ,these abilities are audience will help a blind .
Then as shadow crow voice fall, the entire chamber suddenly boiling up .The presence of each of the protoss listeners ,even those who had the Chinese forces had a good feeling ability Sale Women Boots UGG, look at Zhou Yulong was full of hostility .
It was a close thing NIMBY me ,has been extremely clever ... Look at the shadow in the crow sedition under gradually began to hostility to their ability the audience ,Zhou Yulong slightly shook his head .
Shadow crow this lecture than a speech is much maturer ,of course ,is more effective than .But he is not worried about this result will beyond their own expectations .Because the outcome of the trial by judges to make a decision, rather than the audience .
And he also has enough confidence, believe they can argue the short beard old man .Solemn silence. Look up gradually noisy meeting hall ,ant-man heavy took off the table ,ordered everyone to quiet down .
Subsequently, he will move to the Zhou Royal Dragon body ,said slowly : ,about your injured night traveler things ,you can speak to defend . Yes ,ant-man instructors ! Hear the people, Zhou Yulong smiled UGG Fluff Flip Flop,then stood up ,patted his hands ,said : shadow crow .
I thought you Indians are simple people ,but unexpectedly, your breath and crow ,so offensive but can befog the minds of the people . Here ,he smiled grimly ,continued: good guys ,please calm down ,if you listened to my narrative still so angry ,so I can let your disposition .
First of all ,I think we all know ,we Chinese and Japanese have only blood can erase the feud, this, we do not oppose ? A smile ,Zhou Yulong continued : but ,I want you know, eschatology broke out, our Chinese forces in the power of the United States is to completely over these small japan .
To tell you the truth north face online store,if we start to hang on these small Japan ,lest they even decent against couldn do is we wiped out all the .But in order to ensure the effective strength of mankind ,in order to ensure the stability and harmony of the Phoenix City ,we put all the blood can down ,not only against the Japanese ,but also to help them resist several zombies and variability of animal attack .
At this point ,the presence of most people should know . Yes ,the variability of vulture attacks is to be his sword to block off ... Against Phoenix and Haiti ,if not the United States of America Hongmen the priest who help, we would not be so smooth battle .
.. Say, the United States of America Hongmen inside the doctor saved my life ... these Chinese well north face outlet online,at least they like the Japanese so bossy ,but also willing to help others .
.. ... ... ... ... In two words or three ,Zhou Yulong takes shadow crow led the national contradiction and national contradictions off side ,moved to Japan in the .Suddenly ,those with Chinese and Japanese oppression with Enze powers are nodded ,and started to speak Chinese ,looked into Zhou Yulong also returned to white .
But our hard effort for what ? Looking at the situation slowly change ,Zhou Yulong was a stern tone ,heavy said: tolerance and help not in exchange for friendship and stability ,in return ,at least in Japanese endless assassinations .
As we all know ,Japanese in the assassination of a set .It is a dark day ,we helped the Japanese Chinese altogether they assassinated for more than 300 .And these are the backbone of our Chinese elite ,such damage to us, were already nearly fatal .
But ,as far as I know Japanese targets more than we are, and they are against any team or individual died in their knives .To this point ,everyone must know Jimmy Choo Mandah UGG,right? Yes ,my cousin is because Japanese turf war ,then the whole family was killed ! Our squad is not as heaven ?Because of a bit of material ,but luckily I dodged a bullet ,others have been those of Japan kill ! And i .
.. And the ... ... ... ... ... Zhou Yulong ,launched the second climax .The presence of all Japanese oppression or have friends are Japanese oppressed people are Zhou Yulong fans up ,suddenly ,the venue became an uproar .
Until the ant men with making a few tables ,that these have the same enemy and hatred of the protoss slowly calmed down . In this case ,we Chinese forces in order to ensure their survival ,but also to ensure that the Phoenix ,so we have to with all strength, to fight against the japanese .
Looking at the distant was already a little heavy shadow crow ,Zhou Yulong smiled grimly ,continued: but ,when we pay great price, leaving the Phoenix pest wiped out during descent ,Indian Union who have appeared .
They appeared, not only as a shadow crow said that reasonable, but also in Huzhu Japanese also launched an attack on us .If I did not arrive in time ,we would have been their Chinese forces army annihilated .
Just imagine ,if the presence of any one person in our position ,you can easily let go of these Japanese ,let them reforming power on their own ,again initiated assassination ?Do not say first of Indian descent Union who did not promise to Japanese no longer against us ,even the promise what? With the Japanese be a wolf with a savage heart ,they will leave the matter at that ? But I repeat ,Indian seed alliance did not appear to mediate the conflict between us and Japanese ,they appear ,in order to help Japanese tough to deal with us chinese ! Looked at in succession discuss crowd ,Zhou Yulong continued : I don of Indian descent alliance it received a Japanese any good ,I don .
But from the Indian League in order to protect Japanese descendants ,even as headman night travellers have appeared in the American super hero alliance and their descendants in Indian alliance buffer zones ,we launched attacks on this point of view ,they received a lot of benefits .
And just the shadow crow said we have launched a sudden attack ,oh ,I want to tell you, we Chinese are not stupid ,not to provoke it is without rhyme or reason. Indian seed alliance this better than us countless times large organization .
Just imagine ,if we are not cornered ,how can it be for the sake of seed vigor and Indian alliance war ?If really no way ,I can adventurous and prestige as the night travellers on the night the war ?For you ,would you believe shadow crow words ?The audience of adults ,honorable judges ,I finished saying ,is that I still believe shadow crow ,please your conscience decision ! Now for ten minutes ,ten minutes later ,our judges will give the results of this trial .
After listening to Zhou Yulong statements ,the ant men lightly nodded ,and several other judges sit together to discuss again .The trial on both sides and a trial level completely different ,once the plaintiff has the whole army was wiped out.
The Japanese ,the defendant is no threat to their American hongmen .This time the plaintiff is the Phoenix five Protoss union of Indian descent alliance ,and the defendant is in darkness hit night traveler ,and has the same force and King Arthur ,the Pope strong .
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