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September 14 [Fri], 2012, 18:42
On the occasion ,Li Ying himself had to admit, Chinese government did not shoot at random ,but ,a man is directly through his heart son The North Face Men's Bionic,calling him suffer unspeakably .In the heart of Li Ying North Face Womens Venture,North Korea is not the ryukyu .
This is not Li Yingxiang does not recognize North Korea always is a part of China that the ancestor hands down ,he was able to abide by the rules .However ,he felt ,in China this big family ,and the Chinese version of graphs than other areas ,similar to their North Korea ,and the Ryukyu ,Annan and so on these small places, it still should be counted as China the blood by branch .
Since it is one branch of the tree ,while fathers themselves ,much to the fathers ,got bullied to progenitor to help out such things ,certainly also is be one and should do .But ,in addition ,and those near the branch own sons ,they had little to have so little ,it also seems to be behoove things .
Most of the time, Li Ying felt that branches had come back than those born sons more comfortable ,even secretly glad that they are not closely related ,otherwise ,the son of the king how to do ?He painstakingly, with sufficient grandson to finally made your Regent how do? Be still in that guy hate .
Satiate maintain well under one thousand Ryukyu king Bushou tight ,but clamoring to join the ranks of first .China land army in the Ryukyu Islands, is sterile is comfortable, but he is comfortable at the same time ,don think of him to do so ,will give others and yourself to bring what kind of consequence ?First Chinese Army garrison Ryukyu thing .
Should say ,this also seems to have not is a very bad thing The North Face Men's Pants,the United States ,Britain ,France, Holland and other countries to break open the door of course of hybrids ,began on the coveted .
Originally the swarming of hybrids of this island powers warships and merchant shipping, as every two or three days continuously by the Ryukyu after ,plus domestic and then a subsidiary of hybrids at all times to think of Ryukyu swallow their fruit to madman ,still have the move that is okay Yuneng .
But this thing is bad ,evil is still Yuyi changed old biography , to all branches . a man had a bad head ,that is still in play a hand the Chinese Army garrison all overhead ,all by him to be mixed .
Don direct or collateral ,it is a big daddy ,daddy come out to help children, can also have sons bleeding as well? In other words highfalutin words, is education to do so ,the Chinese are not the father as their loved ones ?Because ,since ancient times as unalterable principles things ,is the son to eat me things .
Thinking about the great God ancestor Emperor Wanli ,then ,in order to help North Korea against hybrids ,though not before and after the troops under ten cost rates ,silver is up to millions of the giant, but the Family Dynasty lords are not out of his own pocket .
My Korean people not only to share tax rates paid army ,there are a lot of people are taking two Chinese troops arrived ,using the drive up food ,vegetables ,fodder and so on prices and money to it ,especially those who play the market traders ,is more powerful .
Chinese army not only help us Korea played hybrids .Can help to become rich .This is the military and civilian family .This is due to the friendship between the blood .Of course. It is in this hand to harm others is one thing .
He did so .Eventually I suffer or .That is in that side has recently engaged in a fresher .What is called a referendum .Once the most old people agree .Ryukyu would apply to alter the name .
Want what what to Republic of china .Bah !It is a small thing with you .Why not fashion simply called a Ryukyu special zone ?Hey. Toss .Toss to finally put your ass to the king under the chair .
The final toss no count .Is incubated in the Ryukyu those playing method .Li Ying are not willing to do .He is really looking forward to Chinese navy .In his piece of land to build a genuine iron bastions of peripheral .
But he was reluctant to pulled out a paper money .He is almost every Chinese people would poor-mouth .He is poor .Poor badly .Poor except in Shangdi .It is nothing .Result? He looks to China Red navy .
Never disappeared .Originally, the slaves on the right head down on him .Now .And sinking their vessel ,no. .The slaves will he leave the matter at that ?Li Yingji eyes .Start a little urgent fire attack Li Ying ,appointed Vice Minister Liu Houzuo side ,Royal Camp General Li Jing Xia he presided over the cult of purgatory to work ,has become a large hunting around the potential residual teach bandit ,he and cult be irreconcilable opposed to battle to the end .
Side with Bing Cao Panshu Wang Tingyang ,Royal camps Li Rongxi ,guards, general Li Zhang emergency military command ,the promulgation of a national mobilization order ,the state government along the neck of county ,canalage armies ,rapid finishing weapon ,reinforce the fortress facilities karen millen dresses cheap,to prepare for war .
Finally, he commissioned left politics for temporarily holding gold ,the other pile top priority ,namely his son wedding preparations ,while he himself again to the Chinese government took emergency recourse letter ,while the old friend Chen Tingxiang happened to be in Liaodong Xunyue big chance ,to personally invited the Chen General of the army to join his son married grounds ,rushed through the Yalu River to Liaodong .
And is busy with the deployment of the forthcoming spring sowing matters Chen Tingxiang meeting, Li Yingxian is to thank an old friend to strengthen the blockade of the Yalu River, for his cult of purgatory big action is undoubtedly give a great help .
.. ... Again thanks ,he flirted with the old friend about his current difficulties encountered difficult situation ,ask old friends in for his transfer he wrote to Yang ,stone two presidents and Lin long letters at the same time ,can see the old friend feeling ,with old friends and Lin long special relationship in China ,for his government and in some ,according to last year he requests to China as soon as possible ,the Red Navy stationed in Inchon ,nip in the bud .
Old friends are old friends ,Chen Tingxiang immediately to patting chest to say to him, he will make the greatest efforts to lobby the Chinese government all decision makers ,to help him through .
So ,although Li Ying was also always not so practical ,but is also somewhat relieved to return King Jing of Seoul .King Li Ying returned to Beijing ,ass no hold ,he received two months second from the horse Fanfan Lord Zong Yida a note of protest .
In this note of protest ,Mune Yoshidachi sounded clear and more vicious many ,and strong anomalies .Zong Yida denounced the government sank , violence ,not only declared war in Japan ,but also for the whole world all peace-loving people despise ,extremely ugly meanness ,North Korea in this scandal ,has caused a big Japan national strong indignation .
In order to maintain Japan sacred and inviolable dignity ,to comfort the lonely the perish of Yamato sons of soul ,from now on ,the country will be big Japan number one enemy ,Japanese country will retain all against North Korea lethal means .
.. ... This is not the end, followed by ,the protest letter arrived ,when ,with the hybrids agent on the horse Fanfan Lord Zong Yida ,placed in front of Li Ying this note ,is a British Empire to the Chinese government and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Beijing protest note copies .
Have a knowledge of the English country gentleman in the Japanese Minister Parkes ,at this critical time ,nature is not like Zong Yida, very worried to partition table to kang .Parkes personally drafted a note of protest ,he seems not so overbearing ,British Empire seems only to Beijing Taiping government on several British missionary ,Thomas innocent died and denounce a view .
Parkes in a protest note that very white ,book84278 Taiping government has always held the humanitarian banner ,and leave the world of precedent ,has created a truly democratic people Republic of china .
But he is very sorry to see that, in book84278 the Taiping government sphere of influence ,truly appeared so against humanity ,the filthy behavior ,which is on the humane and democratic .
.. ... Although Li should not fail to see that the wording of the government may be more violent protest ,but up to now ,he did not understand ,things that are really big !All through the ages is the soldiers without fixed pawn ,there will be no :will his dynasty ,haste to respond to the various aspects of the simultaneous blow ?Now all that can be seen and heard, the enemy everywhere shout ,and China over here without any news, Li should where can also do not worry .
Looking at a pair of sharp cannot again urgent Li should ,from the Chinese Red Army that had to anything is be fearless of a feather child began now to thirty years of age ,a town of princes Chen Tingxiang ,this show is also frown s ,presents a very painful ,yet is very helpless .
He and Lee ,it is a pair of old friends .From Li should not take the daewongun hat moment, he and Li Ying started quite frequently .When he and Li Ying were originally a exchanges, although prior to the Li Ying also served as a member of the North Korean delegation to Beijing to visit with their director Lin ,however ,each time they meet ,Li Ying is dressed as a beggar, but always .
The first is far apart from each other to a Tongshan Kan ,except where he here then rub a few days of eating and drinking ,leaving, but also to reach out to him and then discuss something hard ,which won stumbled away from .
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