Should escort her way north

September 22 [Sat], 2012, 18:46

After a few days, Liu Mei finally had enough scenery elsewhere Lin'an City, pulling Song Xianyu Chak going to swim Guri the Yunsong that way lush dedication out by old pine planted in the Tang, and more have been such as to cover, from time to time with the such as Lingshan Baiyun phase has arrived in the world famous Temple, Liu Mei girl must do things, apparently seeking to sign fortune-telling, since inevitably require marriage, but that solution to sign very odd, do not tell her the answers, only to her painting, painting above is a small white fat rabbit, Liu Mei repeated requests, the monk refused to point out: sure is jealous heart, Liu Xiaojie, the person you love does not love you, ah! The winds come and go, finally done pieces of things like her daughter home, ask their own lives for the better solution to sign monk, who could have guessed that her paper has a white nothing called as a cousin Men's North Face Chloe Fleece Sale, Song Yin exceedingly strange: a blank sheet of paper? difficult to understand ... Yu Ze patted her shoulder: , if the firm as a rock, and no change is possible, it will need not need asked to sign? Yu Ze hesitated, will eventually own signed delivery in the past, the monk looked at her, taking a picture to that painted two different birds Men's North Face 3 in 1, a bright glossy feathers, a petite and cute monk sighed: one is a dove Oh ...... magpie, dove, Hey, can we say 'dove over the magpie's nest'? Fung also guess: girl's life, there is love not on anyone ... a saw of Lan Yu Ze and Yangsong, Yin, are scared to Heaven, Yu Chak worried frown, Song Yin mood, however, can be good to go ...... eat lunch when five people in the temple Zhaifan Liu Mei again and again too bad eat, scheduled to be meat dish that Zhu Xi ink scoffed: At this moment, there are few warriors dressed people sitting on the other eating since Zhaifan to eat and McCain: contest a total of only ten God, the Jingkou and guazhou, Yangzhou three have been intense up! Oh, I heard Murong Villa and small Qinhuai biting and hold! ... over! Listen, the Vision really so bold? affection to a man? end, it is not and Tianjiao Xu her story? him than XU her story to be special situation, Unfortunately, this blue girl with another person ... Ze also a bit too much some Lin Qian and Xu her story gave disposable?! Looking back, he suddenly understood why, sneered: common friend. on bloom, Song Yin kick their table kicked over, the whole temple and thus chaos, tourists flee Song Yin loudly: 's wife, has been no change in heart! crestfallen run Yu Ze walked Song Yin to go around: ... before Yu Ze, a lot of things, even thought that is not clear enough I heard the father twelfth lunar month to go to the sea state, then I have to go there, and think these issues Liu Mei and Song Yin-three,, maybe three people, you can eliminate some unnecessary misunderstanding, but Song Yin, suddenly do not know the Should escort her way north, Yu Ze insisted to go to the south of the sea state, wins are still in Huainan, he does not know these rumors, Yu Ze blow hurt Song Yin also understand that, and also understanding timberland for cheap, perhaps living in Huainan wins South, himself has been rumors haunted, Renyankewei, he does not want to, because of their own there, making Yu Ze Sheng South artificially far apart in Yu Ze around a long time, afraid to hear, see Yu Ze heart, know that Yu Ze tired wins the South, Huainan contest should be the end of it North Face Bags, where are you? Can put down the rivers and lakes things to chase your love? If Yu Ze impede your life, you are not willing to be hindered by her? Wins the South, I'm sorry, I can not continue to deceive you, hide your Yu Chak need your protection, need to drag you, need you to send her to the sky fireflies, you need to ignore indifference to any other woman, you need to take account of love and the severity of the fame of ...

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