Miss Zhang with this one and we tray

September 22 [Sat], 2012, 10:39
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultProbably after ten minutes, in front of a sofa seat is already full, the rear seat that is already full ,as for the people standing around ,now look visually at least 200 people ,this also is to say out 200 people ,these people should be on the outside is a rich man ,but here is only one of the audience ,don they rely on relations came in ,but after a while they still have the auction is a guest ,to their ability to scrub in.
There could be no small difficulty ,home of the Qin Dynasty in invitations when basically already put these factors to consider in, of course there may be one or two a fish escaped through the Seine ,such as Qin and the like, such people rich Qin also won give them .
Oh ,now it is not the same as before, I want to enter this business when jade ,basically have millions fortune can come in ,but not with such like looking at ,but can be involved, but have a look now this situation ,standing outside of those people I can ensure at least have tens of millions of assets ,but only have a look .
Zhou Pangzi looked outside of those feelings ,now this industry is not jade low-entry industry ,tens of millions of people below don directly involved in ,unless your good luck to the limit ,with that Li Cong looks like ,buy two pieces of stone can out of need for jade ,such a person everywhere can participate ,but that a few people ? Oh ,the society is in progress ,it will progress ,all the way ,they can only blame the students not in time ,but they also want to thank ,because it can at least keep their assets ,or the same as before it, in ten out of nine have no good end .
The so-called ten bet nine lost just like this, bet stone basically the same way, which have so much to gain from it, Lee said also feel the money of these people be not easily won ,can now keep their should be pleased .
You think so ,people don ,they even don ,but I also feel involved in is missing an opportunity . Shu Ko said not to regard it as right is one of the two positions are not the same, see things in perspective is not the same, Shu Ko himself from that was developed for these small businessman ,he is very emotional ,to see them as is seen as their own ,think I was today how not easy ,actually a time some sense of the estimate, but the feeling of not long time ended ,Qin Guozhong has been straightened his clothes, walked up to the Lord ,seats ,now as a master ,he is sure to say a few words ,originally thought to be his father Lee from it ,did not expect such a a pushy chance gave the guy ,the guy in the Qin family status is also on the rise ,at least for now he was the first heir .
,please be quiet, we auction was about to begin, please allow me on behalf of our Qin jewelry welcome you all ,I hope everyone on our guest feel satisfied ,because the person is too much, we also do not have the expected ,so some hospitality different places also hope you can understand, I do not talk nonsense ,I introduce the auctioneer ,she is Hongkong latest popular strength school artists ,a Xiaoou lady, her partner too natural that her mentor Jing Wong director ,our two but in the movie plot .
.. Another great auction ,I personally feel they are in reality ability is very strong ,everyone applauds . Qin Guozhong is to let the audience feels surprised ,the old home of the Qin Dynasty .
Yes ,originally thought that they can go to a famous auction auctioneer even very serious ,did not even put the Hongkong showbiz red and purple large star and director to come ,this appearance fee but certainly not cheap, Jing Wong there should be less thousands also won this Zhang Xiaoou is more serious, years ago, when a Macao casino please her past as spokesmen ,the income is as high as advised million Hong Kong dollars ,but also set a Hongkong artist to make money fast record, this view is also make big money .
Do me ,cannot think of really ,the old home of the Qin Dynasty .Can ah ,so that people can make to the view of Qin Guozhong ,this is a guy who really is the cost ,I think our auction to please two people .
Zhou Pangzi took one look at the table are talking to two men, beside the little star a dissatisfaction with Zhang Xiaoou ,this basically has become all female artists public enemy ,the woman did not follow any Regal had any scandal ,for these men are not the best ,just like his Zhou Pangzi also, although the mouth to talk, but the eye is always stands on three individuals ,but the fat man himself clearly nothing with X ì ng lovetendency, no wonder that one is Xiaoou .
Although Qin Guozhong is happy ,but he is the only one who knows please two people to yourself but Hu ā great,Jing Wong directed a year will be out of so two or three times to participate in such activities ,so there is five million Hong Kong dollars a lot ,but it is because the Qin family relationship with him to come ,the five million also cannot cash ,otherwise it is people when directed by relatively shallow, send is a high ice for Yang green emerald ring ,before the time is certainly not to sell to the price, but now it is a price ,but Zhang Xiaoou was not so much things, directly on the 5000000 of the cash it ,please two the host was Hu .
10000000 HK dollar ,tell them that it may have a people don ,but here is a man of the world ,also know these two personal appearance fees, one is feeling the old Qin Jiazhen is weathy .
Introduced after the rest of the time to give the two hosts ,Qin Guozhong is not above, he acts as the master home necessary reserve is still needed ,nor to Li Cong after the box to go ,this time do not form leakage so obvious ,it automatically to the he is in the seat ,seat inside are some Qin family .
You guest ,although we miss Zhang is very beautiful ,if I see her every day ,can still feel tonight Miss Zhang is very beautiful ,but today we miss Zhang or give valuable time to this evening protagonists ,our beautiful jade jewelry .
Jing Wong witty speech is always the best sauce ,although Zhang Xiaoou usually listen to a lot, but it still very happy ,because he can be comparable with jade ,she actually does not need to speak, only need to match what you can, because according to the two plan .
.. , most words are to Jing Wong can be, she stood there already is very attractive . Here Timberland Men's Radler Trail Camp Boat Cheap,we start the auction of our first article ,this is our Miss Zhang neck with a string of jade bead curtain ,must have had many people see ,Miss Zhang with this one and we tray display are the same, is from the hand of the Qin Laoxian Qin Guozhong is president ,and material brought back in Burma a weighing ten kilograms of high-definition glass for Yang green jade made, such things but after the legendary King green ,bead curtain is composed of eighteen m ōlikebeads ,we can look at ,there is no any defects Kids North Face 3 in 1 Jacket,we starting price is 18000000 HK dollars a North Face Womens Targhee Triclimate Jacket,each increase of 5000000 Hong Kong dollars, only five ,a starting price is the first article price auction ,rather do not reduce prices ,we are also very clear ,jade and other jewelry is not the same, this is the only thing in Burma only, in accordance with the present exploitation quantity is only 10 years ,and now the war in Burma ,such things are hard to find ,I hope you don this opportunity .
Jing Wong cup Hu ò ability or can, but these people are basically industry veteran ,with some senior speculators ,even if people do not need to stir them also will pay ,but some around the fall people heard his words immediately felt inside this business opportunity .
Other people like Li from is not tube ,but Zhang Xiaoou neck in this one he will buy down, with a Xiaoou tonight very well ,can see she is very loving ,just a necklace will definitely take a price for her ,despite the economic is good ,but let her take out nearly 20000000 dollars to buy a necklace or some reluctant ,but the price was HK $18000000 to spoof Qipai price ,the next thing is not predictable ,who knows a what kind of price .
Our first bid has appeared, he is from Burma, Mr Li ,Mr Li is indeed operating jade business, immediately see this jade bead curtain price ,Mr. Li Jupai again ,now the price is 18000000 HK dollar Qipai price plus card a HK $5000000 the price is 23000000 HK dollars .
Jing Wong saw Lee from Jupai immediately said with a smile ,the auctioneer although not his main business ,but he also knows some people support is good ,if his shot Liupai ,estimation also won to ask him to take this matter, one night two hour can earn 5000000 dollars ,so it is not something that happens every day ,so we should cherish .
Zhang Xiaoou glanced at Li from ,he thought of the man yesterday with his friends of the conflict that ,when she was just feel that this person is very temperament, should not the mainland small businessman ,now saw his bid to buy himself with the necklace ,but all of a sudden they carried a five million price ,also looks like a rich man ,out of politeness, or towards the man nodded ,more of her role as a model ,stand display can be, this is a woman special skill ,if Jing Wong takes the necklace .
Zhang Xiaoou put his mouth ,it is estimated that CH ú ngive off can not reach the situation now ,the inequality between men and women in society, and Jing Wong also lamented ,myself here is time-consuming and laborious one night ,this woman is here with their own station has the same income ,it is not equal .
Li from the next box was read by Xu Rong Lee from a glance ,he does not intend to bid ,only to have a look form, a speculator is absolutely not to put their money in it .He would fire is that in a short period of time can sell things ,just watched Lee from one eye stopped ,his economic advisers told him, such jade bead curtain in recent years is rarely appears, according to the current market price ,18000000 absolute is not very expensive ,if they estimate a price, at least until the 30000000 Hong Kong dollars or more ,or can be higher ,after all this rise is difficult to control ,some time ago ,it was two months ago ,25000000 may be the lowest price ,but now it is difficult to say .
Ah Lin cite brand ,Mr. Lin made a bid of 28000000 dollars ,it is not thought ,only less than a minute to have the two gentlemen bid, it seems to us miss Zhang Emerald charm together is good ,but the money Hu ā outis the absolute value for money Oh ,Mr.
Li ,we also offer, this is 33000000 Hong Kong dollars ,basically already to the bead curtain . really ,firm value ,and bid ? Wang Jinggang said the back of a Mr. Lin prices immediately saw Lee from two bid ,bid time no more than ten seconds ,ten seconds to carry the whole HK $10000000 price ,before the time in the world, more than $fifty million in jewelry price basically is some high-end gem what, rarely jade karen millen outlet,jade is really now has been among the top international jewelry ranks ,and their overwhelming trend .
Mr. Lin is the jewelry industry old, this time he wants to buy such a chain is mainly for his Changsha shop opened, that the lack of such a treasure of the market town ,such things generally buy is used to keep the ,others are generally see ,he was well aware of the auction house rules ,the general feeling now that to retreat ,but in the end will find that in fact the first buy is the most expensive ,even if it is behind you with first the same price to buy ,the advanced vibration can do not have ,think of here ,he again attacked ,Lee from is not ambiguous ,no such Jing Wong talking ,is this guy attacked immediately follow ,price went to $10000000 .
Now this jade bead curtain price was 43000000 dollars ,although I am not a senior auctioneer ,also not clear in Hongkong jewelry auction for the highest price ,but I feel ,this bead curtain completed auctions will make a new era .
Jing Wong saying with a loud voice ,he is really a little J ī moved,so the price is generally a senior auctioneer to be j ī movingonly a short while ago ,millions of the emerald necklace will be able to raise ten times the price ,the price of gold has priceless jade may be this way ,your today also met this magic .
That Mr. Lin is a business ,he felt the price is HK $43000000 to his limit ,he is not the money ,just feel that Mr. Lee to buy determination ,regardless of what price, can not shake the person ,and Hongkong itself is so small a a place ,what news is spread very quickly, that person is from Burma, he sure will seek to his time, so just go back ,let Li from HK $43000000 to buy down the price .
I said your brain really is a problem, want what we don you want this thing to do? Zhou Pangzi saw Lee from signed the checks take up and feel this guy not make fun of ,he always wanted to raise price ?How to finally own bought it ?This jade bead curtain should be given to those jewellers to buy only ah ,people buy back either when the town of shops north face store,or there is a buyers can immediately make a fortune ,like Li Cong to buy sell jade jade jewelry is really rare .
Oh ,Mr. Zhou said is wrong ,I think the boss the boss band is very good, if we just bid and don things, those people are sure to feel to be what we are ,but we are the first to buy stuff ,but still determined to buy however ,we have two advantages ,first is the next time someone told us like the same thing they ,and we with the buyers ,not raise price suspected .
Ling Tengyun was allowed to laugh after Li Cong explained ,such a thing but he knows too much ,a little while they know that Li Cong wants to do it alone ,this method is very good . The first thing is the delivery end, below starts to our second pieces ,with the first one thing ,starting at 43000000 Hong Kong dollars .
Jing Wong saw the delivery list after the beginning of said ,after all night .But a lot of it ,can not have so much time .Zhang Xiaoou just wanted their neck Necklace off when a sh ì whogave her a note ,this sh ì himselfseems to have met somewhere ,note top write with her, it is the most beautiful woman with one one of your Lee from @ .
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