but those things are a certain criterion

September 22 [Sat], 2012, 18:38
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultTalks on a new day began again ,but not the same as before is that the two sides have undergone some changes in Namibia ,here is Tirana became the number one ,also rather than good to sit down originally belonging to Tirana ,it is he I gave him an education .
Karen Millen Strapless Dress,this guy knows something ,here is not to let his mischief .On the other side of Lee from to the second position ,and there is not the same, he is willing to let out, he doesn talking to the brother and sister now ,in his view this meeting is sure there won ,this nonsense things he disdained to do ,give Liu Zhi brings the commissar is better, it is doing political work ,do the comparison with professional counterparts .
Li Cong thought that the beginning again like last time ,direct the head downward shrinkage ,last night video conference opened now tired ,you want to pull your boring to begin with, we are looking for the Duke of Zhou to talk to .
All the Chinese to the gentlemen ,we talk with our domestic consultation about, we agreed in principle to railway construction plan ,but there are some details we hope to discuss . When Tirana says this word almost didn Lee from horrified ,how this situation ,a night of Kung Fu is changed? Liu Zhi had also no spirit ,hearing the words to his stool moved forward ,suddenly he found Lee from also with him doing the same action ,pitiful poor the face was white and the grown-up ,you both get when I gave up ,really they conceded that .
You immediately came up, and there is no natural ,but my heart want to go to, also make it clear that two of goods are not a small political commissar makes up ,got relegated to second-line .
Oh ,oh, we are really the people of your country to be happy ,I last night is on the railway issue made a night without sleep ,now see Africa brother thought then quickly released ,really feel this evening not sleeping truth North Face Shoes Womens Sale,as we talk some essential problems ,such as we can in the railroad along the line many kilometres within the construction of mining rights to have ? When Li Cong heard this spirit ,he is to solve the railway question to talk about their own problems ,while Liu Zhizai is he robbed the first I want to give him two more times ,the world can have such a shameless person ,you go to bed in the evening to the railway ?Three dolls were impossible to believe, now lying face not red out of breath ,you into this realm we really have a old practice ,maybe my sister is called you to then to go .
Tirana looked a little stiff ,she really didn Li Cong was then unable to hold oneself back to conclude the negotiations ,if they should be a little more slowly to ,but this idea just is destroyed ,yesterday father to their words is very clear ,own must be within a week of the shipment of arms give back ,he figured, left to their own negotiation time only for a day, the hundreds of kilometers in China may be start at dawn and arrive at dusk ,but here the absolute need for four or five days ,this was the case of interference .
In Africa the place is the peace time or thieves everywhere ,in this time of war ,ten men in almost five are robbers ,no way, you don when the bad guys ,the bad guys will grab your stuff ,some places even the police have robbed several times ,the Namibia is now the public security .
I think this contract has been said, you can in the railway twenty km within the scope of enjoy plant lives and exploitation of underground mineral rights ,did not know Mr. Lee has any objection? Tirana said with a smile ,but Lee from seeing her smile to estimate this lunch can be saved ,boy suddenly to twenty km ,the original can be fifteen km ,now has more than five kilometers ,is really can ah .
Liu Zhigen and Li Cong exchanged glances, two people are clearly signed, there form was to a certain degree of risk ,if not the weapons would be the contract also became a waste paper ,the United States second times than that of the first aid can be more than doubled .
Since the condition is reached then the things here are very easy to resolve ,the rest is Lee from my own things ,Liu Zhigen in the army of some people see their own signature went out ,the Republic is a soldier, in the interest of the country come here is as it should be, but they are not ,they are businessman ,if he didn words of interest to the place .
Mr. Li ,agreement has been signed ,do not know that you have what thing ?If not I think we should go back this afternoon ,our home form is really a little to worry . Tirana Lee never follow Liu Zhi as they leave, does this guy have other ideas ,to tell the truth in the room pulling Na fear is Lee from ,although those who is a soldier ,but those things are a certain criterion ,Lee from do not have these concerns ,this guy is to think of what to what to do ,his requirements will be higher than the Chinese government .
Oh ,you come a long time ,I haven express the hospitality of a host there feel shy . Lee from his fingers, two men brought up two boxes ,which is full of the yuan UGG Outlet Online,in the country of Namibia ,the renminbi is absolutely than dollars also hard currency ,because the domestic big businessmen are Chinese ,this also created RMB strong ,should say ah local strength .
Also rather than tried to bite his tongue ,which in two cases was at least millions of RMB ,this money is not money ,it should be himself received the largest sum of money ,in the Namibia yuan very strong purchasing power ,an adult maid is only required to hundreds of pieces only, build a large villa cheap hundreds of thousands yuan ,the money is sufficient for my prodigal for a while ,should be good for a while .
Tirana had no brother so exciting ,although these money can make themselves look eyes, but in front of the person will need to do some of his own will not solve things ,even he could not solve things on their own, should be how tricky it ,the money is not good .
Don Mr. Lee, what is the meaning of this? For my father ? Tirana showed a side do not understand it ,with clear with their stupid ,or rather than some bad at sister eye ,how can this is to my father ,this millions to his father couldn with anything ,only to us, can let us enjoy a son ,it is don what to think of the sister .
Oh ,two sit down ,we slowly said Timberland Chukka Boots,this is not your father ,this is for you ,of course, no such thing as a free lunch .Two are clear ,you just talking with our government to talk about, is now with me to talk about it ,I hope take your this piece of land ,of course I want ground part ,underground mineral is still you, each year I will pay you ten million yuan of rent ,the big I pay twenty million .
Li Cong took out a map of Namibia circle a few places ,these places are not well ,most of them are some natural condition is more abominable area, but traffic was still can go North Face Realization Jackets, do not know this guy to the piece of land for what .
Chinese in Namibia with nothing new, Namibia huge land only to millions of people, most of the land is quite cheap ,even if nobody wants this Mr. Li ,so please us, it is not so simple like this piece of land ,and the previous Chinese businessmen took the building is not the plant ,are in the city around ,now he wants these plots are far away from the city ,but he also don underground mineral ,this is all the more surprising ,does he want to buy land ,which killed Ramina she also does not believe .
Take these plots to Mr. Lee and Chinese government relationship is no problem ,we have been to our Chinese friends are very generous ,but just don Lana do not understand some . Just don know why I have to do this through two things ,I want this piece of land on the purpose of it is that you want to know .
Li Congti for the woman to not say to finish .Tirana move ,they have no idea what he wanted ,as some illegal things he would not do ,others put so lucrative a regular business not to do ,is to get to do something illegal? It seems not very likely .
Mr. Li convenient tell us to be in this piece of land on what ?If investment we welcome too . Tirana thought for a long time did not understand what he wants . Troops ,military base .
Li Cong ,directly put also rather than hand the cup to the fall ,so his amazing, even want to garrison ,we are a sovereign nation ,how can allow someone in their own land: garrison .
Also with Tirana rather than unbelievable at Lee from ,if it is for this reason that this more than double the money they would not take the money back ,this will be their father to kill ,it will directly over father ,that to kill father nothing two ,if there is no father ,then their two day should end .
Sorry ,Mr. Li this thing we can . Tirana said very clearly .Li Cong did not speak again hit the ring ,or just the two men ,with four suitcases in, the six boxes of money has nearly twenty million ,see two siblings still unmoved ,Lee from as long as plus ten million .
Here are thirty million ,the money to help me get this thing ,a year after the half of the rent is you, I and your father job ,do not collect ,next year is your anniversary . Li Cong opened his final price tag, lightly pat also Missouri ,out, but out of backward to the two black men ,direct pointing the gun at the brother and sister , Oh, forgot to say, don take the money and no work, no one takes me Li Cong cheap ,who can .
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