species of the genus x ì ngDan fire

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 1469th Chapter House of rain to Lin Yi in stream Dan after the fire ,and have catalytic out golden system ,wood series ,series three Dan of fire ,that is to say ,the Lin Yi has become five alchemy division ,which in Zhang Liju alchemy division notes ,it is not to have no predecessors the presence ,in general ,ordinary alchemy division of a lifetime to master a red fire on the good, and it is affected by in vivo x ì ng restrictions,can be in a kind of Dan fire based on minor in another Dan fire ,is already very powerful alchemy division ,capable of catalyzing three different species of the genus x ì ngDan fire ,it was genius general existence, more than three ,was never ,at least not seen in chapter Liju !Even if you take the quality in the heart, can not give so much of catalytic x ì ngDan fire !What is a genius or a fool ?Lin Yi smiled wryly, although they can catalyze five Dan fire department ,but it can not represent what the child had said teeth ,coke ,the body true is the universal theory ,since it is a universal x ì ng,then can be catalyzed by any x ì ngDan fire is insufficient as usual ,the key problem is ,Lin Yi can not be sustained control of Dan fire heat temperature ,so even if the catalytic out Dan fire, also cannot refine what high grade pills ,Lin Yi this level ,only the most common Dan refining pills ,LN order goods pills are not ,the so-called Dan pill ,is the single material in fusion into the pill can be, not into Dan North Face Womens Gore Tex Pro,thus ,Dan pill effect is a lot worse, and true immortality cannot be mentioned in the same breath .
But Lin Yi no more disappointed ,after all, only their own learning alchemy leisure hobby ,became a learned of Chengdu of Lin Yi currently lives caused no impact, Lin Yi also does not need too to .
After all, Lin Yi without her advice ,only an alchemy division notes ,inside boring dryasdust text ,very jerky ,Lin Yi had never contacted ,for several days, can have the achievement is not good .
Therefore ,Lin Yi to plough through at the same time ,leisure Timberland Cupsole 2 Eye Shoes Cheap, but practice has both hands simultaneous catalytic different genera x ì ngDan fire ,before Lin Yi just tried the left catalytic a Dan fire ,and so left Dan fire out North Face Windstopper,then on the right by a red fire ,but never there is no test two hands simultaneously catalytic different genus x ì ngtwo Dan fire .
Of course ,Lin Yi to do so just for fun ,Lin Yi wants is going out after ,barbecue ,to Tang Yun ,miss big and small Shu show, they should be very happy ... ... Do not know at that time ,and had to wake up is it right? ?However, this time the fire spirit fruit collecting trip to now become somewhat difficult ,the sudden appearance of the ice palace ,like an obstacle ,make the road ahead is full of the unknown .
Morning ,Lin Yi as usual, out of the inn, came to the hotel parking lot to see Feng Xiaoxiao, although Lin Yi every night when perception will lock the practicing Feng Xiaoxiao, but Lin Yi still want to have a look her every day .
In fact ,the climate here ,has been completely without ice coffin ,not ice coffin ,can the human body stiff .To lock the car ,Lin Yizheng plans to return to the inn, not far away is coming a few cars ,the target should be here parking lot .
Lin Yi is not accidental ,before listening to the words of Zhao Qitan, the other trials of this two days should be to .For these people, Lin Yi do not know Kids North Face Down Jacket,do not want to and they talk ,let Zhao Qitan go .
Now ,Lin Yi just aside quietly collected the information they want good, say more ,but easily L ù stuffing.However, when the car is good ,in a car ,was down a Lin Yi acquaintance !See him ,Lin Yi budge ,if in another occasion to meet, perhaps Lin Yi will pretend not to know see too ,but here, Lin Yi is badly in need of a letter of the consult ,he is just to meet this condition .
Some things ,Lin Yi didn look back face ,think of once own ,Lin Yi sometimes some of deep feeling ,hidden family ... ... The once seemingly superior existence, now a few have become its own enemy ,even including the hidden rain home !Although Yu Lao did not know oneself is the Lin Yi, but in a secular home things hidden rain ,rain home may not have nothing to do with .
Here Lin Yizhan did not move ,who apparently saw Lin Yi, slightly robust, no matter whether people around, he strode to the Lin Yi came ! Rain, ice ,long time no see . Lin Yi of a smile, the man said .
You ... ... Why are here? Will you come to the ice palace trial? Rain ice feel weird, he can Lin Yi will appear here ! live in ,come and find me ,I was in Room 201 ,Ling a . Lin Yi finally puts his name reminds me, believe that the rain of ice can understand .
Well, then I Ling ! Rain freezing point nod, and Lin Yi temporarily left .The relationship between coagulation from rain there ,he calls Lin Yiwei ,is a normal thing ,not arrogant ,after all, if possible ,Lin Yi is his brother-in-law ,which has a tube called big brother brother-in-law ?Lin Yi nodded ,will quickly enter the inn on the floor .
At this time, Yuyama also came, saw Lin Yi back a look, y ī nYang like said: did not think ah ,brother t ng ì Ji power? I took an alliance ? has met a friend . Rain ice apparently no more and Yuyama introduced the meaning ,Yuyama and he is not a man ,how can he be Lin Yi to tell him ? The master of the house ah UGG Kaia Outlet,but also out of experience, others can only move in the family ,if not for this test ,I do not know god knows how long ability ! His mouth twitched ,rain .
In the rain the car behind is hiding ,leather home car ,they meet along the way ,and there are a few other hidden family and school ,but Pi Zhishan and skin of the sea did not personally seen Lin Yi, only heard of Lin Yi ,so it is no doubt the person in front of me is the forest dat .
Pi Zhishan watched the arriving Inn began to give tit for tat rain children ,mouth L ù outa mocking smile !In contrast ,oneself and between Pi Zhihai is congenial to many ,Pi Zhihai was practicing ,never mind what family affairs .
The rain of a dig a little rain ,ice is no way, who let the rain young generation are excellent ?This is a family of blessing ,but also sad ,brother of each other between the plot ,it can also lead to decline of family .
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