He heard a voice shouting

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>@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ even tied to the gate to meet silence ,Hill 1000 believe ,myself is to work not completed ,Hill nine yards .Www !QuanBEn !COM let him down ,he insisted on not kneel ,guards had to kick his knee nest ,he suddenly down ,still unconvinced yelled : you will open the gates ,to meet my master into the city, and his old French force without boundary ,charm everyone dead ,a city break !If open now ,can save the children ,otherwise the city crash ,wholesale slaughter ,you regret not reach ! Oh ,North Face Womens Soft Shell Sale, silent to see him staring at a pair of red eyes ,a crazy ,be poker-faced ,crazy, not by laughs: let wait, have a look at this time tomorrow ,you can witness the miracle worker .
t wait until tomorrow ! Hill 1000 aloud: master it only in the overnight ! That your master will shrink into Cuncai line . Silent laugh: you can not be able to tonight ! What did not catch up to him ,just outside the city ! Hill 1000 still not channel .
Take him out to have a look ,can have a human hair ! Silent wave sleeves ,will have two soldiers lift Hill 1000, will he go out to .This year ,Yongkang Xing Yu ,Chen Pide ..
. ... Is that Chen house station ,from the outside, the three face up with three points ,seven points to me ,Shen Mobing reported: the city found nine arson ,thanks to God bless ,snow ,we also have the preparation early ,resulting in the loss of ,have all put out .
But the people did not have a full grasp of arson . Nian Yongkang added . Might as well ,to check, vigilance . Shen Mohan first laughed : them to make trouble . Xing Yuhe Chen Pide was incredible : ,you have a spell ,can even make a sorcerer to insurrection ? Shen Mogang would reply, guards the venturi pressure 1000 come in ,just emotional Hill 1000, has been thoroughly dispirited ,eyes dull stared in silence, muttered : why is it so ? The others look to silence ,I hope he can answer .
Silent smiled : thanks to the guard brothers ,they are vigilant ,arrested the White Lotus Society Messenger ,it makes the functional easy layout . Chen Pide asked Yongkang : year 1000, you are how to distinguish the enchanter ,I saw them with ordinary people ,seems not to have what difference .
In fact, there are differences . Yongkang : although they acted as travel travelling salesman ,but a backs straight ,thigh ,calf thick thin ,apparently used to walk ,not weight-bearing ;I asked them to do this for several years ,said that for three five years ,can shoulder but no goods carry pressed bars .
.. ... And smiled : then I find an excuse ,that they take goods in contraband ,something pulled ,one can go ,who was happily agreed . Speak heavy track: for a real boy ,goods carry that they eat guy ,and their relation to can live, so easy to abandon ,is necessarily a ride a peddler guise of imperialine goods .
Chen Pide heard nodded ,exclaimed : a thousand years of good and careful thinking ,it seems the game will give you write head . Praise the Lord table . Yongkang humble way: your humble servant while seize those people ,but they only communication tool ,also do not know the order ,is grown to decipher it whispers, can see ,actually big talent woman are great .
They say that Yongkang is the heart ,a man ,a limitless prospect .The words of Nian Yongkang led Hill 1000 panic voice : what ?Can you decipher I teach language ? Of course ,this is ask Shen Mo .
Just know little only, but also to ask for your advice . Silent smile: I cant really curious about you . Don you see .Hill 1000 strange : how I forged my master ? could not be called a forgery .
Silent shook his head and smiled : said altered should be more suitable ... ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ time to return to the original ,silent finished the four white lotus Messenger ,get a few white whisper ,and to Yongkang than to find the corresponding cases ,in order to decipher .
He is very clear ,only through the common information analysis ,useful results could be obtained ,and these white words although symbols a ,information is not rich ,but consideration for commonalities -- it is time !A clear and unambiguous command ,no matter how many elements can be omitted ,lack of time expressions .
And silent bold cognizance ,that Xiao Qin is not necessary ,are unlikely to have the ability ,the original language ;the so-called white lotus ,is likely to be a symbolic figures ,a hidden meaning ,such that for example ,proved ,for that .
.. ... Sand to salt ,sand hole of Garam and the like, and Xiao Qin is just the meaning ,symbol for out .It possible ,one to twenty numbers ,is to use ten different symbols represent, then either alone, or combination of two two, used to express the corresponding date .
Feel that basic reliable ,silence to the limited eight information to verify -- in addition to the unknown one ,the other seven are able to determine the specific date ,are day ,eleven ,twelve ,5 ,8 ,eighteen ,25 ,but in general there .
20 and 30 ,all in two and three place .So silent speculation ,these patterns, there should be three heavy kind of ten represents ,two heavy kind of representative a ,and two represents five ,two represents eight ,and then represented ten ,and represent the two ,representing eight will next time, on behalf of the two and five will be next time .
That these laws ,to deconstruct the symbols ,the Shen Moxian hypothesis is served is the date ,to be behind the symbols over ,leaving only the top two, and then those symbols in corresponding cases time to replace ,at last count ,than, mostly on no.
.But the last one is twenty ,rather than 25 ,so no two five ,but a four one five .Shen Mo is not lightly dismissed this hypothesis ,he returned to this date corresponds to the event ,discovery is a village flees incident .
.. ... They felt relieved, this entire village relocation ,inevitable drag, dripping endless ,than the prescribed date night one or two days ,it was normal but .Prudence, he alignment behind the symbols ,we can not find the regularity of things ,he eventually determined : before the two symbol ,Karen Millen Lace Dress Cheap,is the representative date ! Nian Yongkang suddenly smiled and said: they launch day ,must be twenty-two days .
This code first two bits are the moon ,nature represents a two median repeat date ,and in thirty days a month ,had only twenty-two days to meet the conditions .Silent smile: good, the moon represents two ,on behalf of a horseshoe ,with these two figures .
Toshinaga Yasuton a ,convincing nodded: ah ,this two figures . Regardless of what Xiao Qin up one ,so long as the date to him one day in advance ,the rest follow suit ,can have hidden in the dark before launch day ,but because no one get-away vain exposed .
Shen Mo will be the cut second moon ,into a hoof ,and then let the two rush to meritorious service Messenger ,in the city throughout the secret location painted ;Yongkang then sent spying on ,have a look what people will come to see these argots .
The results by this method, after more than a half of the spies ,among them hill 1000 .The hill 1000 not action is not hidden ,but the identity is too sensitive ,so one to the alley ,is the guard who watched .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ opportunity only once ,miss Xiao Qin will not come again ,plan ,be discreet in Yongkang and clever Shen Zhuoyan penetrated ,be destined to will get a great tragedy .
Years later ,even if it is a grey-haired ,in exile in Siberia, Xiao Qin never forgot Jiajing forty years in twenty-two night, in a heavy snow Xuanfu Town, he had witnessed the defeat .
Facing four Taiwan Kat flaming eyes ,he be struck dumb ,nothing ,only one thing you can be sure of ,is his plan failed . I want to kill you ! Huangtai Ji be ablaze with anger at him waving the whip, Xiao Qin away from being severely ,smoke a whip ;Huang Tai Ji and his two brothers ,was stopped ,small voice: want to board or forced to Cooley over there ? Cooley is my brother ,the son of a capsule ,while Kat sac died, I answer inherited most of his possessions ,but still there are many loyalists ,loyal to Cooley ,and I answer is not good is bad, also in East Chahar prairie ,as he delineated spheres of influence .
But Cooley strength ,better than Huangtai Ji four any one ,and the two sides not friendly ,often fight for territory .But now this name ,is calm Huangtai Ji anger medicine ,dropped his whip ,to declare the high walls ,piercing howl .
Despair despair !In the severe winter of heavy snow ,with no siege equipment tumbling down ,was originally expected to pick up a bargain ,to create a period of leave a good name throughout the ages history ,who knows to eat cold-shoulder treatment does not say, also be a stick to knock the dung urine flow !At this moment ,even the most optimistic of the Mongols, also do not believe they can encroach on Xuan Fu ,one cannot alter the past ,shame shame !If so crestfallen back ,we can imagine Huangtai Kat Cooley to ridicule ,this is not acceptable ! At least ,to make them a ! Huangtai Kat black stare at Xiao Qin : or I gave out ! Xiao Qin smiled and he nodded : well ,I .
That night the Mongols in the snow outside lying sleep ,the Ming army although a large number, and the table, but did not attack .While army it Less than nothing ,a character ,can the Mongols sent burning incense high ,for out of town to kill ?Or save it, more dangerous ah .
Silence station in the city ,looking at the act recklessly and care for nobody sleeps in the snow to the Mongols, and then have a look inside with a tens of thousands ,not by dark heave a sigh ,the heart says: don make a change ,it would be the ruin of our country the .
.. But he can distinguish the order of priority ,now also not words, as they went .The very next day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ until noon there was nothing, the Ming officials are all very happy ,say the Tartars get disheartened ,could not stay .
Silence also think so ,then waited patiently Huangtai Ji to retreat ,but at noon ,the outside shot an arrow into the city ,the defenders picked up the arrow at the top ,attached to a letter ,to give the first patrol Xing is general .
Xing Yu ,Huang Taiji to Yang Shun ,that I agreed to ,also acted in a play ,you should give me the money and food ?Otherwise I will be your letter to your emperor watch .Xing Yu knows it will quickly be no trivial matter.
,letter to silence it .The silent look after ,ordered the people to question Yang Shun bodyguard long ,also is the man ,that Huang Taiji ,there is such a letter ,Women's North Face Shirts,but Yang Shun private printing .
The news was confirmed after the silence for a long time ,language, the house civil and military officials also a tense atmosphere ,breath sound ,they are clear, it is in great trouble .
This be savage and absurd blackmail ,and not as easy as it seemed ,in fact ,has become a serious political problem -- big guy ,nature is not the promise .Can the Tartars will Yang Shun to Beijing, let the emperor and the imperial court to shame ,and then to the decent ,have admitted to this account to pay the money ,the tartars .
You promise ?Even worse ,the Ming Dynasty is always the diehards ,the famous three policy ,do not ask ,do not claim ,not to cede territory and ,even the emperor being caught, they don ,the only one letter ,seems far from compared with the emperor ?But except for their prescribed food and silver ,but also military pensions yesterday manslaughter 600 Mongolia cavalry ,and one hundred thousand two silver !So much money who stump up ?Is to afford ,can not give ,that off for revenge against her ?Who dare to take the responsibility ?So we dare not speak ,Baba watched in silence ,I hope he can assume responsibility .
.. ... Or that carry the bag .Silence already accustomed to bear everything, and no panic, the brain is still awake ,and laughs: Huangtai Ji ,also is a problem . People with a smile: adult ,be nothing difficult to deal with the tartars .
Lifting me . Silent smiled : I have no good idea ,the only thing to do . As is the orders down ,hear all the officials terrified ,hate not to worship him as a teacher ,ask him thick road .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xiao Qin to Huangtai Ji out such an idea ,the Mongols in outside the tent waiting out back .To the darkness ,the city is shot down ,his show Huangtai Kyrgyzstan ,Kyrgyzstan re not recognize Chinese characters .
.. ... Of course, more do not know Mongolian ,asked Xiao Qin : what do you mean ? Xiao Qin overcast Zhaolian said: they say the battle ,resort to every conceivable means ,Yang Shunna letter to entice us to plan, not as the money credentials .
.. ... Their emperor was very wise ,would only laugh away . Asshole. For shame !Huang Tai Ji bared teeth scolds: put it down in black and white also sealed ,how can not count ? Let him do ,but declared the city not to notice ,but he was poor and crazy .
Do something quickly !You idiot ! Huang Tai Ji ,think of Xiao Qin as a punching bag, said : if you think of no way to ,I send you to town ! Xiao Qin reluctantly nodded his head ,he is ready to hand ,just think too many ,therefore has no use .
The following day ,Shen Mogang just got out of bed ,three feet will quickly come in : ,go to have a look ,the Mongols too hateful ! Shen Mo was put on the cloak, boarded tower ,looking out, see the Mongolia cavalry drove thousands of Han Chinese people ,came to the city and beyond the range of .
The Mongolia soldiers armed with a bow and arrow ,fan-shaped surrounds the jittery people ,those people, men and women ,old and young ,and hold ,protects ,appear to be derived from the same place .
The crowd was crying into one piece, but the Mongolia soldiers ruthless killing several men ,suddenly in perfect silence ,dead silence .He heard a voice shouting ,these people said: horse debt has the main ,if you hate ,hate the city from ruin themselves ,we just want to get our money ,money ,not to kill ! The voice of a drop, the Mongols began killing .
.. ... They intended to vent anger and rage these days ,always put people scared the stigmata ,enjoy teasing enough, then brandished a knife blade .Kill after still does not stop, but also remove the heads ,a knife pick up ,kicking play !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ beast ! Seeing this, Shen Momu canthus is splitting ,punched in the whole blood flow ,suddenly collapse .
On the edge of the Xing Yu quickly : Lord ,your hand is bleeding . Said they came to tie up for him ,but was silent violent push .See always mild like jade ,adults so furious ,Xing
Yu some stayed ,UGG Sunburst Tall Outlet,but see silent waving the bloody hand and says : my hand broken skin, you tense like this, the outside of the people was killed this way, you can be petrified !!
Shen Mona Zhang Qingxiu ,now out of temper ,terrible ,he is like a lion in the outbreak : even if you forget yourself is Daming soldiers ,also forget yourself a man ?!Reach out to
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