Ling day reality was a very generous man .

September 11 [Tue], 2012, 18:56
The 763rd chapter changes at this time ,the last remaining a Presbyterian immediately teleport to Ling day reality before, this guy Tower big elder Ling Xiaosu ,also Ling day real big brother ,in two of them are mortals when, between the two are very good friends .
This reality is killing Ling days no calculation means ,and is very fierce, but this is not to say ,he do not benefit .At least in the mortal time, Ling day reality was a very generous man .
Ling Xiaosu was in the army to requisition .Ling Jiasi people are Ling day reality in care ,Ling Xiaosu in the army is one to twenty years ,without hearing a word about Ling Xiaosu ,and is responsible for the pension winter Ling day reality .
Ling Xiaosu brother is also responsible for Ling day live up .But for Ling Xiaosu ,Ling day real great kindness that is the thought that .Later Ling Xiaosu is also a Ling day real buddies ,strong supporters of the .
Until now ,in the tower, most get Ling day real trust is the Ling Xiaosu .Even Ling day reality several disciples have been the way of trust .This time Ling Xiaosu also turns into a sword into Ling day reality .
But this time, their distance from the lotus is only two thousand meters distance ,the distance is Tower last prohibition distance .If it is a walk like this forbidden words ,that is to really into the tower .
While red went to the suppressed before the time ,Ling day reality is gone .This time, he taught as tower pocket ,although is the heart of feel fear ,but he still play some .As a palm teaching should be in this way stand up .
This is Ling day reality contradictory place ,a very contradictory person .He moved on and have a relationship ,even may have relations are very terrible .However ,at this time ,liability or let him at this time to stand out .
Ling Xiaosu came to life after Ling days before ,stand behind said: ,has opened the door to the tower hall .Waiting for master ,will take to complete opening of tower hall . Between heaven and earth ,with two temples is independent of the magic weapon ,able to carry .
A is the school Senluo hall ,in charge of all things between heaven and earth life hall .Is it right? Just out of the three realms ,not in the five row, friar ,that is to belong Senluo hall management .
This is why Senluo hall itself is a powerful magic weapon of the important reasons .Another such weapon is the tower hall ,which is now the tower .The legendary emperor tavatimsa high a magic weapon .
In fact, this weapon is not itself of the emperor UGG Classic Dylyn Bomber Boots,the tower hall was originally the emperor baby ,evil spirit race inheritance .But ,later ,the Lich war time, the emperor was not killed .
Demon race also because this fall down .The tower hall is a Malay trophy .Later the family and family become ,in fact they are a race ,are the Terrans, this is a Malay is also there can be no denying .
T the same time ,the family built a little body ,in the body of the strong hand that was the one and only ,even in this way when it is a constitution is not able to have the family those big witch body strong .
While the Terran is more to show their one .The two of them become invincible ,that is true .This is why the first time, it is the absence of any race can be a universe of 1 000000000 universes hegemony .
Even when the Malay and the demon family ,that is also a master of heaven ,a master of Kyushu to like this place .But even in that way when they are not possible ,how the other side of the .
But when the Malay and the joint up, that the way it happened very big change ,the Terran to finally become the last laugh of a race .In that case ,the tower hall is also a Terran .
While the gods after the war ,the establishment of heaven ,God has the names of those who one is in the sky Kanghuo .This time, the tower hall again were placed in the heavens .However ,the war after a certain period of time ,also did not know that Primus is mad ,or have their calculations, is actually the tower hall to get the ban to the virtual space .
When the heaven is not only free of a sect of the disciple ah ,intercept religion ,the western religion ,even evil disciples have appeared in heaven .However North Face Triclimate Womens Jackets Clearance,in this way ,Primus remains like this do .
That this time to say is a very large group .It is Primus like this do ,what people did not understand ,a secret like this is not what the big deal .However ,the tower hall ,later also is a tower of a real amulet .
Needless to say ,this tower real foundation is the celestial gods when the guys .But this time, heaven and the four big factions also don how much power waste for tower hall ,but no one can find it .
The tower hall legend which is a very big secret ,if that is the way a secret word ,then it is possible to truly live forever and never die ,just what not to fear man five decline in this way .
In this way it was heaven have to go looking for it peak hall .However ,this weapon was banned in the virtual space .Outside ,even to heaven to give over to find it is not possible to find out the real like baby somewhere .
And see the tower hall when it is shocked ,hl .So baby grand school also has been looking for .If it is able to peak hall a Luo day sword real together, that it formed when baby is really the repression of thirty-three weather brought Joseph tower hall ,is true to the existence of so-called Yaozu treasure .
This time, Luo day sword is already in the hands of the lotus ,the like this situation, if the mean peak hall can truly and Luo day sword become words ,it is an exciting thing .
However ,this time to know very clearly ,this place is mysterious ,known as the fairy ,want in those days Karen Millen December Sale,numerous prehistoric battle Master ,the battle Master are imprisoned in the prison .
This place is the most cunning saints Primus designed, one can imagine ,in this way a bad place to be able to survive school must meet the unique skill .Moreover, all is the source of a heritage ,so, this is also a good start with himself .
Ling day live at red does not speak, but ,from his red eyes and saw no intention to kill ,but it is a great shock ,especially when the lotus that look ,let Ling day reality is more elusive ,the woman with a sword ,but no one intended to kill ,but it is really looking eyes the tower hall .
Not wrong, is looking at the matrix in the huge tower hall .Like Senluo hall to the suspension above ,the tower hall is a suspended in the rolling waves .Universe of 1 000000000 universes is a total of three mysterious River ,the three rivers are legendary ,from the creation of the world has been retained to the present time long exist .
One is the dark hell ,nine of the most powerful river .Even the saints could not know the river Styx ,also is the legend of the world, this river is originated in what place ,flow to somewhere .
The same ,second river ,is the legend of the galactic ,heaven river ,a river in the Sunday star ,strong Sunday star large array is by virtue of the Milky way great momentum play a strong power .
Can say ,without the Milky way ,the Sunday star large array is not so powerful ,it is impossible to have the so overbearing .Want in those days Yaozu relies on the Sunday star large array to suppress the heavens ,in Sanqing and other saints have not really become a saint ,Yaozu momentum is by virtue of the Sunday star large array to suppress evil spirit race and unification of heaven .
Of course ,the family deity very large array are also powerful ,of course ,are god evil large array is then the bullies ,it also has its own reason .This is because God very large array also encounter unique River to support ,this is the legend of the mystical River - the Yellow River ,the Yellow River is the same as the inheritance of hundreds of millions of years ,off the reel ,changeless is powerful ,no one can suppress the the Yellow River ,even if it is saints are not the ability .
Want in those days ,Saint disciple Da Yu in Saint character called management of the Yellow River ,but also in the light of its general trend .Nothing in the world can suppress a monk in the Yellow River .
The Yellow River ,the legendary universe of 1 000000000 universes where the migration ,although it is probably not the Styx that ghastly, but all the monks in the Yellow River fear is nothing less .
The Yellow River ,think about how the stream flow ,eighteen curved ,swept across the earth Kyushu ,numerous diversions ,created a vast ,created a monster race ,Malay ,the earliest civilization .
The three rivers is the universe of 1 000000000 universes most ancient river ,is a river at all .However ,this here is two .Only Primus like this asshole will have this appearance ,is actually the Styx and the Milky way are put into the place come .
If the move is the word ,then he must be guessed ,the Primus is of great .Even the move is sure ,if it is Primus this guy can suppress the the Yellow River words ,that this time he must have left the Yellow River to suppress this ban virtual space to .
However ,the Yellow River is not likely to suppress live .Saints are not likely lived in the surging the Yellow River crackdown .The tower hall is in the three river a milky way -- .
However ,the tower hall is hidden to the Milky Way clouds .The Milky Way water changed into the boundless sea of clouds .Hide the true figure tower hall .Of course ,this is not a thousand clouds cloud array soul like that strong mass destruction ,however ,the peak hall itself is able to compensate for the lethality of this appearance is insufficient .
However ,the sea of clouds ,nor tower outside of the monk can easily see .No one knows the magic weapon to tower is hiding in the clouds where, this is the most headache .However ,this can clearly see Senluo hall ,it is certainly worth suspicious .
This woman is certainly and tower are related ,and possibly is from the universe of 1 000000000 universes .Since they are able to come, it is able to go out, this is the most important of the tower .
Of course ,in this look, take a point is needed, even if it is for the tower future, it is certain to adventure .Therefore ,at this time ,Ling day reality seems to be resolved, he said firmly : Ling long old ,I go out, to see the young woman is doing here .
Here you be careful, if the woman what move, immediately launched the tower hall put her off . Out ,at this time out of course is very dangerous .In this way when there is no guarantee that this woman is why came to the tower ,however ,one thing is certain ,that is to say ,this time out, if what look dangerous, that this time Ling day reality is really wrong .
Ling day how is a person UGG Classic Argyle Knit Boots,do all kinds of evil ,nasty and ruthless ,even his master to kill a person, with the sentence heinous to describe Ling day real people, it is not wrong .However ,such a person is actually will himself in danger, it unbelievable .
Especially for Ling day real hardcore supporters ,Ling Xiaosu is very know this guy what kind of man .In order to his own safety ,he was able to abandon the world for anyone, any person .
However ,this is a man was thinking to himself in danger .This is not possible, or say ,Ling day reality really out of your mind ?In fact ,this is also because and moved to an important relationship .
In this way ,actually move this guy to Ling day reality caused by the pressure is very big ,big enough to let people can not imagine a degree .This degree ,let Ling day reality character produced very big change .
This change is also influence character by environment ,others very difficult to find the process .Ling Xiaosu Ling day real words in general is also strictly enforced ,rarely express their views ,but this is not to say that Ling Xiaosu was always do as one is told ,a bit does not have its own independent man ,if it is Ling day reality in mind ,Ling Xiaosu is also will not hesitate to remind people of the peak .
This is Ling Xiaosu always be Ling day real hardcore .Ling day reality is also a need for a man like this to remind myself. Is it right? Really made the right choice .Ling Xiaosu felt at this time is really need to confirm the correct command is it right? .
Because in this way ,he really doesn Ling day reality why like this to do .The woman in the unsuspecting cases come here ,if it is in the way when she has no purpose, it is simply not possible .
After all, in this way ,this woman is very good ,come here is not to look around the .Ling Xiaosu is clearly said: ,you know that you will like this to do ?It seems, that you don like this adventure .
The woman seems to be come with evil intent .If you go, it was very likely have dangerous . This is to remind myself to be careful Ling day live in front of the woman .This time, Ling day reality very affirmative ground says : thank you ,this is something I have been identified .
I think this woman and our tower must be has the very big relations .This is something I must check .Don ,the woman is actually one could see the tower hall ,this thing is that events that never happened .
Maybe we tower chance has come .However ,I think ,that opportunity may not be very good .If this woman is very dangerous, the tower is very dangerous .Therefore ,once appear the way of case, you would first peak hall put her off .
This time, even if it is the use of tower hall ,the Ling day reality is no protective effect .After all this distance Ling day reality is very near it, that want to Ling day real unfavorable words ,then to Ling day reality produces very big threat .
The previous Ling day reality ,it is not possible .But now at least at this time Ling day reality but know tower adventure .Therefore ,it has been fully proved a truth North Face Hoodie Solid Thicken Jackets Womens,that is to say that as long as the conditions are right ,then nothing is impossible .
Ling Xiaosu heard here ,although he also don understand this matter in the end is what kind of a thing, but this time ,he always knew Ling day reality has been determined .Then he said : that this time we is it right? Go to the elders of their to come too .
After all the way ,things are a little to make people feel strange ,let the elders which they give us an idea ,I dons bad . The Ling Xiaosu effect is said to help with Ling day reality
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