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September 11 [Tue], 2012, 12:34
Wang Qinqin first semester report subject or very much ,and the class time inconsistency ,begin Lin Qingcheng adhere to accompany her class ,then simply in the campus and her big Xiaobao or watching others play, her best friend of many but not lonely .
WWW ,QUANben ,cOM Lin Qingcheng now resounding fame deeply loved ,two Tibetan mastiff also sensible obedient ,although a fierce evil, but no students accused her of the belt so big dog into the school, but there are many people who love to her Tibetan mastiff photo .
Ye Yuzhi eventually returned to a portion of the property over, Longxing day was sentenced to life imprisonment ,property confiscated .Ye Yuzhi bought a small house ,and she doesn act again, asking Lin allure in Princess group found a civilian job ,be settled down .
Misunderstanding unlock the two female relations are close together ,often called Chen Chen dinner with shopping ,day also moist .Wang Qinqin studies very hard ,every day a lot of time is spent in studying ,inner sense of urgency to promote her such as a sponge like constantly to absorb knowledge .
Xiao Han finally have the opportunity to get close to her, and she in the recess of the content of learning, Ouyang Wan indifferent attitude to his convenience, but the school still will realize the allure of home Lin sister promise accompanied Wang Qinqin ,let Xiao Han find time alone with Wang Qinqin .
Wang Qinqin still remember what Tang Xiao said ,not too much contact with Xiao Hanyou during learning ,the discussion is normal, she does not object .Ouyang Wan in her eyes is more like sister not classmates ,even sitting next to her learning and rarely discuss .
Xiao Han to find her discussion with frequent ,students gradually began to flow out of two is the relationship between male and female friends rumors ,she is mixed do not care ,clear person from voicing from muddy, this is the only method to deal with gossip .
Piano piano !You and that Xiao Han what relationship ? Forest city has doubts ,heard rumors of her first time to find Wang Qinqin ask .Never mind. They are blind .I now where Kung Fu ! Wang Qinqin immediately denies .
Well !The Xiao Han looks good ,I think you very well !Don how he dislike him ?Hee hee ! Forest city with a smile . You look nice on you and him well ,i ! Wang Qinqin had been used to make fun of forest city .
Yes, I am? I was afraid that he couldn me !No brother-in-law that don want to marry me ,I will not marry in disorderly fashion ,Mens North Face Gore Tex Jackets! Forest city is like a proud peacock .Wang Qinqin looked at her watch ,the narcissism has been used .
My sister and brother-in-law coming back soon ! The next moment forest allure us .The king Qinqin wondered : wrong ah !Not that beautiful sister to prepare for ,and not come back ? Forest city quietly : brother this time is over, should be the sister and me something ,don and others say ,they could only stay for a few days, and then my sister and brother-in-law goes back to New York .
My brother is said to come to my birthday party ,but must be something else ,they never so mysterious ! Wang Qinqin also hook up : allure !Do you know what happened ? Forest City shook his head ,eyebrows puckering ,said: t know !I can ,my brother confidential .
You don say to others ,Ouyang academy could not say ,this is a discipline ! Wang Qinqin nodded .Tang Xiao and Lin Yan come back very suddenly ,before leaving New York to buy some gifts to give forest allure birthday .
Back to the garden after Lin Yan Tang Xiao winked ,be assured him gesture ,took Jenny Tseng into another room .In addition to the house of Lin Fusheng and a young man with big eyes and bushy eyes .
Beautiful son !This is the East jie ! Miss lin !Hello. Oriental Jie body straight ,it is a soldier .Hello. Sit down, please. This is my assistant Jenny Tseng ! They sat down ,Bayashi Ya Jenny Tseng .
Jenny Tseng is responsible for specific reasons ,she was born in Indonesia are familiar with the situation there ! Beautiful son !Oriental Jie and I were the same military out, is my brother, had excuses layoffs and task ,but my dad and grandpa decided to allow him to take charge of the work ,but this is something everyone will not admit, you must arrange ,try not to disclose ,Sale UGG Mens Classic Mini! Lin Fusheng and Jenny Tseng have a look .
Lin Yan knows his doubts ,saying: Jenny Tseng is absolutely trustworthy ,she is my best friend ! Lin Fusheng nodded ,said: beautiful son !Do you remember when you give grandpa sent the card ?Bovine Kun ? Lin Yan nod ,continued: the Cary girls were cattle Kun * * ,but after we review is not so ,that woman is a Japanese spy ,we suspect that the Japanese use of bovine Kun has infiltrated ! Lin Yan changed colour ,the woman is very beautiful, she began to have some sympathy for her ,that is the Japanese secret service .
Lin Fusheng : in the national economic development ,personnel of some confusion, uneven, some good and some bad ,it is easy for people to take advantage of loopholes .Although we destroyed cattle Kun drug network ,but the Japanese penetration of our intelligence rarely ,Karen Millen Limited Editions,this reorganization must have a fish escaped through the seine .
According to the Japanese intelligence personnel discloses ,bovine Kun had fled to Japan ,joining the Heilonghui ,this is Japan one of the biggest intelligence organizations ,according to the Japanese usual practice ,bovine Kun should have great use value, or the Japanese won favored him, we conjecture that bovine Kun network inside very possibly high-status figures no exposed .
Beautiful son !Grandpa decided to give the Japanese a lesson ,this faction Oriental Jie to mean it ,his men are special Battalion soldiers ,fighting capacity is absolutely no problem !Is the national hero ,this to you ,hope you a few years still can let their safe return .
Lin Yan said: brother you rest assured !I will do my best to protect their complete . Oriental Jie said: miss lin !We are the champions !The battle is our bounden duty ,don think too much ,we will severely crack down on the Japanese ,call it dare not to covet our old ,sometimes sacrifice is necessary ! Lin Fusheng nodded: beautiful son !Only after I and Oriental Jie and contact you ,someone you don .
Oriental kit they smuggled abroad .You leave ,I will arrange ,to Philippines to you to arrange ! Lin Yan said: Jenny Tseng and I have been in Philippines arranged, firearms ammunition ships are in place ,our aim is to cut off the Indonesian to Japan route, as far as possible, destroy shipping merchant, making Indonesia paralysis ,let the Japanese economic chaos .
Oriental kit !Jenny Tseng by satellite to command you ,we should pay attention to the naval movements ,once let you withdraw tens of millions of another war, leave at once ,there are many opportunities, we try to avoid the soldiers .
Oriental Jie said: understand !I must obey the command ! Lin Fusheng hesitated a moment and said: miss !You know the time of day ,laugh in a side ,if Japan into China information network news ,I hope you look at the people tell me ! Lin Yan grabbed Lin Fusheng ,said: brother !Whenever I is the Lin family ,I will find a way !You can rest assured ! Lin Fusheng and have a look the East Jie : Oriental kit !We don is Japanese penetration of to what extent ,all information are only a few of us and my dad and grandpa know ,other people wherever he is what identity ,are not disclosed !This is Grandpa issued dead order !Unconditional obedience ! Is ! Oriental Jie stand salute .
Back to the bedroom to Tang Xiao after hearing about Lin Yan ,frowned : so complicated !Never thought !Fancy .Knew early that card to your grandpa is good ! Lin Yan said: breakfast is unlikely to ferret out, my grandpa to deflate the drug network was very careful ,do not have a fish escaped through the Seine ?It is a military intelligence moving hand ,place should not get the message? Tang Xiao : yeah !Bovine Kun how can run ?Your brother do ? Yanjing sent text messages ,he received and ran .
The SMS mobile phone without registration ,do not know who !There is no clue ! Lin Yan helpless way .Tang Xiao said: can not say that there is no clue ,firstly, this certainly can contact to military intelligence or he himself is the military department, otherwise he will not get the message ,this second cattle Kun must know ,otherwise he will not risk exposure risk to inform Niu Kun run away ,third of the people in Shanghai have no power or buddy ,or simply to kill cattle Kun is not one finished, all is finished.
,he will never be exposed . Lin Yan nodded ,smiled: a smile !You are clever ,can see so much ,UGG Knightsbridge Sale! Tang Xiao made a face ,Karen Millen Multi Coloured Dresses,said: don boast of husband !You must watch out ,otherwise he won command to the Oriental Jie ,let him not to disclose information to other people !I even domestic military departments toward the open door where do not know ,nor analysis method analysis ,let your grandfather and uncle to catch spies ! Lin Yan has a pair of beautiful big eyes blinking ,said: a smile !I see you when they must pass ,too cunning ! Tang Xiao a tiger put on her bed ,smiled and said: husband to catch you little spies ,torture ,confess to false charges under torture ! Lin Yan giggling ,wriggling .
Tang Xiao was her body rubbing caused the fire, started stripping her clothes, Lin Yancai break up : a smile !While eating, today we go down the birthday ! Tang Xiaoshua rogue ,fell on her ear whispered : you come with ,time fast, or allure come to you does not look good ! Then begin as Lin Yan tie up .
A smile !You hurry up !We really must go ,are waiting for us ! Lin Yan was to meet his offensive moaned softly ,quietly urged .It is anxious and worried that others to make her become more compact and clinking, almost can use means she used, make Tang Xiao happy to complete a round of outbreak .
Tang Xiao dressed ,soon become civilized people .Just use a paper towel to clean up after the body of Lin Yan face red teeth : bad a laugh !Waiting for you ! Tang Xiao looked at her naked body ,Xianlianxianpi and snuggle up : small is beautiful !What.
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