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September 16 [Sun], 2012, 12:48
In the students for retention ,silent and even his three games ,which was able to appear after the rest .WWw.QUanBEN.CoM Geng to look somewhat tired silence ,Christine track: Jiangnan brother ,then can Leekpai Kaizong ! It is tasted .
Silence and shook his head : my identity sensitive ,can only speak some fur .Improved I learn responsibility ,UGG Classic Tall Fancy,still must rely on a rooftop brother go to all lengths . , must trust .
Geng to the ring road ,paused ,some about to speak, but saying nothing : dragon brook the is coming ,just getting older, temporary got sick ,Highkoo UGG Boots, Oh , silence slightly shook his head : rooftop don comfort me, guild is mad at me ,do not want to see me this eat outside ,scratched ,disciple .
No . Geng to hurriedly : dragon brook public is to southern pride . This I believe , the silence said : but that does not prevent him angry with me . ... ... , said really Geng set centripetal and complain about their own family between master and apprentice thing which also used his tongue, then go to the on the road : now I King potential ,however, three faction fight ,already more and more sharp ,if the trend continues, if it is not science scholar the attack will cut one another .
. Yeah . Silent nod, on his words agree ... ... The king ,the seven school in Taizhou ,the most powerful river Yousan pie .The river right is called king of orthodox school ,the king is to maintain the basic concept ,abide by the teacher said their representative is defends benefits ,Nie leopard ,Ouyang De and Xu order .
While the rate of Xi Wang Ji faction and Wang Gen created by the Taizhou school ,it is the traditional view of grass ,and Confucianism have greater division in today Shihlin more market .
Wang Ji and the late king of Burgundy ,are all male Pro Yangming disciples ,saying they ,can be said to be the descendants of Wang Xue in the two most important thought everybody .Now Wang Gen has to will only Wang Ji one pillar to prop up the sky ,so one can imagine his position .
And has been since ,Wang Ji and Ji this in silence behind the support of a silent, as he grew up ,a little bit bigger impact a seedling ,grow into towering trees ,two old men must be full of delight .
Now the silence has been basically realized they had ideal ,became the Taizhou school recognized Xu Jie successor .However, Wang Ji is not happy about this ,because in his opinion the silent backward Taizhou school to return, the school and Taizhou school are changed while the grass ,have more emphasis on individuality liberation and thought of self ,by .
However, Wang Ji the pie ,with more color and intellectuals ,Wang Gen king ,left more civilians, both from the perspective of North South bar removed ,in fact than the river right orthodox differences larger .
Si to Wang Ji could not live silent gas ,however silent after all his followers ,can do this, is to give him big face so he was very happy .In this contradictory feelings about ,old man will allege illness as the reason for not coming to Nanjing to silence is not to return to Zhejiang to see his ,because as imperial envoy ,must be in ,never stopped in his hometown .
This is really a big problem . Silent nodded: dragon brook .There, I have prepared the gift to write letter to you in the past, to help me and explain . Meal : say ,I am his followers ,nature always and he stood aside, please rest assured that his old home .
, only so . Geng to jaw first .Two people are talking, outside the door channel : adults ,a group of students outside for Shen phase ,said Shen phase students ,to call the teacher .
Oh ,my students ? , silent laugh and said: will meet you . A V a a a a a ,a ,a a a a a a ,a ,a ,a ,a ,a a a a the one ,a a one ,a when silence in college hall after hall ,nearly a hundred young people we salute saying : see swami ,front .
Come on. . Silent smile and go among them : a few years no see, a rare you still think of me . A teacher for a day is a father of a lifetime , a this young man Gong track: besides Swami has on students inculcate ,I wait to remember as long as one lives .
Silence have a look he taunts one track: you are a good ,no doubt ,it is consistent with a glib tongue . Hey. The young grow and that Shen Mingchen has grown seven imagine this is not a coincidence, because he is Shen Mingchen ,called Shen Yiguan suspected .
Two Shen Jiala relatives ,about it ,he is also a cousin named Shen Mo .But he is a shrewd man, where do the what thing so from wrong about his relationship with Shen Mo, however see silent ,but show a special kind .
It is a worthy son of Shen Mingchen ,popular grasp ,some blue means the students surpass the teacher .The chair is insufficient ,Geng to let a person took about a hundred a futon, silence greeted the people sit down ,saying nothing ,just smiling, looking at his students .
.. ... This is all in his Suzhou house personally with students ,has now completed their studies, and successfully passed the Qiuwei ,next to Beijing ,Karen Millen One Shoulder Dress Outlet,to study people challenge .The students sat cross-legged on the floor ,she looked up at him, the air flow duty thick look .
Good good silent light stroking jaws to laugh: all is ready to go to Chunwei ?, these students ,half of this year is held ,the other half is in the tree .The students will have to nod .
Very nice. Shen Mo began to teach them knowledge test is about the language of art rather than those metaphysical virtual learning of knowledge ,talent ,he may not discharge into the Ming Dynasty before one hundred ,however about eight shares of examination of admission ,is second ,no one dared to recognize first .
The students also staring eyes ,so the test paper specifications will ,if it is of national can not find the second home which dare not listen ?The silence of the problem ,they also jump jump to answer, in front of the teacher to express themselves, can not be said to be love .
Can give the teacher left a deep impression, what is there against it ?A morning quiz down ,silent and gave a Ma Mian ,the ritual let them live started writing .To be the composition close up ,it was already very late .
He has made on the spot evaluation ,but the library school canteen ,which help students to .Mat, Tawei Mian people a should they make persistent efforts ,must not relax until with their transit to be reluctant to part .
The students live in college ,he returned to his mansion .Shower dressing is three days ,but silence a wide awake ,in two buildings study a furnace sandalwood ,is a cool moonlight ,marking up the students to .
To silence the degree of every act and every move ,both meaning he is applying for the student ,and even the subject in itself is by his head .First say that problem, the crown ,the ritual - a Analects Zi Han ,Confucius: the crown ,the ritual ;now it is pure frugal my herd .
bowing below the hall , but now the practice is to bow only after ascending it. That is arrogant .I continue to bow below the hall ,though I oppose the common practice . , in accordance with the designated reference book four books patch set of notes .
Ma Mian cloth crown also to thirty litres of cloth for the ,the two thousand four hundred ray of close to :pure ,wire :frugality ,predicate save :Thai ,that pride .It is a black cloth crown is the etiquette, but now they are used to save silk products in place ,I would rather break ceremony, to conformity ;a vassal in should be in the church to the king, but now to bow to bow church .
I it is arrogance against all mean ,also in the church when the king .Seems to be that Kong Fuzi in the character of the same two things ,made the opposite choice .But if one divides into two.
To say ,must be completely mistaken .Because of the words of Confucius ,is to curb the first young ,his meaning ,not hurt the important essentials in little things go to grass but in relation to the ethics of institutional issues, must not have half concession .
Can not be confused by the depression of tillage ,basically can guarantee not to stray ,then on the personal knowledge ,to write this article well .Obviously, this is a subject with strong conservative thought ,and Shen Moping the speech when be quite different .
.. ... The students thought ,this is the teacher to test their comprehensive ability ,it has such a problem .However, after going back ,many people increasingly think there may be a mystery ,don .
.. ... Will try examiner ,is this style ?They guess ,all the rulers ,who is this tune ,and have the qualification to be a gift the examiner ?As a thought ,a candidate is really not much .
.. ... Although some readers may recall a false alarm ,but it self in University ,on the eve of the exam teacher suddenly give you a few question how would you feel ?So it good laugh at their .
However ,they will not put the suspect told someone even each other is tacit, back after the big collection that adult anthology ,take advantage of this winter, the repeated ~ ,and adjust their style of writing ,as far as possible to the moderate and conservative approach to go .
.. ... Of course this is something .The students articles ,silent to look very carefully ,for a whole night ,plus the very next day almost all just missed seeing it all ,the actual scoring ,certainly not so slow ,but should from just one article, see student true ,real level ,have to Aberdeen read TSK the .
He read, and let Sun Ting and Gunn to then look again ,and their request to tell two people will not disturb in the mansion in two ,quietly to her appointment . A , an V A ,a ,a a a a a ,a ,a ,a ,a one one out a a a ,a a a a a V a ,a ,a a one ,a one ,a Mochou Lake wins chess floor ,is a brick tile ,modeling solemn two layer five bay house .
Providence building ,overlooking Zijin Mountain dragon rock ,the pavilion overlooking the lake ,lake panorama panoramic view of clouds ,waves .Speaking of this building ,there are allusions legend here was the emperor and Xu Da in chess .
Once, Zhu Yuanzhang and Xu Da playing chess ,watching the victory in sight, take off a mouth asked Xu Da : love this bureau think how? Xu Da smiled and nodded :long live ,please come here ,look at the global then Zhu Yuanzhang went over to see ,I was surprised, that Xu Dayong held the sunspot in board put into long live ,two words .
Zhu Yuanzhang understood that ,he is no match for Xu Da .Then the lake gave xu .The building had been called ,win floor ,.For the history of the most difficult ass ,silence that fell under the .
Fine ass ,should be silent invisible ,only to let the other person feel comfortable does not exist .However Xu Mapi about this, it is a kind of intelligence too, will know how difficult ah go ,and opponents will win the heart strong giant Zhu Yuanzhang ,he had E in the other imperceptibly placed a Pu Mao ,to ,the more abnormal mind ,many excellent calculation can dry out .
On the way ,silent even with Zhong interesting speculations ,won progenitor emperor after going back ,the more refined and more than taste ,only gave him goose ?But when he saw Xu Pengju the fat face will quickly to their ancestors irreverent away with the sedan chair ,ring road : public Lordy ,in the next call, for you to apologize .
That day in the dock while Xu Pengju two people who had not been met . Who dares to blame you Xu Pengju buns face full of fold line: old now is the Prime Minister of the statue I shall respect the king ? Well, don .
Silence upon one track: who dares you to in hereditary for Wei in public before the Montana ? I speak the truth . Xu Peng raised face is now little bitter : really by brother a hand .
, upstairs . The silent look at him ,light path .So the two men boarded the two floor ,the servants on tea will order one ,apparently to a commune . Thought you gone ,never come to see me .
Xu Pengju Shen Mozhen ,the tea ceremony . This is not want to see you ,silent without outside of the warm spring breeze ,UGG Jimmy Choo Siobhan,the expression is very serious finally smile : but you are difficult ,if I just hide not to see ,but people made jokes .
t it for our friendship ? Xu Pengju says ,is well over fifty ,but the conversation is so old . If not for love I love you this stand bad thing? Croon a channel ,silence .Ha-ha.
Xu Peng lift head, small voice: you are love ,this I know . What is the matter ,to a country into this? It is also said that he asked for it .Originally this must destroy a favorite concubine wife ,a concubine Zheng ,have claimed the award for original titles, Mrs.
cheng .Of course he did the main reason is to establish the Zheng DZ Bunning as crown prince, however in the suburb of Ning before, really the wife Bangruifu legislation .This is contrary to human nature to move ,attracted numerous complaints, including South left all Yushi forest at such a high official has personally written Memorial impeaching him .
.. ... The memorial of a show ,Xu Peng knew he must give a bad thing ,although Beijing also failing to respond to night of fear he .His known affair in the paper history, Xun is as precious as dog to the public for a sign ,not imagined so strong ,it may at any time to hit sign ruined ancestral inheritance .
.. ... It never happened .Now he is the silent as a life-saving straw ,ask the man in the years of friendship save yourself again .Oh. , silent as to know the score is already on the matter ,the first sigh .
Gas : two is your son ,who became public when one has passed away ,also cannot deny your father ,why waste a long immature ? Yes, I am. Xu Peng raised up ,track: this life only love woman countless ,Zheng person ,besides Bunning is a good boy ,small clever clever .
.. ... ,you can say it again . I listen to your home resentment silence is a hand : now ,things go ,is not your family is the imperial court politics ,it must be in accordance with the rules .
long tomorrow ? In fact ,these days ,Xu Pengju also regrets green intestines ,but cannot support he begged ,so it is not good to his . Now it is you want to make a long , do not want to ,also want to make a long .
Silence ,one track: hum ,or can not . you absolutely can not pass . The want to practise deception . Xu Pengju dismay the airway : a sacrifice oneself for another person . Do you think someone is stupid is ? , silent sneered : people are born with brain long duty mouth .
, Xu Pengju knows the meaning of Shen Mo ,yeah ,he maiden marquis can watch their daughter and nephew he was a bully ?We should take his game up .So think about it he also the last lucky down, exhale a mouthful of turbid airway : how do you say it ,I will listen to you .
, it has now, want to slip by is not possible, you can only be on the table . Silent light ,said: ,says she is obsessed with the court during the forgiveness ,then he went to the title ,arranged for her to go elsewhere for two days .
Take your first wife please come back ,back to her master ,then please stand long for tomorrow ... ... I you all one or two ,or may be able to use leniency in meting out punishment .
,how can I face see Zheng . Xu Pengju was a bitter word .The woman seems to have true feelings . You can also persist, and she resign and go home ,might leave a historic anecdotes .
Silent light : but the title Wei Gong ,or other people in swiss . , alas ... ... Xu Pengju Shen Mo said gray long raised her head and said : I know ,back as they showdown .
You have to let Bunning independent ,silent watching him down like a sigh : ,a track ,I promised to give you Lv Song mulberry ,is a good place to exercise . Meal : a few years ,I am ready to let my son go there too .
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