the little boy with his efforts to enter a famous

September 08 [Sat], 2012, 17:55
Goodness Charms composition 400 characters attractive things I have seen ,beauty ,wealth ,knowledge and so on and so on ,because these ,even if there is a charm into a string of symbols ,and boring .
Make an impertinent analogy,North Face Bionic, a beauty you see her cry once may not ,but every day she weep and sob in your ear ?Is it right? Is bored ,how sad autumn day money spring break ,attractive will be the whole into the boring .
Since the attractive fade things ,then there is a charm never faded .&mdash ;&mdash ;good .It won sad autumn spring break every frown beautiful heartbreaking to disgust ;also not squandering daughter every night, lead a voluptuous life because the human body; it does not carry a pen and contemplate died of depression ,its humble himself in fame body appearance ,carry the eye light sweep you ,the whole face was not particularly ,but the eyes ,paint a,north face clearance, then took your soul .
Goodness Charms from the casual moment when ,in good faith and not worth mentioning care ,behavior ,not that kind warm inside charm .Don how to get the essence of it .Hundreds of thousands of individuals can be called good, but really good people just a person .
Floating mask three thousand ,who shared with me now ?If so ,how has such a sigh .1900 said that the words &mdash ;&mdash ;when people take off the mask of time .He was very kind ,innocent but and sad .
Charm is poured out ,the eyes in infected with worldly pollution still good clean can penetrate the heart .The pianist Charm Blue and deep, but should be and the kind, this charming but become elegant but unruly ,but pure contaminated with .
Just as people remember Audrey Hepburn ,not because of her beauty ,superb acting, although this is part of .The real reason is because she is remembered as a great humanitarian,Karen Millen Dress 2012 Clearance, she is very kind .
Kindness in giving her body has a warm elegant classical temperament ,the original Holland immediate nobility doping noble ,good let the years in her Polish charm under the clear .There are people who think that they are good, and so pleased with oneself ,but they have heard of such a sentence ,this kind to others .
False with good is not good, but the cruel .Self think feel good, but do not know to be hate hate to read a few times the name .This kind is neither desirable nor charm .Like look seductive woman to hold the old passerby that is good, a pure to teen ruthless slapping their loved ones could this be good .
So that Cinderella is not good, she was poor .A face brought her charm will not long .The queen is not sometimes vicious ,she too proud .The elegant demeanour ,will bring good forever .
Good charm lies in early heart charm .If the heart charm is insufficient, then itself more charm still feel uncomfortable .Goodness charm lies in its people to shape into a tolerant garden ,which count various grievances taste ,to finally is relieved .
Its charm is sincere ,is inclusive .The life become a never discrete feast .Goodness Charms composition 400 characters in the spring of a hundred flowers contend in beauty ,in order to repay the sun good &mdash ;&mdash ;sunny things, bringing warmth into the world .
Autumn maple mountain ,is in order to repay the autumn wind kindness &mdash ;&mdash ;autumn wind of a golden ,to bring us a quality suggestive of poetry or painting .The winter plum proud Xinfu ,UGG Montclair Outlet,in order to repay the kindness is in &mdash ;&mdash ;floating around ,snow fine as cashmere ,the integrity of transmitted to earth .
Morning ,go to the store to buy a cup of coffee ,when the waitress hands end warm and fragrant coffee ,her mouth with a smile that regards is good, when you look up and her four eye ,will catch her eye brow sunshine ,beautiful !This is the kind of charm .
Not happy, to love their place ,a lonely trip .I love Lijiang ,when you stand in that a clear spring water ,wash face powder ,old tree ,a sell tofu granny shaking ,are you laugh ,time engrave deep wrinkles flows in the peaceful means ,clearance sale north face jacket,then ,in the air will drive your heart blessing haze ,look up, and the air is a clear !Good gracious !This is also good charm .
Tired ,put aside all the work ,go home ,drink a cup of hot milk before long ,idly flapping to that accompany you countless stars childhood night small bed, holding that fat big bear ,in dream lost .
Ears a tender lullaby ,smell is the mother of the world the world sweet taste doll quilt ,the smile will let you feel at ease ,thousands of Yong Hua ,home is always the same port ,there is the most beautiful ,kindness and charm .
Goodness ,is not difficult ,I believe ,now ,to easily raise your lips ,then ,you will have a kind of charm !Goodness Charms composition 400 characters is kind of disease in the Pharaoh sent sesame oil and egg ,the warmth of Yang Jiang suffering ;a long run in the streets to buy shanhaiching happy ,Lu Xun childhood ;letter from the bear hardships treks hardships, pass the city and countryside look forward to good like an March shower ,in the years in the river water of life flower .
In the bustling town ,a scruffy kid in the street seems to be looking for something ,the boy is not tall ,hands were frozen stiff red ,his hands tightly holding the broken piece of five cents ,came to a drugstore ,child timidly said: aunt ,have chilblains medicine what ?The doctor looked him over ,very impatiently say : Yes, the cheapest two a bottle .
The only child of the money to the doctor ,face showed disdain ,and angrily: no money ,don !Then a kindly old lady came in and saw the child lovingly said :come on ,the medicine I gave you the money .
The doctor hears old woman that no longer speak from the counter ,throwing out a box of ointment .Children are very politely to the old lady and her aunt said :Thank you .It seems that he will not express ,the old lady thought the boy was abusive parents, so to follow him to his house .
This house is some loess and thatched building ,one in shreds and patches ,even missing a leg of the table ,the bed of an old woman ,the woman as thin woman ,boy felt swollen hands said: Mum ,I put the medicine to clean .
The old woman see light suddenly old woman about to his family economic situation ,the children have to go to school no school ,her love for children sensible and precocious ,the little boy alone bell ,with his mother in the conversation, the old lady tears ,sobbed said: I am willing to help the children to school ,let him learn knowledge ,he even you change the fate of the whole family .
Mother heard the school two characters, excited to say ,children also excitedly asks mother :I can go to school ?Thus ,children enter school ,especially cherish this opportunity be not easily won the school ,seriously hard to learn ,do not live up .
During this period ,the old woman also gave the little boy got a job to do everything in one ,and mom and nutrition .Ten years later ,the little boy with his efforts to enter a famous university ,at the same time ,the old woman has died ,the boy sad .
But to turn grief into strength ,grateful for her selfless help, more deep-seated .Time flies ,the boy has grown up into a tall, stately and handsome young man ,he joined in the work ,but he did not forget the old woman said :after the money funded than you don the difficult child ,to make them like you .
The boy everfount anonymous funding a mountainous area small friends ,often think of the old woman kind smile could not help tears trickling down one boy also hope the children can use the good in people as a springboard ,use knowledge to change the fate ,not the same as in life, like him to be his wife woman watering flowers ,bathed in the sun, grow sturdily .
The boy was granny goodness to irrigate ,a mountainous area and poor children are boys to irrigate ,continuously, make this kind continues is it right? Let the hearts of children get sweet spring water ?Let the 5000 years of Chinese culture contains a kind and selfless spirit developed and sublimation .
A kind of charm ,let people see the hope in the trough ;a kind of beauty ,let the ugly soul washing ;goodness is a from celebrity landscape ,mountain is a kind of mountain ,water is a kind of water .
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