be her sister very much

September 20 [Thu], 2012, 18:20
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe so-called Tomoko morrow mother ,little sister sister morrow !At this point ,it may be her sister very much, the dream smoke is indeed because Li Huaiyu gone too far ,reminiscent of those in the family ,it was so angry .
We can say this thing already carved in the dream smoke heart ,will follow in her lifetime . But ,I is good for her ! Li Huaiyu also know it has to say ,but he still did not admit their mistakes ,some stubborn .
All those people in the family is not good for my sister ?They find which is not only young people ,married, and very talented and everything is not bad !My sister just can them ,so before running out of ! It explains ,in fact the dream or smoke very rebellious ,as long as the family arranged to guy ,she wouldn to manage the other side character ,subconscious is conflict ,even if that person is again good, she will find faults .
Most of the time, when it in turn ,will have a completely different results .As long as the family without identifying it as an arranged marriage North Face 3in1 Kids Sale,just let the dream smoke the accidental encounter with each other ,then the other side to take cold smoke means of pursuing dream ,so dream smoke ,cold heart will not conflict ,the success rate is very high .
If not this ,there are always cold dream smoke look on ,it was certainly not a cold dream smoke with sister escaped family events .In fact, the hole house people do not know this, but in their hearts, for a younger generation, which will go to spend so much time ,but also not spoiled ,whole society ( where they are the layers of society ) are like that ,what will give you special ?Elders arranged arranged ,you still dare not listen ?!After all, few family is like Chu home that special status ,Chu Ling ,even if not is have no predecessors who have ,in a short period of time, is also impossible to reproduce .
For small family, even if only a daughter ,also all day thinking of climbing high sticks ;and for the family, do not say first home leaving only child, daughter or the situation is too little, the key is to Chu Chu Ling absolute love .
To know the general family in order to ensure the continuation of the family ,will choose has this form ,even after the son must name chu .And like the Chu family such as long as you are willing ,Chu ,will be able to complete the whole family as Chu Ling dowry give away ,such heroic spirit ,also be rare in contemporary .
Come back again, this time ,Li Huaiyu already knows all the antecedents and consequences ,although still die bite does not admit mistakes ,but in any case is not sent out to .Li Huaiyu did not speak, drizzle that some fear and said , my sister does not matter ? After all night with a woman to go out ,and the mood is some problems North Face Vest Sale,even if the security in Shanghai is again good, also be not happen any accident .
I went out to find her ! Li Huaiyu stood up and said ,just a game ,although Li Huaiyu did not believe that it is his fault ,but it is after all because of him ,Li Huaiyu is naturally to be responsible ,and besides, he is also really worry about cold dream smoke ,two people friendship is false .
Quarrelled ,feeling more true ,no matter who, to each other with a deeper understanding, but unlike before ,almost still remain in the illusory, like have a blurred vision ,wore a veil .
I have to go ! The rain quickly stood up and said . I am a person go to ! Li Huaiyu refused ,he don if he found one ,how to face the smoke but no other person will not be too awkward ,so Li Huaiyu didn want to take it .
Why? I worried about my sister ! Rain ill-affected cried . Always leave a person in the home ,if your sister suddenly came back? Do we still out silly find chaos ?If your sister back ,just give me a call ! Li Huaiyu suddenly found a reason .
This ,well ... ... Listen to the words of Li Huaiyu ,it also have nothing to say ,can she go out alone to find ,let Li Huaiyu stay at home !Look at the rain worried expression ,Li Huaiyu said , ,not something, if it late, you sleep first ! How can I sleep ! Pout ,rain .
Li Huaiyu thinks also is ,if it can really asleep ,she also let her sister buy north face jackets, I will find someone ,find then I will give you a call ,then you go to sleep in peace ,maybe I your sister for a ride ,let her wake up about it ! Well ,remember to call me oh ! Rain reminds .
Well, I ! Li Huaiyu was wearing a coat and ran out ,and if you are late ,it not good .So late in the night ,looking for someone but is very difficult ,even for Song Meiren ,a city guard ,estimate the one thirty while also not necessarily can find .
It no purpose for dream ,cold smoke here and don ,together before she left when said ,although apparently angry words ,but there is also a direction ,Li Huaiyu had to go looking for a breakthrough from the village .
In fact, at this time, he really does not want to smoke sister really went to it ,but only the smoke to a sister ,Li Huaiyu can be the first time to find each other .Have to say ,really is a contradiction .
Anyway North Face Vest,Li Huaiyu is the first time to Dong leaves a call , follow it ? Li Huaiyu asked . Well . The opposite is very noisy, but still can hear Dong Moer . Where are you now ? Li Huaiyu frowned ,and said .
In a bar ! Dong Moer replied , what ? Continued to stare at it ,if the dream smoke appeared on his side of the word ,immediately call me ! Li Huaiyu said . Yes, I know ! Dong leaves without asking, did she do this ,also know what is called little asked to do more ,and the more you know ,the more you can say that is dangerous ,especially Li Huaiyu in this capacity, maybe in the future may also destroy her mouth ,though Dong leaves don is such a person ,but cautious point total .
Along with Li Huaiyu ,even though it is a big opportunity ,have great benefits ,but also has great risks !Hang Dong caddy phone ,Li Huaiyu immediately called Tang Lin in the past, at least to do prepare for two possible alternatives UGG Coats,if the dream for a smoke ,and can only rely on their police, Li Huaiyu let Tang Lin find is on duty police officers look cold dream smoke gallop car ,only to find the car, believe that man will not too far away .
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