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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 248th chapter 248th chapter * dream spring dream has no trace no trace on the show ,you have what requirements does ,for example productions ,starring etc.
. Murong quietly asked again ,carefully look at Wang Guohua . No ,these are your group leader should worry about ,I can not for others .If I have to say ,there is a small request .
Wang Guohua smiled ,paused .Murong meal when the heart is not hidden ,know your boy has a fox . Side bar County theater audience ,primarily in the elderly .So in the repertoire selection ,should try to consider what the audience hierarchy .
Wang Guohua said with a smile ,Murong instinct to ask: are these ? Well ,no requirement .I hope your ready as soon as possible ,if this time show good response North Face Women's Shoes Clearance,the county will also consider the performance after .
Wang Guohua said ,did not tell Murong that can hear the words .Then Murong thought can hear what ?Murong thought that ,even in the young unknown that who is the star ,also the hint ?He really is to support the local opera development ,promote national culture ?Out of the question, but can not find the answer .
Murong this year in order to maintain the provincial theatre of survival ,it is seek the grandfather grandmother .Take Lian Mei Lianxue sisters for example ,they had become the regiment pillars ,but even a formal system can be solved .
To take or temporary workers wages ,watching the sisters struggling ,Murong once tried to persuade them to simply look for a rich man to marry .Murong daze when, Wang Guohua strange look at her : how ?I said don ? He nodded : Murong very clear ,I have no question .
Wang Guohua immediately got laughs: so, I also got to get back to the county ,won you . This ... ... Order for guests to leave? Murong once again got very depressed ,the heart says the I frame, also was a bit too big ?Goodbye ,two people were finally gently shake hands ,Wang Guohua is almost touched on the loose ,did not take advantage of the suspects, eyes are correct, a real gentleman of make one .
Murong thought it was a false memory ,no problem, go first encountered such a powerful man .Walking a few steps ,Murong subconsciously looked back, Wang stood smiling, eyes with appreciation means .
Murong suddenly relieved, so that I was a normal man, not an BOY .Standing by the window, Wang Guohua sees Murong riding a bicycle to go, tell the truth was very surprised .Such a woman ,but she can live more comfortable .
Wang Guohua thought of Yuan Youfang in the eyes of the helpless North Face Gore Tex Jackets, this is indeed a respectable woman .Wang Guohua is not a philanthropist, but not what opera art lovers .To do this ,it essentially to seek their own a good reputation .
Local operas ,folk are still the market ,Wang Guohua considered to make it a long-term activities to engage in .To know the women such as Murong pocket ,perhaps not much money, but cultural session friend absolute lot .
Then the inkslinger guy ,it is natural to call for Murong .Wang Guohua spent a little money ,free publicity for a lower bar County ,or to promote their own .For a neutral word ,is speculation .
As for the sisters ,Wang Guohua felt that as long as they continue to perform with ,even no chance ?On their way back ,Wang Guohua had a phone call from Yan Youguang . China ,tell you a good news ,Jiang forward is the new mayor .
Yan Youguang did not say ,in fact equal to said ,his secretary position down .Yan Youguang said to hang a phone ,Wang Guohua took the hand a daze ,automatic speaking : how is Jiang forward ? Party secretary and mayor ,having never reconcile .
The two leaders, for Wang ,it a headache .Yan Youguang hit the phone ,can have no other meaning in them .Wang Guohua reluctantly shook his head ,not to think of this matter .Back to the county is the afternoon ,not to eat a little ,the afternoon to continue its work .
The night of small strokes ,rather unexpected saw is mopping the floor Wu Chunlian . Oh ,how could it be you? Oh ,Xiao wu . Wang Guohua was very surprised ,Wu Chunlian .It said: hair director personally to your home ,please I returned to work ,son also went up three hundred .
Wang Guohua listens to music: the Maori ,he is met with the wind vane . Maori problem says big ,say small .Wang Guohua has been trying to prosecute him ,after all he is a guest house small director ,many things are not being around .
Wu Chunlian smiled a little UGG Tassel,said : I feel shy afraid of their own do not good . Wang Guohua smiled and said : it ,you are very smart .But I also find you work ,you work in this a few days back ,my friend Li company has been opened ,you can go to work .
In addition ,you tell the Maori ,said Mao Yan was not easy ,is it right? Up to three hundred of salary . The voice just fell ,the essence in Maori rushed out ,bow and scrape the laughs: Wang ,you rest assured ,will do .
When saying this word ,Maori secretly scold oneself stupid enough .Wang Guohua of the people around him favors ,how could only give Wu Chunlian a pay rise ?Wang Guohua subtle look at him : you feel at ease to do a good job of it, to learn the lesson .
To busy . Wang Guohua waved ,such as sweep away a bit of dust .The Maori have done a handful of dust consciousness ,smiling active go ,before leaving would not forget to punch Wu Chunlian smile .
Wang Guohua said you tired ,think carefully, everybody has his way, he may not feel tired ?Sun Changqing about later, new Wang Laishun county day fine too, recently a paragraph of very active .
Wang Guohua didn the competition ,as long as he does not provoke their own ,not to own territory reached ,all let him go .So Wang County busy ,Wang was idle .Evening free ,open computer to play StarCraft ,red alert ,used to be the envy of others to play computer games ,and computer ,but I have no time to play ,is busy making money .
This play is found, he is really nothing game talent ,and be in a complete mess computer abuse .Pack up ,ready to take a shower when the phone rang ,picked up a ,there came the sound of heart .
Bad guy ,why didn ? The opening is for... Off my mind ,Wang Guohua is clearly a affectation facial expressions, not by laughing and said: how ?Think of me ? Clear cut a track: really shame on you ,the girl did not want to you .
To tell me the truth, is it right? Recently got a new one ? Wang Guohua honestly say : yes, clearly there was quiet for a moment, angrily: t let me a little ,others are girls . Feelings clearly here ,thought Wang Guohua moody .
Wang Guohua decided to tell the truth really is not believed ,but brother is normal ah ,normal people need . The latest city and county of a lot of things ,cope with it . Wang Guohua did not continue to make fun of ,but it is said, clearly : ,I at you nearby have ears .
Kao Sheng said ,is crucial to you, I was scared out of my wits .Now the people have no ? Public Security Bureau wanted ,haven discovered yet .A rise in ,are you afraid of me. ? That is also ah .
Yes, my grandpa better, the most in a month, I can find your past play .Remember, to find other women ,don let me know . Phone in a fit of coughing ,hastily hung up the phone .On the phone ,Wang Guohua felt very shameless .
But soon forgave her ,man .Especially the outstanding man shameless shameless Wang Guohua take a shower water on it ,with Wu Chunlian over : Wang ,which allows you to do this ?I coming.
Probably because of working reason ,Wu Chunlian wears a very simple ,unpopular figure the most eye-catching is the chest of two straight in the eye ,Wang Guohua gave the passage ,how not to wear underwear ?Then have a look of her hair is still wet, Wang react, it just take a shower before finish ,wear .
The eye also yielded a hangover ,young disadvantages manifest ,brain two lingering .Go to bed in the evening ,Wang Guohua is very shameless made an action movie dream ,dream action film actress has been replaced, while Liu Ling ,one is Yan Jiayu ,and Yuwei ,Bangladesh .
Curiously ,which Liu Ling starred in most of the time .Wake up UGG Elsey Boots,Wang Guohua is a bit awkward .With a sigh ,sang a sentence : brother not rolled tubes for many years . With the municipal bodies identified, county Party committee team soon has also been determined .
Wang Laishun dream because no background and bankruptcy ,he hinted that Wang Guohua hopes to get help ,Wang Guohua directly to the top of the back, let him dead heart .The new secretary is from other areas to ,named Lin Shaobai ,a forty year old boy student ,looks quite elegant .
Have got one to become Minister of organization of the Waring ,side bar County several deputy magistrate of the position of the upper Wang Guohua to secure a ,government office director Wu Yan ,unexpectedly was promoted to deputy magistrate ,although not the county standing committee ,but this is a strong signal .
Good relationship with Wu made several country leader ,in this time of crisis has not affected ,Wu Yan himself was promoted ,so many people see the hope ,see Wang Guohua .Wang Shun county ,be in the blues led the arrested people waiting for ,the new director ,the body ,and the family planning deputy magistrate Wu Yan smiling standing behind Wang Guohua clearance karen millen, accompany have not a chat .
Not in good mood and discipline appoint secretary Ma ,by Wang Guohua Waring know ,this one turns out to be Lin Jing in the side bar County buried under the nails .Unfortunately ,Lin Jing if there is a little courage, the result is not so .
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